Message is Unavailable on this App – Why Does Messenger Say So?

Messages might be unavailable but underlying reasons behind this phenomenon are'nt, and we will unveil them!

Messenger narrowed down distances and channeled real-time communication between people soon after its launch. Users can not only chat but also share photos &  videos, and make calls via this messaging platform. As an active user, you might have been greeted at least once with the Message Unavailable prompt on the Messenger app, instead of the actual text. But, why does it say This message is not available on this app, what does it mean, and how to fix it? Let’s discuss all of it in our article.

Why Does Messenger Say Message Unavailable On This App

What Does Message Unavailable Mean on Messenger

Message Unavailable on this app in Messenger indicates that a specific message within a conversation cannot be accessed or retrieved. The question arises – why does it appear in the chat thread? 

Well, there can be multiple reasons for this and the exact one in your case may vary. However, here are some of the common factors:

  • Account Suspension: Facebook reserves the right to suspend a user’s account for various reasons, such as engaging in malicious activities or violating the platform’s rules and regulations. During the suspension period, you will find yourself unable to view any messages from that particular account.
  • Account Banned: Lastly, it is also possible that their Facebook or Messenger account got banned due to multiple community guidelines violations or so. Neither would you be able to access their profile nor the message.
  • You’re Blocked: There are possibilities that the sender has blocked you on Facebook or Messenger. As a result, all communication is severed and you are not able to access old messages.
  • You’re Restricted: We can also assume that the sender might have restricted you on Messenger and hence, you cannot find the message in the chat thread anymore.
  • Account Deactivation/Deletion: When the sender decides to deactivate their Facebook account, all of their messages become inaccessible to the recipient. The same is also possible if the user has deleted their account.

Account Deactivation or Deletion

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  • Account Hacked: In the unfortunate event of an account being hacked, Facebook takes swift action to protect the user’s data and privacy. As a security measure, old messages from an account’s history may be deleted. Consequently, the recipient may encounter the Message Unavailable prompt.
  • Technical Glitch: Messenger, like any other app, may occasionally experience technical glitches or server-related issues. These glitches can temporarily render messages inaccessible or disrupt their proper loading, leading to the discussed error.

How to Fix This Message Is Not Available On This App Error

Now as these are usually not app-related errors rather than issues related to the sender and recipient, there’s not a lot you can do. However, what’s better than giving it a try? Let’s go through the methods:

Method 1: Check their Facebook Account Status

The very first thing you can do is to check if their profile is still active or if their Facebook account has been deleted or disabled. If you do not find them anymore, reach out to them on any other social media platform and enquire about it. If they have deactivated their account or it has been suspended, you might have to wait until it gets recovered and you can find their messages on Messenger again. 

Method 2: Ask them to Unblock/Unrestrict You

If you find out that you have been either blocked or restricted by the person on Facebook or Messenger or both, you can reach them out and ask them to unblock you. Refer to our guide on How to Unblock yourself on Facebook Messenger.

Create Facebook Account | why does messenger say message unavailable on this app

Once they unblock or un-restict you, the messages will appear again.

Method 3: Wait for Server Uptime

The discussed issue might arise if the Facebook Messenger server in your region is experiencing downtime issues. We suggest you check the status on Downdetector or the Messenger official Twitter handle and if there are any reported issues, wait until it gets fixed.

Downdetector for Messenger

Method 4: Log Out, Restart Device, and Relogin

Log-in issues or trouble caused due to minor app glitches can be fixed by logging out of the platform, restarting the device, and logging in again. First, follow our guide on  3 Ways to log out of Facebook Messenger

Log out of Messenger | why does messenger say message unavailable on this app

Once logged out, Restart the device and then log in to Messenger again using your credentials. Check if you can still see that – Message unavailable on this app on Messenger.

Method 5: Clear Cache Data

If you did not clear out cache files during the log-out process, you can do it now. Corrupt and damaged cache data can trigger such issues within the app. Follow the steps below to delete them:

1. Open Settings and tap on Apps.

2. Tap on Messenger followed by Storage and select Clear cache.

Tap on Clear cache for Messenger

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Method 6: Update App

Outdated apps are prone to bugs and glitches, that can be fixed by updating them. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Google Play Store and search for Messenger.

2. Tap on Update, if available.

tap-on-update | why does messenger say message unavailable on this app

Method 7: Reach Out to Messenger Support

In cases you still face the issue, contacting the Messenger Help Centre may be effective. 

Messenger Help Centre

Method 8: Reinstall Messenger

Lastly, until the time you get any help from the Messenger help center, we suggest you uninstall the app and reinstall it. Doing so replaces the missing or damaged files, thereby fixing any potential error caused due to it.

1. Tap and hold the Messenger icon in the app drawer and select Uninstall.

Tap-on-Uninstall-Messenger | why does messenger say message unavailable on this app

3. Install Messenger from the Google Play Store.

4. Once installed, Log in and check if you can now see the message.

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We hope our guide helped you understand why does Messenger say Message Unavailable on this app. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such information and solutions.

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