19 Amazing Hacks to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

Though Roku devices cannot be jailbroken like other latest smart devices, Roku is well known as there are a lot of features, workarounds, and hack Roku to get free channels that make its content reach widely and provides operational flexibility. There are a lot of channels that are supported on Roku which allows users to stream videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney, HBO, and music from Spotify, Wynk, YouTube, Amazon Music, and many other sources. But if you ever want even more control on your device, Roku allows jailbreak Roku Kodi which helps you hack Roku to get free channels. So, continue reading this amazing guide!

How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

19 Amazing Hacks to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

If there are any instances when Roku does not act usually with a platform like Kodi as it is very active in protection against unauthorized material which does not allow users to get free channels, here are some hack Roku to get free channels.

1. Enjoy Free Movies and TV Shows

You can get access to free movies and TV shows on hack Roku 2as listed in the following instructions.

1. The Roku Channel provides a feature by which a user can select free movies and TV shows.

Roku channels page

2. Roku usually updates the selection list in which a user can select his/her favorite movies or TV shows. To see the list, press the Home Button on your Roku remote, then go to Streaming Channels, and then select Top Free. From there, you can add any of your favorite channels to your playlist.

3. And case you know the name of the free channel that you want to add, you can follow the steps to add it. Go to Streaming Channels and type the name in the search option and then you can check if it is available on Roku.

4. Another option to search for free movies and TV shows is by going to the search category on the main page and typing the name of the movie or TV show title name and whether it is offered by Roku or any fee is required to watch the movie.

2. Find 4K Content Easily

If you have a device that supports 4K content, you can easily hack Roku to get free channels and find 4K content by clicking on Streaming Channels and selecting UHD Content Available. This feature provides a listing of channels that offer 4K shows and movies or other content. However, all contents offered by channels are not available in 4K. You have to check what contents are available in 4K. Hence this is also an amazing hack to jailbreak Roku Kodi.

Note: The UHD contents and spotlights are only available on the following devices 4K Roku devices, such as the Roku 4, Ultra, Streaming Stick+, Premiere, Premire+, and Premiere.

roku tv home screen. How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

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3. Watch Over Air Live TV

If you are not using Roku TVs you cannot attach an antenna directly to Roku, in that case, you can use a Roku Stick or box in combination with an Over the Air (OTA) DVR such as Tablo or external tuners such as Clearstream TV and AirTV. These devices receive TVs signals with an antenna and then stream them wirelessly to your Roku streaming box or stick

watch local channels on Roku

4. Add Secret or Non-Certified Channels

One of the well-known hack Roku to get free channels is adding Non-Certified, Secret, or Private Channels. These channels are not usually displayed on the Roku Streaming Channels list. You add those channels by logging in to your Roku account on a PC or smartphone by entering a special code.

Add Secret or Non Certified Channels. How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

5. Eliminate Freezing or Buffering Videos

Some streaming services like Hotstar, adjust the video and audio quality of their content based on the internet bandwidth speed. Not all streaming services adjust the streaming quality but some do. In this case, you may encounter skipping, buffering, or freezing on your content because your internet connection is not fast enough. Another amazing hack to jailbreak Roku Kodi is eliminating freezing or buffering videos. 

  • In some cases, you may have a monthly data cap, which means that if you use too much internet to watch the content you tend to pay additional fees.
  • You can fix buffering or freezing by going into a secret menu and by changing the bit rate at which your hack Roku 2 receives the signal which is used for streaming. But, changing the bit rate reduces your streaming quality which results in watching low-quality videos or other content.
  • To change the bit rate press Home five times, RW three times, and FF twice on your Roku remote. Then, you can opt to leave the setting on Auto (default) or set it to a specific rate. This is an amazing hack that enables you to enjoy Roku content without buffering issues.

press home ff and rw button roku remote

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6. Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Broadband speed is not only the issue but there may also be other reasons that cause trouble playing streaming content on your Roku. One of the reasons is having a weak Wi-Fi signal. Roku has a secret menu that allows you to check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi signal which is about your Roku device. To access it,

1. Press Home five times.

2. Then, select UpDown, UpDownUp on your Roku remote.

roku remote home and up down button

This process will bring up the secret Wi-Fi menu in which you can see things like signal strength. This hack in the Roku device will ensure high-quality streaming on Roku.

7. Use Mobile App to Control Roku

You can control Roku using the Roku mobile app instead of using the Roku remote, which is available for both Android and iOS.

Use Roku Mobile App. How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

1. The major benefit of using this hack Roku to get free channels is it provides voice search in addition to other Roku functions. You can simply command your device in English and Spanish. Here are a few examples.

