100 Most Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders in 2023

The most influential women in technology are shaping the world of technology in diverse fields ranging from AI to finance & healthcare. These are certainly the female tech CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and innovating founders to watch in 2023 and 2024.

In recent years, the role of women in shaping the future of technology has become prominent. From AI and cybersecurity to biotechnology and fintech, women are symbolizing excellence, innovation, and leadership. This article will highlight the influential and inspirational female tech leaders who are not only breaking barriers but also redefining the contours of the tech industry.

100 Most Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders in 2023

Most Influential and Inspirational Women in Technology – Top 100 Female Tech Leaders

In this list, the female tech CEOs, CTOs, and CPOs have demonstrated exemplary leadership, spearheading initiatives, and driving innovation to pave the way for future generations of women in technology.

1. Cynthia (Cindy) Stoddard

Cynthia Stoddard is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Adobe, where she supervises Adobe Global Information Technology and Cloud Operations teams. She has spearheaded a global strategy for delivering services and operations that form the mission-critical backbone of the company. She has 25+ years of business experience and IT expertise leading large global organizations.

Cynthia Stoddard CIO Adobe Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders women in technology in 2023

Cynthia is a recipient of the 2017 CIO 100 Award and the 2018 Innovative Ways to Deliver Business Value award from her team at Adobe IT. She is also a 2019 CIO Hall of Fame inductee.

2. Ivneet Kaur

She is the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Sterling. She is experienced in leading global technology teams and driving large-scale cultural and technology transformations to deliver business value. She currently oversees overall go-forward technology strategy including Cloud and DevSecOps strategy.

Before Sterling, Ivneet Kaur was the Chief Technology Officer for Silicon Valley Bank which she had joined in 2020.

3. Deborah Corwin Scott

Deborah Scott has been the Chief Information Officer at Harvard Medical School since September 2017 where she oversees the IT infrastructure, computing environments, and teaching and learning technologies to support HMS global pre-eminence in biomedical research and medical education. She has over 25 years of experience in information technology leadership in both technical industries and higher education.

4. Vidya Rao

Vidya is the Chief Information Officer of Genpact where she leads the global IT organization & enterprise data office and spearheads the company’s internal digital transformation to support growth. She is responsible for pivoting Genpact to a modern digital enterprise for which she is driving the global ERP program and is collaborating with the ecosystem partners to drive transformation at scale. She is thus listed as one of the top women in tech to watch in 2023.

Vidya Rao Our Leadership Genpact Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders women in technology in 2023

5. Fern Johnson

Fern Johnson is the Chief Technology Officer and VP of infrastructure and Global IT Operations at PepsiCo. She has ample experience in designing and implementing technology solutions that align with overall growth objectives related to revenue, profit, and competitive advantage. She leads a team of 400 technologists at the food and beverage giant and has led initiatives to strengthen technology strategy.

6. Amy Farrow

Amy Farrow is an Executive Utility Player who has taken over and improved functions in both Enterprise and consumer Tech companies. She’s a collaborator, a partner, a listener, and a problem solver. She consistently models and leads her organizations to deliver value to customers, partners, and users.

7. Archie Deskus

Archie Deskus is the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer CIO at PayPal where she is responsible for spearheading a wide array of technologies from global information technology operations to Employee Technology and Experiences.

Archie Deskus PayPal Inc Executive Leadership

She was previously the Senior Vice President and CIO of Intel, where she used IT to drive their large growth ambitions across several industries.

8. Cindy Taibi

Currently, Cindy Taibi is the Chief Information Officer at The New York Times and she has worked across the company in a variety of roles. Making history, she is the first woman to take up the CIO position at the Times and co-leads their Women in Technology group that focuses on creating events and initiatives for advancing more women into technology roles.

9. Deb Hall Lefevre

Deb Hall Lefevre joined Starbucks as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer in May 2022. She is an esteemed board member at Wintrust Financial Corporation and has dedicated a vast part of her career to working at C-level positions at McDonald’s.

Deb Hall Lefevre - Starbucks Stories

Before joining Starbucks, she served as the Global Chief Technology Officer & EVP for Couche-Tard/Circle K, where she was in charge of developing and executing a worldwide technology.

10. Lorraine Twohill

Lorraine Twohill is the Chief Marketing Officer at Google where she manages a global team responsible for helping people discover and make the most of Google’s products every day. Before starting her 20 years at Google, she had previously worked as Head of Marketing at Opodo.

