What Happened to Monkey App?

Monkey app is a video chat platform that connects millions of people through video calling. This app uses Snapchat usernames for video chats lasting about 10–15 seconds. Recently, it was taken down from the Apple App Store due violation of set rules and guidelines. If you are here to find answers to what happened to Monkey app, you are at the right place. Let us learn more about the app and what happened to it in detail.

What happened to monkey app

What Happened to Monkey App?

This app came into action in the year 2016. It provided a video-chat platform for users where they could get in touch with people and make new friends. Despite its popular use at the time, the app faced backlash due to negative reviews and cases of inappropriate behavior during its use. Hence, for iOS devices, it has been banned. Let us see what were the exact reasons for this app to get banned.

Why is Monkey App Banned?

When this app came into action, its video chat function connected many strangers, and with that came the exploitation of the app. The reason behind what happened to Monkey app is the violation of ethical App Store Safety guidelines and the use of sexually explicit content on the app.

App Store Safety guidelines

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Did Monkey App Get Deleted?

Yes, it was deleted from the App store. Frequent complaints of sexual assault on this platform were made, leading to the ban.

Did They Delete the Monkey App?

Yes. It was deleted from the iOS App Store as several violations of rules and guidelines forced the App Store to ban it. This is what happened to Monkey app on the App Store.

Why Was Monkey App Removed?

This app was removed from the downloading platforms because of the inappropriate behavior of some users on this platform. It happened because users complained about coming across sexually explicit content while they used the video-chat feature of the app.

How to Download Monkey App After It’s Been Deleted iOS?

Unfortunately, this video chat app has been removed for good from the iOS App Store download. You cannot download the app on any iOS device. But still, you can download it on an Android phone from the Google Play Store.

Monkey app on Google Play Store


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