  • Launch The Roku Channel
  • Search for comedies
  • Watch Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu
  • Tune to ABC
  • Switch to HDMI 1
  • Set a sleep timer for 60 minutes

2. This app controls both streaming and TV functions such as OTA channel scanning, input selection, and both video and audio controls in Roku TVs.

3. This app provides a feature in which you can listen to your Roku History channels privately using the smartphone’s speaker or earphones.

8. Mirror Smartphone to Roku

You can mirror your smartphone if you have a compatible version of your phone (Android or iOS). This process displays everything you see on your smartphone screen (including streaming services, platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Kodi, Photos, videos, web pages, and more) on your TV or Roku TV using the remote.

You need not have an internet connection for mirroring your smartphone, the signal is directly from your smartphone to the Roku TV. You cannot perform other activities on your phone while your content is mirrored. If you tap other icons, the content which is being played will be stopped.

To enable screen mirroring on your smartphone follow these steps. Activate the screen mirroring on your phone via your specific phone’s settings. Then, on your Roku remote, press the Home button, then click on Settings> System > Screen Mirroring, and then choose from one of several mirroring options.

1. Prompt- Your Roku device will mirror after a screen mirroring request.

2. Always allow- Screen mirroring is allowed always anytime it is detected.

3. Never allow- Screen mirroring is blocked without any prompt appearing. This option disables Screen mirroring.

The following instructions will help you understand how to use the installed applications to stream from your Android phone to Roku.

  • Ensure that the Roku device and your Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Install any one of the below-listed screen mirroring apps for Android to Roku on your Android device.
  • Open the application on your Android device and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Android device to Roku TV.
  • Then, add the installed application to the home page of Roku TV by selecting the Allow option.
  • Then, start screen mirroring, and your Android content will be displayed on Roku TV.

select allow to add device in roku tv player. How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

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9. Use Screen Casting

Screen casting is another way to hack Roku 2 to view your content from your mobile phone on your TV using Roku. This feature works for selected apps but it allows you to perform various other activities on your phone while it is being screened on your TV. Casting is available on both Android and iOS. To Cast, your media, both your Roku TV and your mobile have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can also use the Roku Media Player app to enjoy music, videos, and photos from your computers or other media servers. This Roku Media Player app supports streaming channels also. The interesting part is that, if your device/TV/Roku TV has a USB port, you can enjoy your content with USB flash drives too.

You can also use the Roku Media Player app

10. Play Games on Roku

In addition to hack Roku to get free channels and watch movies, and shows you can also play games with Roku. However, the feature is not perfect as Xbox or PlayStation 4 or 5, but you can play some fun games on it in which you can enjoy fun-filled games.

roku tv. Amazing Hacks to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

11. Command Roku with Google Home or Alexa

Roku has its voice control system. However, requires a hand-held voice enables the remote control to access it. You can also control some of the Roku functions using Alexa or Google Home. The major advantage of using Alexa or Google Home is you can control the device hands-free with your voice.

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12. Turn On Instant Replay with Closed Captions

Usual TVs offer closed captioning for the hearing impaired but Roku TVs offer this also with a great additional feature to traditional closed captions for entire programs or TV shows, you can make it work only for instant replay. If you did not understand the last few seconds of a show or a movie or if you missed a part of a movie due to an interruption or background noise, or if the lines were not spoken clearly, you can use the Roku replay button to look it over again. To enable this option on your Roku, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the onscreen menu.

roku tv menu

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on options that are followed by instant replays.

13. Apply Screen Saver

If you are done selecting your hack Roku 2 and finished watching content for a long time and you leave your TV on, Roku will set the default to its screensaver after some time. You also have the option of changing or customizing the screensaver. Thus you can not only hack Roku to get free channels but also customize screen savers. You can press the * button in your remote to go to Options and apply screen saver.

roku remote star button to open options

14. Listen Through Headphones

Selected Roku models provide a remote control that comes with a pair of earphones and a headphone jack. When it is activated, you can listen to the audio with earphones that is sent by the Roku device. This feature is great for listening to music, and private talks, and the major advantage is you can take it wherever you want. If you want to hear sound in both your earphones and your TV sound system, you can make your Roku device send sound to both earphones and TV by the following steps. Press the following buttons on your remote:

1. Press the Volume Up button twice.

roku remote volume up button. How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

2. Press the Volume Down button twice.

roku remote volume down button. Amazing Hacks to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

3. Press the Volume Up button thrice.

4. Press the Volume Down button thrice and activate Audience Audio.

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15. Use Roku with Home Theatre Receiver for Better Sound

You can connect a Roku streaming stick or box to the home theatre receiver instead of your TV. The receiver passes the video streams through the TV and provides

  • Access to better sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, Dolby 5.1, and Dolby 7.1 offered on selected content supported by platforms such as Netflix, Disney, and Prime.
  • Better sound for music streams.