11. Sandy Venugopal

Sandy Venugopal is the Chief Information Officer at SentinelOne Inc. Technology. She has extensive experience in delivering solutions and enabling customer success. Her specialties include IT/technology strategy development, business relationship management, project/program management, PMO setup & leadership, and more.

12. Storm Fagan

She is the Chief Product Officer at BBC where she leads the development and delivery of the broadcaster’s audience-facing digital products, including BBC iPlayer, BBC News, and BBC Sport app. Storm Fagan is the recipient of the 2019 Wequal Award for Digital Media and has successfully combined creative ideas with disruptive technology to bring financial discipline to an FTSE100 company.

13. Yamini Rangan

She is the Chief Executive Officer at HubSpot. Before becoming a female tech CEO, Yamini served as HubSpot’s first-ever Chief Customer Officer, overseeing the marketing, sales, and services teams. In 2019, Yamini was recognized as one of the Most Influential Women in Business by San Francisco Business Times.

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14. Alissa Abdullah

She is the Deputy Chief Security Officer at Mastercard, where she leads the Emerging Corporate Security Solutions team. Additionally, Alissa is responsible for protecting Mastercard’s information assets as well as driving the future of security. Moreover, she is also the host of Mastering Cyber podcast.

15. Anshu Bhardwaj

Anshu Bhardwaj is the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Walmart Global Tech, where her leadership in driving innovation, growth, and transformation has earned her the 2019 Sam’s Club Blue Coat Award.

16. Emmanuelle Charpentier

She is a French microbiology, genetics, and biochemistry scientist. She cofounded the drug-discovery business CRISPR Therapeutics which has raised over $500 million, now valued at around $2.5 billion. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of a method for genome editing.

Emmanuelle Charpentier The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders women in technology in 2023

17. Dr. Fei-Fei Li

This female leader is the co-creator of ImageNet, a visual object recognition database that heralded the beginning of the deep learning revolution. She is also the co-founder of AI4ALL, a nonprofit dedicated to boosting diversity and inclusion in AI education.

Additionally, she has authored over 100 scientific articles and received honors, including the 2009 NSF Career Award. This influential and inspirational tech innovator is regarded as the Godmother of AI.

How we teach computers to understand pictures | Fei Fei Li

18. Jacky Wright

Jacky Wright is a Senior Partner and Chief Technology and Platform Officer of McKinsey & Company. She accelerates technology integration in client engagements and oversees McKinsey’s internal technology unit, catering to over 40,000 colleagues across 66 countries.

19. Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng is the current CEO of Aubot, a telepresence robot designed for kids with cancer to virtually attend school, and people with a disability to attend work.

She also founded the non-profit Robogals, an international student-run organization for young women that has taught over 70,000 robotics workshops around the world.

20. Jen Felch

The modern, innovative female Chief Digital Officer and CIO at Dell Technologies is revolutionizing the company’s IT organization. She plays a pivotal role in the transformation and integration of digital technologies across the company.

21. Lakecia Gunter

Lakecia Gunter, the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, is excelling in new business strategy, growth, and much more. She is recognized nationally as an award-winning engineer and speaker and #11 on Business Insider’s Top 26 Most Powerful Engineers.

22. Jules Coleman

She co-founded the online business Resi which provides advice and architectural drawings for home development. She has made numerous media appearances on programs including Girls Can Code for BBC3 and The Bottom Line for BBC Radio 4.

23. Karen Dolva

Karen Dolva is a Norwegian interaction designer and founder of No Isolation which creates devices to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals including sick children and elderly people.

Karen Dolva No Isolation

The company has raised $6.1 million in seed funding and is now closing a Series A round as well. We wish the best to her venture so that she continues to inspire and influence young women to invent and innovate.

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24. Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins is a highly influential CEO and co-founder of Canva who owns 18% of the company. She is one of the youngest female CEO of a tech start-up valued at over $1 billion.

She has a deep sense of justice in the world, and she practices what she preaches. She follows two mantras:

  • setting out-of-this-world goals and 
  • giving back.

25. Penelope Prett

She is the CIO, Senior Managing Director, and Global Lead for the Workday Business Group at Accenture. Her role as the Chief Information Data and Analytics Officer witnessed the successful implementation of Workday across Accenture’s global workforce, comprising over 700,000 employees across 120 countries, marking one of the world’s largest deployments of Workday.

