What is the New Snapchat Update?

332 million people everyday use Snapchat throughout the entire world. Users can express themselves, remain in the moment, discover the world, and have fun with one another, thanks to the Snapchat apps and Web versions. Without feeling under pressure to be popular, attractive, or flawless, it’s the simplest and fastest method to express the whole spectrum of human emotions with your friends. And to remain connected with your friends through this platform without any encumbrance, Snapchat releases new and exciting updates regularly. Users can experience these updates on their phones by updating the installed apps from Play Store or App Store. Read this article until the end to learn what is the new Snapchat update and how to update Snapchat app on your phone. There are also explanations provided for the commonly asked questions, like if Snapchat half swipe is real or not and what is the purple ring on Snapchat Story. Let’s get started!

What is the New Snapchat Update? | purple ring on Snapchat

What is the New Snapchat Update?

Keep reading further to find out what is the new Snapchat update in detail.

What is the New Snapchat Update?

The new Snapchat updates include:

  • For Android App: The latest Snapchat Android app update fixes the bugs and improves the app functionality. This update is available in version, released on 14-Oct-2022.
  • For iOS App: The recent update for the Snapchat iOS app comes with version, released on Oct 17, 2022. This update is provided to fix the detected bugs in the app.
  • For Web: Snapchat launched the Snapchat Web in July 2022 for Snapchat + users and extended the availability to all users in September 2022. On Snapchat Web, users can text and also converse with their friends via voice or video call. So, with this big update, Snapchat users can avoid their Snapchat mobile app and continue using their beloved platform seamlessly through their PC or laptop browser. Also, Snapchat is planning to roll out AR shopping features soon.

Snapchat Web | purple ring on Snapchat

How Do You Update Snapchat?

Using an older version of the Snapchat application can cause several application issues on your phone. So, it is best to update the Snapchat app regularly. To update the Snapchat application, implement the steps given below:

1. Open the Play Store on the mobile phone and search for Snapchat.

Note: iPhone users should use the App Store.

2A. If a new update is available, tap on Update.

If a new update is available, tap on Update

2B. If the application is already up-to-date, then it will show the Open option.

If the application is already up-to-date, then it will show Open option | fix Snapchat won’t load stories

Congrats! You have now the latest version of the Snapchat app.

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Can Snapchat See Your Eyes Only?

No, Snapchat can’t see your My Eyes Only. My Eyes Only feature is protected using a passcode, and it can be only accessed by the users who have that passcode. My Eyes Only can hide all the snaps that you’ve marked as Hidden.

Can People See When You Look at Their Snap Profile?

No, there is no such feature in Snapchat which notifies the user about someone looking at their profile.

Is Snapchat Half Swipe Real?

The half-swipe feature of the Snapchat app allows users to read Snap messages from friends without letting them know. This feature was unavailable in 2021 for a brief period. But as things stand now, it is back on the Snapchat app. Read this article from the beginning to understand what is the latest Snapchat update.

How Do You Screenshot a Snapchat without Them Knowing?

Here is a guide on how do you secretly screenshot Snapchats without the other person knowing in a few easy steps.

Option I: Record from Another Phone

You have to click or record the content on your Snapchat using another mobile. It simply means pointing a camera at your smartphone’s screen and recording whatever is visible. Although you won’t get the best result, this is a reasonable approach if all you want is a record of the replies you have gotten quickly and you have access to another phone. However, if you want clear screenshots with more visibility, you can try any of the methods listed below.

Option II: Turn On Airplane Mode

Let’s see how you can turn on Airplane mode and take a screenshot without notifying that person.

Note: You should be already logged into your Snapchat account to perform the following steps.

1. Open the Snapchat application on your smartphone.

2. Navigate to the desired snap you want to take a screenshot of.

Select the snap you want to take a screenshot of and click on the snap option to open the snap. | purple ring on Snapchat

3. Open the desired snap and let it load completely.

4. Now, bring down the quick settings panel and tap on the Aeroplane mode to turn it on.

Let Snapchat load all the snaps and then turn on the Airplane mode from the quick settings menu.

