What is PC4 RAM?

RAM, otherwise known as Random Access Memory, is the core of memory in the computer. RAM is one of the hardware components of the computer wherein the OS of the device, the data, and the applications that are currently being used by the device are carefully stored so they can be conveniently accessed by the processor of the computer. RAM’s very essence is to store the computer’s short-term memory, which can be easily accessed to work on immediate action. But with the different types of RAMs, the question remains: What is PC4 RAM? In this blog, we will try to explain PC4 RAM and answer various questions surrounding it, like the difference between PC4 21300 and PC4 21333 and so on. You will also learn what does PC4 24000 mean on RAM and what speed is PC4 3200o.

What is PC4 RAM?

What is PC4 RAM?

You will get to know what is PC4 RAM further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What PC4 in RAM Means?

Before we start diving into learning about the various aspects revolving around the PC4 RAM, the very first question that arises about the subject is: What PC4 in RAM means? If we are to dissect the term PC4 and RAM, PC4 means the number of bits transferred per second, and RAM is the computer’s hardware that stores the computer’s short-term memory.

  • PC4 is the name of the RAM socket/DIMM.
  • DIMM is the slot on your motherboard.

Combining the two, we can conclude that PC4 in RAM means the number of bits that are getting transferred to the RAM, in other words, the short-term memory it has to store.

In addition, there are a couple of other PC4 variants, including PC4 24000 and PC4 32000 that determine the speed of the bits transferred. As we go on, we’ll go into more detail on the two.

What does PC4 24000 Mean on RAM?

As we elaborated on what is PC4 RAM, if we are to specifically look into what does PC4 24000 mean on RAM, we can conclude that the 24000 refers to the speed at which the data gets transferred to the RAM.

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What Speed is PC4 24000?

The speed at which the data gets transferred in PC4 24000 to RAM is 24000 megabytes per second or 24000 MB/s and the amount of data that can be transferred is 3000 million per second.

What does PC4 32000 Mean on RAM?

Looking at PC4 24000, answering the question,  what does PC4 32000 mean on RAM, becomes quite easy. We may infer that the 32000 relates to the rate at which the data gets transmitted to the RAM.

What Speed is PC4 32000?

The speed at which the data gets transferred in PC4 32000 to RAM is 32000 megabytes per second or 32000 MB/s and the amount of data that can be transferred is 4000 million per second.

After providing the answer for what speed is PC4 32000 and 24000, the next common question that arises is understanding the difference between PC4 213000 and PC4 21333.

What is the Difference Between PC4 21300 and PC4 21333?

There are a few versions of PC4 ranging from 19200 to 35200, one such version is PC4 21300 or PC4 21333. There is no difference between PC4 21300 and PC4 21333 apart from the fact that companies use to refer to them according to their preference.

  • PC4 21300 and PC4 21333 are the same and can be used interchangeably.
  • Some companies have rounded the value to an absolute number of 21300 instead of 21333.
  • The actual number is 21333 and 1/3.
  • The peak transfer rate for PC4 213000 is 21300 MB/s.
  • The amount of data that can be transferred is 2666 million per second.

RAM has seen a variety and generations of changes. PC4 is the successor of PC3 whose versions came before it. Next, we will discuss if the PC4 RAM works in PC3.

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Will PC4 RAM Work in PC3?

No. Many generations of RAM came before the PC4 over the years. PC4 is the latest generation of RAM. All of the generations were quite different from each other. One of the common questions that users want to know is- will PC4 RAM Work in PC3. PC4 and PC3 are not at all compatible with one another. Below mentioned are the key differences between the two.