26. Rachana Kumar

Rachana is Etsy’s Chief Technology Officer where she leveraged technology to create economic empowerment opportunities for Etsy’s vibrant, global community. Recently, Rachana served as the Managing Director of Etsy Mexico and has received the Future CIO Award for Women in IT.

27. Jennifer Doudna

Doudna is a biochemist who won a Nobel prize in December for her work in CRISPR gene editing, which allows the genomes of living organisms to be modified. She has founded 5 different companies applying this technology in innovative ways across human therapeutics, diagnostics, sustainability, and more.

Jennifer Doudna The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders women in technology in 2023

28. Rana el Kaliouby

She co-founded Affectiva, a facial and vocal recognition software fixated on humanizing technology that spun out of MIT Media Lab. She lends her expertise as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and a co-host of the PBS NOVA Wonders series.

She says “In the very early days of my career, I knew that the tech world can be a boys’ club, but that it is up to us to change this narrative“. She has succeeded in doing so and thus, is rightfully listed as one of the most influential and inspirational female tech leaders women in technology in 2023

Women in AI The Next Chapter LinkedIn Rana El

29. Jenny Griffiths

This motivational female tech leader is the founder of Snap Vision which uses AI to help shoppers find similar clothes to those seen in online magazines and shops. Snap Vision is currently part of the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem and has raised $3.6 million to date.

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30. Rowena Yeo

Rowena Yeo is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology Services at Johnson & Johnson, a global healthcare company. In her role, she implements technology strategy, fostering innovation, and operational excellence.

31. Padmaja Dasari

She is the Chief Information Officer at Nextdoor and stands as a seasoned IT leader renowned for her exceptional skills in team and infrastructure management. Her tenure has witnessed successful implementations of critical systems like ERP, HCM, Payroll, and budgeting.

32. Amy Jadesimi

Amy Jadesimi is the CEO of Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL) where she is overseeing the growth of West Africa’s largest logistics and engineering facility operating in a free trade zone. LADOL is utilizing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, expanding service to sectors outside the oil industry and creating tens of thousands of jobs.

33. Anne-Marie Imafidon

She started Stemettes an organization that has helped 40,000 girls realize their STEM potential. She is currently working with media companies like the BBC and 20th Century Fox to put more tech role models on screen.

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE Social Entrepreneur Author Speaker

She also co-founded Outbox Incubator: the world’s first tech incubator for teenage girls. This has supported 115 young entrepreneurs to date.

Let's save the world - with girl-led startups | Anne Marie Imafidon | TEDxBarcelonaED

34. Noelle Eder

Noelle Eder is the Executive Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer at The Cigna Group. This experienced influential technology leader is driving transformative change within the healthcare industry. She was awarded the YWCA Silicon Valley Women & Industry Award for her significant contributions.

35. Sabina Ewing

Sabina is the Global CIO and VP of Business and Technology Services at Abbott. She has been actively involved in building a more diverse workforce. Moreover, she is preparing organizations such as Girls Who Code& Spectrum360 Film Academy for autistic young adults to develop audio-visual skills for employment.

36. Reeny Sondhi

Reeny Sondhi is the Chief Digital Officer at Twilio, and her influence extends to critical industry bodies like BSIMM and SAFECode, where she holds a founding member position. She actively contributes as a sought-after speaker, author, and international keynote speaker on diverse security and technology topics.

37. Leanne Kemp

Leanne Kemp founded Everledger in 2015, a startup to help insurers, claimants and other stakeholders combat fraud and money laundering. She is also an appointed member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Blockchain Business Council and a Co-Chair for the World Trade Board’s Sustainable Trade Action Group.

Meet Leanne Kemp - 2018 Advance Technology Innovation Award Winner

38. Sabina Schneider

She is the Chief Solutions Officer at Globant who shares innovative problem-solving for leading North American and Canadian companies, fostering technological transformation in a region brimming with potential. She has crafted corporate products integrating machine learning, and AI, and under her guidance, Globant expanded into a 12,000-member-strong global team across 16 countries.

Sabina Schneider - Globant Awards Women that Build

39. Tanja Rueckert

This leader is a member of the Board of Management and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Bosch, leading the company’s digital business and services across global territories. Her focus is on catapulting Bosch toward becoming a premier AIoT company, leveraging expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver enhanced value to customers.

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40. Tanya Hannah

Tanya Hannah is the Chief Information Officer at AON and received the 2021 National CIO of the Year ORBIE award over two decades of global experience as a transformative business leader. Beyond her professional achievements, she champions diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, advocating for women in leadership roles.

