Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept but rather a widely accepted one where technology tends to mimic human intelligence by performing tasks and making decisions using real-time data. Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has taken the world by storm by not only offering great inputs in the learning industry but in the business industry as well. With emerging trends and advancements in manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence in fashion has made a huge impact. Let us look closely into this impact, applications of AI in fashion, and the future of AI in the fashion industry below.

Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

The fashion industry constantly goes through changes where instant innovation and technology are required. One must keep up with changing trends, emerging concepts, evolving consumer preferences, and fast manufacturing processes. AI in fashion not only helps in designing but also has a significant influence on marketing and other aspects of the fashion industry. Let us explore these applications of AI in detail below.

1. AI in Designing

AI in Designing

Artificial Intelligence in fashion design considers real-time data rather than relying upon market analysis or trend reports to get the collection for the next season ready.

  • It helps to recognize popular trends in the target market and create new designs accurately and efficiently. AI takes into account consumer data and analyzes it to generate new designs.
  • While the AI fashion stylist is busy aggregating data, the human creative team can gather different fabrics, colors, and patterns to help AI to create a variety of designs. This further helps designers to try our different looks and styles. This also helps a fashion house to create an exclusive or signature look.
  • The real-time data used by AI in designing includes fashion blogs, social media data, model trends, and fashion videos.
  • It helps AI to create designs to precisely create personalized products as well. Thus, AI is a blessing to designers in the fashion industry as it de-loads their work and gives them enough time to focus on making the designs better rather than creating them from scratch.

2. AI in Personalization

AI in Personalization

Personalization has become more of a trend than a necessity. The same goes for the apparel industry where people love designs that are tailored according to their needs and preferences.

  • AI helps with personalization by analyzing social media activities and the purchase history of people. This helps with creating products that are more likely to appeal to people.
  • An AI fashion stylist works closely by producing personalized designs that are made by considering consumers’ style preferences, body measurements, or unique styles.

3. AI in Manufacturing

AI in Manufacturing

AI in manufacturing holds equal importance as in designing and personalization. Manufacturing is the most important part of creating a product as it leaves no room for mistakes. Therefore, AI plays a crucial part in the manufacturing process by making sure everything, including the fabric, color, and fittings of the product are perfect.

  • AI maintains accuracy and perfection in the task of manufacturing while taking less time to do it as compared to humans.
  • Manufacturing robots take on tasks that are either too dangerous to be performed by humans or are repetitive.
  • Tasks like sewing or cutting are done by Artificial Intelligence in the fashion industry, not only helping with the quality of work but also reducing production costs.

4. AI in Marketing

AI in Marketing

Marketing plays an important role in the fashion business as it helps to decide which trend will rule the fashion market. AI-powered marketing tools can be used by fashion experts to make new campaign strategies, content, and virtual marketing.

  • AI tools can also be used to target customers strategically and make the right decisions to enhance the impact of advertising.
  • AI in marketing recognizes trends and patterns to create new marketing schemes that help to make the fashion product talk of the town in the market.
  • It also avoids replication and carefully creates a Unique Selling Point (USP) for the product and creates its value.
  • While marketers are still required to do work like editing, Artificial Intelligence in fashion marketing reduces the need for outsourcing and therefore, the funds required for it.

5. AI in Sustainability

AI in Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence is not all about creating designs that captivate the eyes of consumers, but it also ethically promotes designs that are sustainable for the environment. AI uses algorithms to recognize areas that need sustainability more than ever. It helps to produce eco-friendly materials with less impact as a waste to the environment. Not only this but AI is extremely beneficial in reducing storage costs, transportation, and carbon emissions as well.

6. AI in Product Tagging

AI in Product Tagging

Product tagging is another aspect where Artificial Intelligence has been seen to put useful inputs. Tagging a product with specific information according to size, style, or color, can be tiresome work when done by workers manually. However, AI does the job quickly and with perfection by allowing retailers to tag products automatically and accurately. This not only enhances the efficiency of search results but customer recommendations as well.

7. AI in Retail

AI in Retail

Lastly, Artificial Intelligence in the fashion industry helps with sales and consumer experience as well. In the form of AI-powered chatbots, customers get personal recommendations, help, and support for queries.

Other than this, there are other services too where AI has shown tremendous positive responses by creating a more customized and engaging shopping experience. AI tools make it possible for customers to try products and items virtually and come to a decision before making a final purchase, especially in online shopping.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to keep customers engaged after they leave the store with the help of online real-time interaction. Also, an AI fashion stylist can improve the overall sales of an e-commerce fashion brand by enhancing customer experience during sales.

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Best AI Fashion Design Software

Artificial Intelligence can also be a great aid in the design industry as an AI fashion app. Unlike earlier, when designers could only access paper and pen to convert their creative ideas to reality, people can now use automated apps with myriad features to enhance the designing process. Let us uncover these tools in brief below.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator | Artificial Intelligence in fashion

Adobe Illustrator is one of the famously used fashion illustration software. It offers step-by-step guides to craft stylish illustrations. Not only does it help sharpen fashion drawing skills, but it also offers a hands-on experience to amateurs. It also offers a free subscription for 7 days and is available for Windows, macOS, and iOS for iPad.


