Why Is My Facebook Event Showing the Wrong Time?

Are you planning an event for work or having a gig in your mind for a melancholic weekend? Well, Facebook serves this purpose well by allowing you to schedule an event on the website or app itself. Apart from being an insightful tool, it has some shortcomings as these issues, wherein the users see the Facebook event time wrong, or the Facebook event timezone was set up incorrectly. If you are looking for answers to these issues, we provide you with a helpful and effective guide that will teach you everything about these problems with proper solutions.

Why Is My Facebook Event Showing the Wrong Time?

Why Is My Facebook Event Showing the Wrong Time?

Facebook Events is a useful tool for event management. It helps deliver a modest idea of the number of attendees who could probably be making it to the event. But sometimes, you may experience that the time being displayed on Events is wrong. It is one of the times when Facebook users will get baffled after seeing it. It could happen due to incorrect time settings on your device. Let us discuss this issue in detail.

What Are Available Facebook Time Zone Settings? What Are Facebook App Timezone Settings?

Facebook time zone settings are none other than the one on your computer/laptop. And as for the Facebook app, the time zone configuration in your smartphone is the same as the Facebook default time zone.

Why Is My Facebook Time Wrong?

Are your friends calling you a time traveler because of a shared Facebook post that surprisingly indicated that it was published in the future? Well, we sure know you live in the present. Facebook time is a reflection of your computer’s time. So if the time on your computer is incorrect, that is exactly what made you travel to the future with the wrong Facebook event timezone. Keep reading further to learn how to fix this hitch.

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Why Is My Facebook Event Showing the Wrong Time?

You may see your Facebook event time wrong if the PC time zone configuration is not in sync with the correct time zone of your location.

How to Change Facebook Timezone Settings? How Do I Fix the Date and Time on Facebook?

Disruption of the Facebook timezone settings is a recurrent issue faced by many people. If you are confused about how to set it right, follow the step-by-step guide below:

1. Open the browser in which you are logged into your Facebook account.

2. Click on Your profile icon > Log Out. Close the browser to perform the following steps.

Click on Your profile icon - Log Out | Facebook event time wrong

3. From the System Tray in Taskbar, right-click on the Time and Clock option and click on Adjust date/time from the context menu.

right-click on the Time and Clock option and click on Adjust date/time

4. The Date & time settings menu will appear. Expand the Time zone drop-down menu and select the desired time zone.

Expand the Time zone drop-down menu and select the desired time zone

5. Open your desktop browser and visit the Facebook Log In page in a new tab.

6. Enter your Email address or phone number and Password to Log In to your Facebook account.

Facebook Log In page. Enter Log In credentials | Facebook event time wrong

The changes will be visible throughout your account. Check if the wrong Facebook event timezone issue is fixed or not.

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How Do I Change the Time Zone on Facebook on my iPhone?

If you are seeing the Facebook event time wrong and decide to switch between time zones on the Facebook app, you have to manually select the preferred time zone in the iPhone settings. Take a look at the steps below to do the same:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Open settings

2. Tap on General.

Go to General

3. Tap on the Date & Time option from the list, as shown.

Open Date & Time | Facebook event time wrong

4. Turn off the Set Automatically option.

5. Now, select your Time Zone.

select your Time Zone

You are all set. Open the Facebook app to see the changes.

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Why Are My Facebook Events Off By An Hour?

Your Facebook friends or profile visitors might be seeing the time getting ahead or behind by an hour on Facebook Events in contrast to you (host).

  • Sometimes it happens if you reside in a country that follows the DST (Daylight Saving Time).
  • Facebook’s algorithm will hinder your event’s display time as it is misled by the DST changes which occur every March and November. You can edit the time directly on the event page every time this happens.

This could be the reason why your viewers could be seeing the wrong Facebook event timezone.

How Can You See the Exact Time of a Facebook Post?

If you wish to check the exact time of a published post on Facebook, hover over the timestamp within the specific post. It will be depicted with the date and name of the days of the week, as shown in the image below.

checking exact time of a post | Facebook event time wrong

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How Do I Get Rid of the Timestamp on Facebook?

Your understanding of the word timestamp for Facebook could vary. Let us first understand the difference in its usage. The word timestamp is used for indicating two different things, such as:

  • The timer which shows how many minutes or hours ago the post was published is one of the definitions of the word timestamp on Facebook.
  • The other timestamp can be found inside the Messenger app that shows the user’s last Active Status, as depicted below.

Last seen Active status on Messanger

If you are looking for ways to remove the timestamp from your posts, unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow its users to do that. However, you can disable the Active Status feature with the help of these simple steps below:

1. Visit the Facebook Log In page and Log In to your Facebook account.

2. Click on the Messenger icon from the top right, as shown.

3. Click on the three-dotted icon from the Chats menu. Click on Active Status.

Messanger icon - Three-dotted icon - Active Status | Facebook event time wrong

4. In the pop-up, toggle off the Active Status option and click on Save.

tuen off active status


We hope you have understood why is your Facebook event time wrong and also the solutions to fix it. You can drop your queries about this article and topic suggestions for future articles in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Why Is My Facebook Event Showing the Wrong Time?”

  1. So I use Ubuntu and my time zone is correct but Facebok time on my computer is off by 4 hours. Even scheduled events are off. Don’t have problem with my iPhone however event times are still wrong.

  2. This is totally wrong. My computer is set to eastern time and I’m traveling. When I create or view a facebook event, it’s clearly using the time zone of my IP address, not the time my computer thinks it is.

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