41. Jade Le Maitre

Jade cofounded Hease Robotics in 2016, a company that develops autonomous customer service droids to help the public. Under her guidance, Hease Robotics has raised $2.3 million to date and she recently launched Lyon-Is-AI to promote the French AI ecosystem.

She is currently the CEO of Proxinnov. Her extensive technical background in mechanics, IT, networks, AI and Data, Business and team management skills, and spirit of innovation make her one of the most influential and inspirational female tech leaders of 2023.

42. Jean Qing Liu

Liu Qing or Jean Liu is a Chinese business executive and the president of Didi Chuxing which is China’s largest mobile transportation platform. She was featured on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International List from 2016 to 2020 and was named on Time’s 100 list of the World’s Most Influential People in 2017 as well.

Interview with Jean Liu, President of Didi Chuxing

43. Thasunda Brown Duckett

Thasunda Brown Duckett is the President and CEO of TIAA which is a provider of secure retirement and investment solutions for people in higher education, healthcare, and mission-driven organizations. She is also the founder of The Rosie and Otis Brown Foundation which focuses on recognizing ordinary individuals making extraordinary contributions.

44. Sunny Azadeh

Sunny Azadeh is the CIO and Board Member at GlobalLogic promoting organizational growth strategies in the current fiercely competitive landscape. She was honored as a finalist in the public company category at the 2016 CIO Awards, underscoring her remarkable contributions to the field.

45. Rathi Murthy

The CTO and President of Expedia Product & Technology is driving innovation at a global scale. She was recognized as the Innovative Leader of the Year by Fast Company in 2023 as she had held senior technology head roles at leading companies such as Verizon Media, Gap, Inc., and American Express.

46. Erie Meyer

Erie Meyer began her journey in the federal government as a founding member of the Tech + Innovation team at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the Obama administration. While serving as a senior advisor to Todd Park, White House CTO, Meyer cofounded the United States Digital Service, an in-house team of tech experts serving the White House. The agency implements and enforces Federal consumer financial law and ensures that markets for consumer financial products are fair, transparent, and competitive.

Erie Meyer Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders women in technology in 2023

47. Ponna Arumugam

She is the Chief Information Officer and Senior Executive Vice President of Customer Operations at MicroStrategy, where she has demonstrated exceptional leadership. Before MicroStrategy, she held pivotal roles at HCL, CEB, and Symantec, showcasing her knowledge in technology leadership.

48. Monica Caldas

Monica Caldas is the EVP and Global Chief Information Officer at Liberty Mutual Insurance and personifies a visionary in Global Information Technology and Digital Transformation. Monica has received esteemed industry accolades, including CIO of the Year and Digital Leader of the Year.

49. Lisa Su

Dr. Lisa Su is the Chairman and CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a leading Fortune 500 technology company. She is known for her ability to guide global technology teams in delivering exceptional products and solutions to the market. She was selected to the National Academy of Engineering and received the Global Semiconductor Association’s Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award.

This CEO Made AMD Billions – Now She Wants To Dominate The Market With AI

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50. Julie Durham

Julie Durham is the Chief Digital Officer at UnitedHealth Group, where she spearheads digital transformation & engineering initiatives across Optum and United Healthcare, enhancing consumer experiences. Her career spans over 20 years, marked by expertise in software engineering, global product management, and AI/ML platforms.

51. Lauren Knausenberger

She serves as the executive vice president and Chief Innovation Officer at SAIC, a pioneering company providing cutting-edge engineering, digital, and mission solutions across various sectors, including defense, space, civilian, and intelligence.

Before joining SAIC, Lauren held the esteemed position of CIO for the U.S. Air Force. Her leadership encompassed three directorates, overseeing cyber operations and supporting 20,000 personnel globally.


52. Monique Morrow

Monique Morrow is the president and co-founder of the Humanized Internet, a nonprofit focused on providing individuals with a digital identity. She was previously CTO and Evangelist of New Frontiers Development and Engineering at Cisco Systems, Inc. She sits on several advisory boards and has 17 patents related to digitalization, networks, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and the safe handling of data.

53. Katie Moussouris

Katie Moussouris is a computer security researcher, best known for her ongoing work advocating responsible security research. She is the founder and fist female tech CEO of a bootstrapped & profitable security company called Luta Security, which specializes in helping businesses and governments work with ethical hackers to better defend themselves from digital attacks.