  • All the generations of RAM are similar in size and shape physically but are very different electronically.
  • You cannot use a PC4 motherboard to RAM in PC3 and vice versa.
  • The PC4 won’t even fit in the slot meant for PC3.
  • Every RAM generation has distinct cuts in the pins and at non-identical positions making it impossible to use them interchangeably on the motherboard.
  • PC4 has 260 DIMM pins whereas PC3 has 240 DIMM pins.
  • Other than that, PC4 transfers data at a higher speed than PC3.
  • PC4 has a higher peak transfer of 25600 MB/s whereas PC3 has a peak transfer of 14928 MB/s.
  • PC4 consumes less power only 1.2 V as compared to PC3s: 1.35-1.5 V.
  • PC4 has s higher module density of 2GB-128GB as compared to PC3: 512 MB-32 GB.

All these differences make PC3 and PC4 completely incompatible with one another and thus a PC4 can’t work for a PC3. Now, that we are well aware of what is PC4 RAM and the various queries surrounding it, moving further, we will address the difference between PC4 and DDR4.

What is the Difference Between PC4 and DDR4?

Many a time, people get confused between PC4 and DDR4 and try to find the differences between the two. But there are none as PC4 is DDR4. There is no difference between the two, other than the fact that they use different units of measurement.

  • PC4 is measured in the total rate of data transfer or MB/s.
  • DDR4 is measured in per bit rate of data or MHz.

Note: You can easily calculate the MB/s through MHz by simply multiplying MHz by 8.

Now, that we are well aware that PC4 is no different from DDR4, we need to look at what is DDR4 PC4 25600.

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What is DDR4 PC4 25600?

If we bifurcate the DDR4 PC4 25600 into two parts DDR4 and PC4 25600, the latter part signifies the Peak rate transfer of PC4 25600 being 25600 MB/s. In DDR4 terms the PC4 25600 refers to DDR4 3200 which signifies the per-bit rate of data of DDR4 3200 being 3200 MT/s. It only implies that the PC4 25600 DIMM is just taking a tiny share of DDR4 3200 chips.

Since internet buying has become more prevalent, finding PC4 RAM has been simpler. These may be ordered online and delivered right to your home. We’ll assist you in locating the ideal RAM for your device in the section that follows.

List of Top PC4 RAM

Mentioned below is the list of the best PC4 RAM available on the market.

1. Silicon Power Value Gaming DDR4 RAM

With a computer memory of 16 GB, Silicon Power Value Gaming DDR4 RAM has a memory speed of 3200 MHz.

Price- 40.97 USD

Silicon Power Value Gaming DDR4 RAM

2. A-Tech DDR4

A-Tech DDR4 is compatible with laptops, notebooks, and NAS and has a memory speed of 2400 MHz. Its computer memory surmounts 32 GB.

Price- 89.25 USD

A-Tech DDR4

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3. Corsair Vengeance LPX

Compatible with Intel 300/400/500 series and AMD X570, Corsair Vengeance LPX is the best choice available. It has 16 GB of computer memory and 2133 MHz of memory speed.

Price- 52.99 USD

Corsair Vengeance LPX |

4. TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z is compatible with desktops and ha s memory speed of 3200 MHz in addition to a computer memory of 16GB. Read this article from the start to learn what PC4 RAM means.

Price- 43.99 USD

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z | what speed is PC4 32000

5. PNY Performance DDR4 DRAM

Compatible with laptops, PNY Performance DDR4 DRAM has a memory speed of 2666 MHz and a computer memory of 16GB.

Price- 37.99 USD

PNY Performance DDR4 DRAM | what speed is PC4 32000


Compatible with laptops, TEAMGROUP Elite DDR4 has a memory speed of 3200 MHz and a computer memory of 32 GB.

Price- 69.99 USD

TEAMGROUP Elite DDR4 | what is PC4 RAM Means 24000 32000

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7. G.Skill RipJaws DDR4 Series

Compatible with desktops, G.Skill RipJaws DDR4 Series has a memory speed of 3200 MHz and a computer memory of 32GB.

Price- 79.99 USD

G.Skill RipJaws DDR4 Series


We hope that you learned about what is PC4 RAM and what speed is PC4 32000. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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