How to Hard and Soft Reset Roku

With the help of the internet, you can now watch free and paid video content on your television without needing a cable. Several applications can be used for the same, Roku being one of them. It is a brand of hardware digital media players offering access to streaming media content from various online sources. This is a fantastic invention which is efficient & durable. Although, sometimes it may require minor troubleshooting such as, restart Roku, Factory Reset Roku, or reset the network connection and reset Spectrum remote in order to retain its sustainable performance. Through this guide, we have explained basic troubleshooting methods to make your streaming experience smooth & uninterrupted.

How to Hard & Soft Reset Roku

How to Hard & Soft Reset Roku

Steps to Restart Roku

The restart process of Roku is similar to that of the computer. Rebooting the system by switching from ON to OFF & then turning ON again would help to resolve some issues with Roku. Except for Roku TVs and Roku 4, other versions of Roku do not have an ON/OFF switch.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to restart your Roku device using the remote:

1. Select System by clicking on the Home Screen.

2. Search for System restart and click on it.

3. Click on Restart as shown below.

Click on Restart.

4. Roku will turn OFF. Wait till it gets powered ON.

5. Go to the Home page and check if the glitches are resolved.

Steps to Restart Frozen Roku

Due to poor network connectivity, Roku might freeze sometimes. Before following this method, you need to check the signal strength and bandwidth of your internet connection to ensure a reboot of Roku. Follow the given steps to restart frozen Roku:

1. Tap the Home icon five times.

2. Click on the Upward arrow once.

3. Then, click on the Rewind icon twice.

4. Finally, click on the Fast Forward icon two times.

Once you have completed these steps, Roku will restart. Please wait for it to restart completely and check whether Roku is still frozen.

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How to Reset Roku

If you wish to set Roku to its original state, a factory reset of Roku is needed. The factory reset option is used to remove all data associated with the device. It makes the device function like it’s brand new. Factory reset is usually carried out when the device settings need to be altered to improve its performance.

1. Use the Settings option for a Factory reset.

2. Press the Reset key on Roku to perform its reset.

Note: Thereafter, the device would require re-installation of all data that was previously stored on it.

How to Reset Roku using Settings

Use the remote to implement the following steps.

1. Select Settings by clicking on the Home screen.

2. Search for System. Then, click on Advanced system settings.

3. Here, click on Factory reset.

4. When you click on Factory reset, a code will be generated on the screen to confirm your choice. Note that code and enter it into the box provided.

5. Click on OK.

The factory reset of Roku will start, and it will take some time to complete.

How to Hard Reset Roku

If you have tried a soft factory reset of Roku and/or restart the procedure of Roku and still haven’t obtained the desired results, you can try a hard reset of Roku.

1. Find the RESET symbol on the device.

2. Hold this RESET symbol for at least 20 seconds.

3. Release the button once the power light blinks on the device.

This indicates that the factory reset is complete, and you can now configure it as you would a new one.

What if you do not have a Reset Button?

If you are using Roku TV that does not have a reset button or if the reset button is damaged, this method will be helpful.

1. Hold the Power + Hold button together on the Roku TV.

2. Hold these two keys and remove the TV’s power cord, and re-plug it.

3. After some time, when the screen lights up, release these two buttons.

4. Enter your Account and settings data again into the device.

Check whether the device is working properly or not.

How to do Wi-Fi Network Connection Reset in Roku

1. Select Settings by clicking on the home screen.

2. Search for System and click on Advanced system setting.

3. Then, click on Network connection reset as shown below.

4. Here, click on Reset connection. This will disable all network connection information from your Roku device.

5. Select Settings by clicking on the Home Screen. Then, go to Network.

6. Set up a new connection and enter your network connection information again.

The reset of Roku is done & you can enjoy using it once again.

How to Reset Roku Remote Control

If you feel that the remote control is not working with Roku before/after the factory reset, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Unplug and re-plug the Roku device.

2. Remove the batteries and put them back in.

3. Click on the Pairing button.

4. Remove the paired configuration set up between the remote control and the device.

5. Pair them again while ensuring that the Roku device is turned ON.

Note: There is no reset option available for a remote with an Infrared configuration.

A clear line of sight between the Roku and its remote is sufficient to establish a steady connection. Avoid obstacles in between the two, and you won’t face any issues. Make sure to check the batteries and try again.


We hope this article was helpful and you were able to hard & soft reset Roku. If you have any queries, reach out to us through the comments section below. If you still have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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