Previously, she had created the bug bounty program at Microsoft and was directly involved in creating the U.S. Department of Defense first bug bounty program for hackers.

54. Jennifer Van Buskirk

Jennifer Van Buskirk is the Senior Vice President of New Distribution at AT&T. In this role, she is responsible for launching new growth opportunities for the wireless business. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and an MBA, showcasing her commitment to both professional and personal pursuits.

55. Fidelma Russo

She is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise hybrid cloud unit who also holds the role of Chief Technology Officer. Previously, she held significant leadership roles at VMware, Iron Mountain, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems. She was recognized in CRN’s Top 100 Executive Awards and Top 25 IT Innovators of 2023. Interestingly, she also serves on Equinix’s Board of Directors.

56. Elizabeth Stone

Elizabeth has been the CTO at Netflix since October 2023. She joined the company in 2020 as the Vice President of Product Data Science and Engineering.

Before her tenure at Netflix, Stone was the Chief Operating Officer at Nuna and Vice President of Science at Lyft. Her academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science from MIT and a PhD from Stanford University.

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57. Mira Murati

Mira Murati has helped to scale OpenAI to the company it is today by leading teams to build innovative technologies and products including ChatGPT, DALL-E, and GPT-4. She has become a prominent leader in one of the fastest-growing industries with her ability to assemble teams with technical expertise, and a deep appreciation for the importance of mission.

OpenAI's Mira Murati on ChatGPT and the power of curiosity | Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott

58. Jae Sook Evans

Jae Sook Evans is the CIO at Oracle. She is responsible for driving the execution, technical direction, and cloud migration strategy for Oracle Information Technology. Before this role, she was the SVP,Global Infrastructure Engineering and Operations at Walmart.

59. Praniti Lakhwara

The CIO of Zscaler is a highly accomplished Information Technology leader with a proven track record of leveraging resources to meet diverse business demands and deliver cutting-edge technical solutions. Praniti’s expertise extends to enterprise applications, including ERP, CRM, and HRIS, where she has dramatically improved organizational efficiency and profitability. She is thus listed amongst the top women in technology to watch in 2023.

60. Rajalakshmi Subramanian

Rajalakshmi Subramanian is the Chief Technology Officer at Opendoor, steering the company towards a future brimming with growth and innovation. Her leadership ensures the continuation of technological advancements, tooling, and platform development, setting the pace for the industry and crafting unique experiences for customers.

61. Neha Narkhede

Neha Narkhede is co-founder and former CTO of cloud company Confluent which went public in 2021 at a valuation of $9.1 billion. She currently owns more than 6% of the company.

Neha Narkhede, CTO, Confluent: Apache Kafka Streaming Platform Explained—SpringOne Platform 2018

In March 2023, Narkhede announced her new company, fraud detection firm Oscilar, where she holds the position of co-founder and CEO. She is thus one of the most influential and inspirational women in technology in 2023.

62. Maru Nihoniho

Maru Nihoniho founded Metia Interactive in 2003, which is a game design and development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Additionally, her 3D animated mobile app SPARX 1 for HABITs applies cognitive therapy techniques to help teens combat depression. Her honors include the United Nations World Summit Award in the e-Health and Environment category, and the MCV Pacific Women in Games Awards from Microsoft Xbox.

63. Funke Opeke

Funke Opeke is a Nigerian electrical engineer, founder of Main Street Technologies, and CEO of Main One Cable Company, a communications services company based in Lagos State, south-western Nigeria. In 2008, she turned her engineer’s eye towards the ocean, raised $240 million in funding, and laid 4,400 miles of fiber optic cable from Nigeria to Portugal. Nigeria’s Internet presence, once associated mostly with scams, is now a growing space and a big credit goes to Opeke.

64. Prasanna Gopalakrishnan

Prasanna Gopalakrishnan is the Group Chief Technology Officer at Sky and drives a progressive technology agenda with over 25 years of experience in digital transformation and information systems. She shapes the overarching technology strategy for Sky, leading a team overseeing broadband, mobile, customer systems, digital platforms, and cybersecurity.

65. Rebecca Gasser

The Partner and Global Chief Information Officer at FGS Global boasts a forward-thinking approach, leveraging 25+ years of experience in Fortune 200 technology leadership across diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Facilities Services, Construction, and Marketing and advertising. Her executive strengths span strategic vision, digital transformation, financial planning, and fostering strategic alliances. Rebecca is indeed one of the most influential and inspirational women in technology to watch in 2023.