  • Helps with textile designing
  • Easy to customize colors, direction, and pattern size
  • Offers zig-zag brush
  • Provides clipping masks
  • Flat or functional sketches
  • Repeat pattern designs
  • Layouts for catalogs, presentations, and meetings
  • Rotate or move patterns

2. Browzwear


Another great AI fashion app is Browzwear which offers 3D apparel design solutions for designers, marketers, and creative workers. This software is used by some famous brands around the world like Nike, Puma, and Walmart somewhat like an AI fashion stylist. Browzwear is an open platform that is free for freelancers. The tool works well on Windows as well as Mac systems.


  • Offers 3D images and 2D CAD
  • Automatic fabric analyzer
  • Provides true-to-life digital samples
  • Style validation on a digital twin
  • Showcases collections digitally
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • New designs with Lotta
  • New styles with Vstitcher
  • Smart designing for manufacturing

3. CLO

CLO | Artificial Intelligence in fashion

With CLO, you can create true-to-life 3D apparel that helps in perfecting ideas before they go into production. CLO is great at providing an accurate visualization of fits, fabric, color, and style of designs extremely fast, introducing Artificial Intelligence in Fashion. It is a free and open-source platform with support for multiple languages including French, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, and more.


  • 3D garment edits and arrangement
  • Sewing and tracking
  • Fit Check
  • Animation Runway
  • Fabric kit and segment sewing
  • Availability of hardware items
  • Print layouts
  • Unlimited graphic placements
  • Reduces sample production, shipment, and material waste

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4. Tailornova

Tailornova | AI fashion stylist

Tailornova let people in the fashion industry create unlimited designs faster and more conveniently. This AI fashion design software offers custom-fitted patterns in seconds. Designers can get their creative juices flowing with the help of a digital sketch board offered by Tailornova. This web-based software also provides a free plan.


  • 3D garment samples
  • Vector 2D Flat sketches
  • Made-to-measure sewing patterns
  • True-to-life 3D FitModel
  • On-demand manufacturing
  • Seamless automation
  • Automated MTM patterns
  • 10 different length patterns
  • Sewing instructions

5. Virtuality Fashion

Virtuality Fashion | Artificial Intelligence in fashion

Virtuality Fashion is a tool that integrates 3D prototyping into the product development process. Like an AI fashion stylist, it provides visualization of unique looks and styles with realistic 3D garments. With true-to-life models, designers can experiment with colors, textures, and fabrics. Virtuality Fashion can be downloaded for free on a Windows PC.


  • Hi-Res 3D fashion simulation
  • Offers patternmaker
  • Support for draping simulation
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Supports different formats like hand sketches and pictures
  • Virtual Showroom

6. SnapFashun


SnapFashun is not only easy to use but it has also got fashionistas covered with reference sketches to create custom designs of any kind. This AI fashion app offers a large variety of free design templates, sketches, and unique custom designs that help bring Artificial Intelligence to Fashion.


  • Various fashion categories
  • Simple user interface
  • Drag and drop availability
  • 6 SnapLibraries with reference sketches
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC

7. Blender

Blender | AI fashion stylist

Blender is another great software for designers that helps with sculpting, creating, and editing models easily. This open-source software creates realistic 3D objects with the help of its 3D engine. It not only runs on Windows or macOS but also on Linux, Android, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Haiku, and others.


  • 2D animation
  • Object mode and edit mode
  • Video editing
  • Motion tracking and modelling
  • Real-time previsualize
  • Angle-based unwrapping
  • Built-in assets
  • 3D painting with textured brushes

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8. Optitex


For photorealistic rendering, Optitex is a perfect AI fashion design software. It brings retailers and suppliers together with a full product lifecycle. Optitex is known for the uncompromised accuracy of digitally produced designs.


  • 2D and 3D CAD software
  • Accurate Fabric Simulation
  • Print placement
  • Colorways
  • Multi-Stitch Tool
  • Virtual Tension Map
  • Avatar editor
  • Seamless collaboration tools
  • Automatic nesting
  • User-friendly patternmaking
  • Functional grading

9. Learn 3D-Fashion

Learn 3D-Fashion | AI Fashion stylist

As is clear by the name, Learn 3D-Fashion helps beginners to learn about 3D clothing design. The platform is specifically made for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to becoming a pro in 3D fashion. The platform helps students learn about AI and its aspects in the fashion industry as well.


  • Offers 3D designing course
  • Certification after course competition
  • Unlimited live classes
  • Lifetime access to 3D community

10. Fabricant

Fabricant | Future of Artificial Intelligence in fashion with software and apps

Fabricant is an amazing platform to explore digital fashion houses, the platform works like your own AI fashion stylist. It allows designers to create 3D digital clothing in the metaverse. With Fabricant, designers can not only create designs but also monetize their craft by sharing their creativity.


  • NFT and digital clothing
  • Create and earn digitally
  • Access to co-creation events
  • Private drops
  • Free garments
  • Learning classes
  • IRL/URL fashion experiences

Future of AI in Fashion Industry

Trends and technologies in the fashion industry keep on changing and generally, designers as well as consumers welcome the changes with open hands. This not only helps businesses to grow but also gives them a chance to serve their clients well.  The future of AI in the fashion industry is not only bright but full of growth with a potential economic boost. Artificial Intelligence will help in predicting fashion trends and creating new looks.


While some oppose the idea of technology in every field, others have happily accepted the fact that it is here to make human lives easy. Especially, Artificial Intelligence in fashion is nothing but a boon in predicting new styles, customer choices, and sales demand. All in all, it is safe to say that AI will keep fashion in a red-hot form.

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