16. Personalize Roku Screen

Everyone wishes to personalize their gadget or tool or device according to their wish in addition to hack Roku to get free channels. Changing the theme of Roku’s screen is one of the ways you can personalize the Roku experience. You can change almost everything such as colors, styles of the menu, and background. Moreover, a theme determines the overall look of a page. Another hacks to jailbreak Roku Kodi is personalizing your Roku screen. Follow the steps to select or change a theme.

1. Press Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Go to settings.

roku settings. How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

3. Select My themes.

Here you will be able to choose and select one from pre-installed themes or you can get more themes by clicking Get More Themes.

17. Customize Channel Order

Every time you add a new channel to your home screen, it is automatically placed at the bottom. If you add a lot of channels to your listings you might have to scroll down forever to find your favourite ones. However, you can customize your channel order by moving your favorite list to the top.

Follow the steps below to do it.

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Then, press the right button on the directional pad

roku remote right button

3. Now you will access the channel list.

4. Using this directional pad, highlight the channel you wish to move.

5. Press the Start button to open the options menu.

6. Select the move channel.

7. Move the channel to its new location and press the OK button.

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18. Browse Web with Roku

watch local channels on Roku

Though Roku doesn’t have a built-in browser there are a couple of workarounds. One is to use any browser you have installed there, and the other workaround is screen mirroring with your smartphone.

19. Travel With Roku

Roku has a great feature called Hotel and Dorm Connect which is helpful for users when they are going off to college or when they are taking a vacation. To prepare for this process, you must make sure that Roku has the latest update and that you have all necessary accessories such as HDMI cable, power adaptor, remote, and your smartphone. Find out that, in the hotel which is likely to stay provides internet facility and that TV you will be using have inputs such ah HDMI and others. After Plugging in your Roku Stick or Box,

1. Press Home on the Roku remote.

roku remote home button. How to Hack Roku to Get Free Channels

2. Go to Settings and then go to Network

3. Then, select Set Up Connection.

4. Finally, select Wireless

After establishing the network, select I am at a hotel or College Dorm then several prompts will appear on the screen for authentication such as entering a Wi-Fi password to use the specific network and using the Roku server which may also require a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

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Why Do You Jalibreak Roku Kodi?

The reasons to jailbreak Roku Kodi are listed below:

  • Roku sets limits and restrictions on its content to safeguard Roku against any malfunctions. The reason for the restrictions and limits set by Roku is to control the content than be looking to reduce errors and to reduce crashes that occur on Roku devices or in its operating system.
  • Roku provides a lot of variety of content and flexibility. Though Roku provides a lot of varieties there are only a few in existence which is interesting to Roku users. Roku aims at user access to a far reach but it does not want the access to be unlimited.
  • Roku does not provide access to some of the latest movies, TV shows or series and Roku may curb its ability of it to reach an efficient number of live streaming sports channels. This restrictive nature may lead the users to get around the restrictions made in Roku which is called jailbreaking.
  • By jailbreak of Roku Kodi, the user can get access to several videos which are streamed on the platform which serves as entertainment to the users.
  • As stated earlier, Kodi is an application that is loved by Roku users to have access to. But its major advantage in Kodi which has support for a multitude of hardware platforms.
  • Another advantage is that Roku works on almost every operating system and even runs on any device containing a 3-dimensional Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) chip.
  • Kodi’s main feature is that it acts as a home theatre hub. When you jailbreak Roku Kodi, you can reach a far more grasp on a wide array of online services. Other alternatives to Kodi impose boundaries on what a third software can be utilized, being an open-source software platform. But Kodi does not set limits like other alternative platforms, instead, it welcomes them.
  • You can jailbreak Roku Kodi, and there are no restrictions for accessing content irrespective of location or privacy concerns. Hence, many third-party hackers, Internet Service Providers, and a few authorities may intrude into your network and can view all your personal & private browsing data and collections as well.

Note: To prevent any intrusions, you are advised to use a VPN network connection. To ensure privacy and security when you jailbreak Roku Kodi, choose a network with a strict no-logging policy, and this ensures none of your data will be leaked to the internet.


We hope that this guide was helpful and now you have an idea of how to hack Roku to get free channels on your device. Keep visiting our page for more cool tips & tricks and leave your comments below.

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