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66. Sandra Rivera

She is Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center and AI Group at Intel Corporation and chief executive officer of Programmable Solutions Group. She also previously led the Network Platforms Group of over 3,000 employees that drove the transformation of network infrastructure to Intel-based solutions and enabled breakthrough ways to integrate Intel’s silicon and software portfolio to create greater customer value.

67. Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss

Sofie founded Omni:us in 2015 to automate insurance claims processing. They offer AI capabilities to read handwriting and analyze vast swathes of business data. She started her first business at age 21, developing a book scanner used to digitize 3 million books across 125 countries.

Additionally, she sits on the German Government advisory board for advanced technology and artificial intelligence and is a regular speaker at high-profile events like Slush, NOAH, TOA, and TechCrunch Disrupt.

68. Tal Rabin

This female influential leader is a computer scientist and Computer and Information Science professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Rabin has co-authored 100+ papers, including one with her father, celebrated computer science and Turing Award winner Michael Rabin. Among her many honors and awards, Rabin is the 14th IBMer to be named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

In 2014, Rabin launched the Women In Theory Workshop, a biennial event for graduate students in theoretical computer science, to expand the presence of women working in cryptography.

69. Shannon M. Gath

She is the Chief Information Officer at Teradyne, and leads the company’s IT organization, overseeing customer-facing digital systems, internal technology, and information security. An award-winning senior technology executive, Shannon’s career epitomizes her expertise in steering large-scale transformative IT initiatives. At Teradyne, a $3.7B global test and industrial automation company, she plays a pivotal role as the Chief Information Officer.

70. Tracy Kerrins

She is the Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Technology at Wells Fargo, leading a global team in executing an engineering-led IT strategy. Recognized for her achievements, she received the 2022 Carolina CIO of the Year ORBIE award and was honored in the 2021 Most Powerful Women in Banking program by American Banker.

71. Meerah Rajavel

Meerah is the CIO of Palo Alto Networks where she leads the global IT team spearheading industry transformation in Cybersecurity. Her role involves delivering solutions that align with the company’s mission of creating a safer and more secure world each day. She is a business-centric technology executive, who excels in driving transformation & agility through technology across corporations like Citrix, McAfee, and Cisco Systems, alongside rapid-growth startups.

72. Tracy Mozena

She is the CIO at Atlantic Aviation Corporation, where she is steering the development and maintenance of robust, secure information technology systems across all company locations. Tracy’s expertise lies in implementing structured processes, technology, and strategic business solutions, maximizing efficiency gains while mitigating risks. Her multifaceted background demonstrates a proven ability to navigate complex business landscapes and drive impactful improvements.

73. Helena Samsioe

Helena is known as the Drone Queen for founding GLOBHE, Sweden’s global drone service provider, in 2015. She has bootstrapped the company into a revenue-generating business, running the world’s first AI drone delivery this year. She received Sweden’s Top Innovator Award in 2020 and was nominated for Digital Influencer of the Year.

How crowd-droning is predicting the future | Helena Samsioe | TEDxKI

74. Patricia Scanlon

Patricia founded SoapBox Labs in 2013 which is a company that uses AI to develop voice tech that is specially tailored for children. This company has received a prestigious EU H2020 SME Instrument grant of $1.5 million to support voice-first literacy apps in multiple languages. Moreover, Patricia has a Ph.D. in Digital Signal Processing and Electronic Engineering and held research positions at Columbia, IBM, and University College Dublin.

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75. Anne Carrigy

This people-first leader is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the consumer tech industry. She lived and worked across Europe and North America and today leads the global IT organization of Logitech as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

76. Catherine Zhou

Catherine Zhou is the Global Head of Ventures at HSBC, where she spearheads group-wide initiatives aimed at discovering new profit avenues, pioneering alternative business models, and instigating transformative shifts from an external vantage point.

Before joining EastWest Bank, Catherine was a senior partner at PwC and served as their Digital Services Leader. No wonder, she is one of the most influential and inspirational female leaders in technology in the year 2023.

77. Denise Russell Fleming

The Chief Information Officer & EVP of Technology and Global Services at Becton Dickinson, renowned for her transformative leadership in business and technology transformation across global markets. Recognized for her strategic acumen and successful digital transformations, Denise’s career highlights include leadership roles at Boeing Defense, Space and Security, BAE Systems, Inc., and Sprint Nextel Corporation.