5. Navigate to the desired timestamp and take a screenshot.

6. After 30 or 60 seconds, turn off Aeroplane mode and connect your phone to an internet connection.

Nobody will ever know about the screenshot you have taken of this snap. Read this article from the start to learn what is the latest Snapchat update.

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Option III: Screen-Record Snaps

You can screen record your phone screen without capturing the screenshot.

1. Access your mobile quick settings panel by swiping downward with two fingers on your phone screen.

2. Now, tap on the Screen Recorder tab to begin the recording.

Now tap on the screen recording option to start the recording.

3. Now, launch the Snapchat application on your smartphone.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your account before performing the following steps.

4. Tap on the Chats tab from the bottom bar.

5. Tap on the desired snap and let it record.

Select the snap you want to take a screenshot of and click on the snap option to open the snap.

6. Now, navigate to the screen-recorded video and play it.

Now exit the Snapchat app and then open the screen recording video. | purple ring on Snapchat

7. Pause the video at the desired timestamp and take a screenshot.

Find the section in the video when you have opened the snap, Pause the video and take a screenshot. |

Option IV: Use Private Screenshot App

It is a helpful method if you have an old phone that doesn’t have an inbuilt screen recording feature.

1. Launch the Play Store app on your phone.

2. Search and Install the Private Screenshots app on your phone.

Launch the Play Store app on your Andriod mobile, then search and install the Private Screenshots or any other Screenshot application of your choice.

3. Open the Private Screenshots app and tap on the screenshot icon from the top of the screen.

Tap on the screenshot icon present at the top of the screen.

4. Now, open the Snapchat app on your mobile.

Now back to the Screenshot app, and open the Snapchat app on your mobile. | purple ring on Snapchat

5. Tap on the Chat tab> desired snap to open it.

Select the snap you want to take a screenshot of and click on the snap option to open the snap.

6. Tap on the orange screenshot floating icon of the Private Screenshots app.

7. Open the Private Screenshots and tap on the three-dotted icon > Move to gallery option to save it.

Open the Private Screenshots and tap on the three-dotted icon - Move to gallery option to save it |

Read this article from the start to learn what is the latest Snapchat update.

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What Can Snapchat ++ Do?

Snapchat+ is a premium subscription provided by Snapchat to all the users using this platform. This subscription allows users to have access to the collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features on Snapchat Android and iOS apps. Some of the best and exclusive features include:

  • Snapchat Web (Now it is available to all users)
  • Pin any friend as your #1 BFF
  • Story Rewatch Count
  • Snapchat+ Badge
  • Exclusive custom Snapchat icons
  • Ghose Trails
  • New exciting Bitmoji backgrounds & more

Despite all these features, Snapchat+ does not remove the ads from the app, which could be a bit disappointing for the users.

What Does a Purple Ring on Snapchat Mean?

The purple ring on Snapchat Story indicates that this story has been uploaded recently by that Snapchat friend. So, this purple ring is nothing specific but only the interface choice with specific color made by Snapchat to let users know about new Stories available on the Stories page of their friends.

Why Snapchat is Not Working?

Some of the reasons why your Snapchat app may not be working are:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Disruption at the Snapchat server-side
  • Data or battery saving restrictions for the Snapchat app
  • Outdated version of the Snapchat app on your device
  • Disabled permissions from OS for the Snapchat app 

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Is Snapchat Currently Down?

No. Currently, the Snapchat app and Web are working perfectly normal for most of the users. But if you are facing some problem, you can confirm it by hacking out the Downdetector website. And if there is an outage, you can keep yourself updated by following the latest updates provided by Snapchat via Twitter on the latest outage or problems.

Downdetector website | purple ring on Snapchat


We hope that you learned about what is the new Snapchat update and purple ring on Snapchat. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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