78. Anita Schjøll Brede

She is the co-founder of the semi-automated scientific review tool Iris.AI established in 2015. The company raised $2.4 million in December 2017 and is today used by everyone from Denmark’s Leo Pharma to the University of Helsinki. She is also a board member at Norway’s Katapult Impact Tech Accelerator.

Anita was previously CEO of startup incubator uLabs Ventures.

Your Science Assistant | Anita Schjøll Brede | TEDxBinnenhof

79. Noor Sweid

She is the General Partner of Global Ventures, a UAE-based international venture capital firm with a presence in Cairo, Jeddah, Riyadh, Tunis, and Lagos. She was the Chief Investment Officer at The Dubai Future Foundation and Managing Partner at Leap Ventures.

Currently, she is the only Arab woman in the Middle East running a VC fund as the founder of a Dubai-based growth-stage firm. Moreover, Noor made history as the first woman to lead an IPO in the region when the interior contracting company, Depa listed on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Dubai. She has been featured in Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech.

Noor Sweid (Global Ventures)at the 2022 Global Investment Forum

80. Christine Spiten

Christine Spiten is a co-founder of Blueye Robotics, a company that develops the Blueye pioneer underwater drone that can explore the ocean down to 150m depth from a smartphone. She is also a co-captain at EntrepreneurShip One, a company dedicated to creating a platform for other sustainability-oriented startups.

81. Leslie McKay

Leslie McKay is the Chief Information Officer of CGI, one of the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. She is responsible for developing and managing CGI’s global information technology strategies to serve best the needs of clients and professionals worldwide. She has a proven track record for operational excellence in the delivery of consulting and systems integration. She has successfully managed services projects that span multiple industries for some of CGI’s largest accounts.

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82. Sharon Mandell

The Senior VP and CIO at Juniper spearheads the global information technology team. Her primary focus revolves around enhancing company’s IT infrastructure and application architecture to align with Juniper’s growth objectives. Additionally, Mandell and her team are tasked with showcasing their technology utilization to a global audience.

83. Jennifer Zhu Scott

The Founding Partner of IN. Capital focuses on AI and deep tech. She had previously held the position of the Executive Chairman of The Commons Project, a non-profit public trust to build digital goods as public service. She debated against Nobel Prize winner Prof. Robert Shiller and Swedish Central Bank Deputy Governor Cecilia Skingsley on Crypto Assets.

Her TED talk Why you should get paid for your data? (below) has more than 3.3 million views.

84. Fiona Tan

She serves as Wayfair Chief Technology Officer where she leads a global innovation team dedicated to developing market-leading experiences through the e-commerce platform. Formerly the Senior Vice President of U.S. Technology at Walmart, she played a pivotal role in innovation and engineering execution across the company’s site, mobile app, and technology for associates and merchants in the U.S.

85. Hanna Haning

Hanna Hennig stepped into the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Siemens AG at the beginning of 2020. Taking charge of Siemens’ global IT, she directly reports to Deputy CEO Roland Busch. Her role at Siemens focuses on fortifying the implementation of Vision 2020+, emphasizing innovative, secure software platforms while closely overseeing the spin-off of Siemens Energy, ensuring its independence and functionality. Hannah is deservedly one of the most influential and inspirational female tech leaders in technology in 2023.

86. Janet Cinfio

Janet Cinfio is the Chief Information Officer and Chief Security and Compliance Officer at Acxiom. With years of experience in the high-tech industry, Janet is a transformational leader known for building global forward-thinking technology teams. She leads the overall information technology strategy for the company as well as directs teams in the specific areas of architecture, cloud platform, enterprise applications, infrastructure, operations, security & risk management, and technology procurement.

87. Laura Kohl

Laura Kohl is the Chief Information Officer at Morningstar where she is steering global technology executive with a wealth of experience across various industries such as airlines, retail, logistics, finance, and supply chain management. Her multifaceted background in strategy, finance, innovation, and technology has been instrumental in delivering results in diverse domestic and global environments.

88. Magali Vaissiere

She held the position of Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at the European Space Agency (ESA) from 2008 until 2020. She was the first woman head of a technical department at ESA and remains the only one to hold a Directorship. In 2013 Vaissiere was appointed Head of ESA’s newest facility, the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT).

89. Charity Wanjiku

This highly influential and inspirational female tech leader holds key positions as:

  • Co-founder of Strauss Energy Ltd., an award-winning energy enterprise that seeks to alleviate energy poverty in Kenya and Africa at large; and
  • Director at Trioscape Space Planning Ltd., an architectural firm that seeks to offer quality-built environment spaces while leveraging technology.

As a registered architect, Wanjiku is working towards a future with solar cells as an integrated part of construction, bringing reliable and affordable power to all through green energy. This rightfully makes her one of the most inspirational women in technology to watch in 2023 and the coming years as well.

90. Michelle Zatlyn

Michelle Zatlyn is the President, Co-founder, and Chief Operating Officer of Cloudflare (NYSE: NET), a prominent Internet security, performance, and reliability company dedicated to improving the Internet. With Cloudflare safeguarding approximately 20% of global Internet traffic, she has played a pivotal role in establishing its presence. Boasting over 300 Fortune 1,000 companies as clients, Cloudflare has become a publicly traded entity on the New York Stock Exchange, thanks to Michelle’s efforts and leadership skills.

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91. Margrethe Vestager

She is currently serving as Executive Vice President of European Commission EU Fit for Digital Age and Commissioner for Competition since 2019. Vestager is a member of the Danish Social Liberal Party and of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE) on the European level advocating for equality in the workplace.

92. Aicha Evans

Aichatou Sar Evans known professionally as Aicha Evans, is an American chief executive officer of Amazon’s self-driving car subsidiary Zoox. Known for her strategic prowess, Evans drives Zoox’s mission to revolutionize transportation through autonomous, zero-emission vehicles, prioritizing safety and customer experience.

A SAP Supervisory Board member, Evans holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from George Washington University. In June 2020, Evans led the acquisition of her company by Amazon for US$1.3 billion. 

93. Danah Boyd

This motivational and influential woman is a technology and social media scholar. She is a Partner Researcher at Microsoft Research, the founder of the Data & Society Research Institute, and a distinguished visiting professor at Georgetown University. Her research is focused on making certain that society has a nuanced understanding of the relationship between technology and society, especially as issues of inequity and bias emerge.

94. Chantelle Bell

She cofounded Syrona Women with fellow female founder Anya Roy while the pair were studying Bioscience at Cambridge University. Their company, Syrona has won awards from bodies including AccelerateHER Scotland, Tata, and Bethnal Green Ventures. Their mission is to serve overlooked health journeys of all genders – physical, emotional and mental health. Bell and Roy have led talks at Cambridge Wireless UK and the prestigious MEDICA conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Chantelle Bell Anya Roy Syrona Health Influential And Inspirational Female Tech Leaders women in technology in 2023

95. Alvina Antar

Alvina is the Chief Information Officer at Okta. She is focused on scaling Okta for durable growth and is responsible for enabling a seamless customer and employee experience. She’s also had the chance to speak at Executive Briefing Centers and Technology Conferences to discuss strategies to effectively integrate M&As while transforming businesses from hardware providers into end-to-end solution specialists.

96. Elina Berglund

This Swedish engineering physicist turned her attention to family life and sought to find an alternative to the contraceptive pill. She thus, created an algorithm to identify the fertile window in a woman’s cycle and cofounded the only FDA-APPROVED fertility-tracking app Natural Cycles in 2013 which is now used by more than 900,000 people in more than 200 countries.

97. Elizabeth Hackenson

With over 30 years of experience leading technology operations and initiatives across large-scale complex organizations. Before joining Schneider Electric in 2017, Hacksenson had held three major CIO roles.

98. Amy Jean Doherty

Amy joined the World Bank having demonstrated successful leadership in technology, transformation, and information security in both the public and private sectors. She has been featured in Forbes, CIO Magazine, and Computerworld.

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99. Casey Santos

She is the Chief Information Officer at Asurion as well as Independent Board Director and thus, brings expertise in strategy, technology, cybersecurity, finance, mergers, acquisitions, and risk management. With a career spanning diverse industries and roles, Casey consistently delivers growth and operational excellence through innovative technology and process improvement.

100. Elaine Zhou

As the Chief Technology Officer for Change.org, Elaine Zhou is responsible for building a global engineering team to ensure that 600 million users worldwide can access their platform with ease. Thus, her key focus lies in Responsible AI implementation.

These influential and inspirational female tech leaders inspire countless other little girls and young women to dream big and kickstart their tech journey. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such inspiring lists for each year!

Source: The World’s Top 50 Women In Tech

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