What is RAM and ROM? Differences and Comparison

You must have heard about RAM and ROM in your school and you must have a basic idea about its concept. If you want to revise those concepts in brief or want to know a little more in-depth about what is RAM and ROM and what is the difference between RAM and ROM then you are at the right place.

What is RAM and ROM? Differences and Comparision

What is RAM and ROM?

So, in this guide you will understand what is RAM and ROM in-depth. We have also covered their difference. Keep reading this article to know about it.

What is RAM?

JAN23 What is RAM and ROM? Differences and Comparison

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. As the name of the RAM suggests the memory stored here is volatile. This means that the information stored here is temporary. This is temporary because data gets erased when you shut down or restart your Windows. The reason for this erase is that when your Windows shut down no electrical current is available and the information is stored electrically on transistors. It is either the computer’s storage disc or the internet that is accessed each time you request a file or piece of information. Since the data is kept in RAM, it is always immediately accessible when you switch between programs or web pages. The memory is emptied when the machine shuts down so that the process can start over. Users can quickly alter, improve, or increase volatile memory.

Why RAM is Important for a PC?

Sufficient memory is important for the smooth running of a PC. This includes switching between many open apps while multitasking, which consumes more RAM and moving your mouse cursor, which uses very little RAM. RAM is also used by a large number of background processes. That is not to claim that RAM is the only method of memory storage; other methods include solid-state drives (SSD) and hard drives (HD). SSDs or HDs are used for long-term storage, such as preserving a document, whereas RAM is used for short-term storage, such as undoing a prior action. You’ll probably need to upgrade your computer’s RAM as time goes on because newer apps require more memory bandwidth.

What are the Different Types of RAM?

There are two different types of RAM which are:

  • DRAM or Dynamic RAM and
  • SDRAM or Synchronous DRAM

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Advantages of RAM

Now, you have understood about RAM. So, we can now begin with what are the advantages of RAM. Its advantages are listed below:

  • Expansion is possible– You can enhance the RAM on your device. For this, you can install RAM on a motherboard. To know How to increase RAM on Windows 7 & 10 click on the link.
  • Makes the experience better– If you have sufficient RAM then your PC will function smoothly. It helps you in performing functions on your PC efficiently and this will boost your overall experience.

Disadvantages of RAM

The disadvantages of RAM are as follows:

  • Costly: RAM is costly and is not easily affordable.
  • Volatile memory: RAM does not store permanent data.
  • Slow: If you compare RAM with CPU cache memory then RAM is slower than it.
  • Limited space: It does not have enough space to store all the data.

How will you know that the PC needs more RAM?

Do you have to wait that long to switch between programs? If this is the issue then RAM is a smart place to start, even though your problems might not be limited to memory. To test your Computers RAM for bad memory click on the link.

What is ROM?

ROM stands for Read-Only Memory. It is non-volatile so the information remains forever as the information is permanently held on the chip. and is not like RAM which is volatile memory. The memory writes data to individual cells using binary code rather than relying on an electric current to do so. Non-volatile memory is utilized for components of the computer that are static, including the software’s initial boot-up phase or the firmware instructions that enable your printer to function. ROM is unaffected by the computer being turned off. Users cannot make modifications to non-volatile memory.

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How Does ROM Work?

The two main components of ROM are the Decoder & AND/OR Logic Gate.

There are two functions that the decoder performs.

  • The first one is, it changes low-level binary code into high-level binary code.
  • The second function is, it changes high-level binary code into low-level binary code.

The second component of the ROM that is or gate receives the input from the decoder. After receiving inputs, or logic gate performs its function. These logical gates are the reason for the permanent storage of memory. A ROM can output the data and instructions it contains by accepting the address as an input.

What are the Different types of ROM?

Following is the list of different types of ROM along with its full form 

  • MROM: stands for masked read-only memory. During the memory chip’s manufacture, the data is written.
  • PROM: it stands for Programmable Read-Only Memory. It is non-volatile.
  • EPROM: Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. As its name suggests, the data can be erased here. This erasing function can be done by exposing it to UV light which is of high intensity.
  • EEPROM: Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM. As the name of EEPROM suggests, the data can be erased electrically.
  • Flash ROM: it is a very fast memory and if you have a device that is of the latest model then it must have flash ROM.

Advantages of ROM

Now, you have understood what is RAM and ROM. So, we can now begin with what are the advantages of ROM. Its advantages are listed below-

  • Cheap: ROM is cheaper than RAM.
  • Durable: ROM is more durable than RAM.
  • Fast performance: Low-level functionality is added to hardware and software using ROM. As a result, the devices are highly quick.
  • Secure: The majority of ROM forbid technical users from altering their contents. The majority of devices become secure in this way.
  • Static: ROMs don’t require refreshing signals, they are static.

Disadvantages of ROM

Since, we have understood what is ROM along with their advantages. It is the time to understand disadvantages of ROM. Disadvantages of ROM are listed below-

  • Cannot be updated-If your PC has a ROM that cannot be updated then the errors in the code cannot be changed later.
  • Permanent device failure- It is possible to permanently break down a device if you attempt to replicate a ROM contents for plagiarism or other reasons.

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Difference Between RAM and RAM

Now, you know what is RAM and ROM. So, it is the right time to understand what is the difference between RAM and ROM. The differences are listed below in tabular form for better clarity and understanding.

Features RAM ROM
Data retention Volatile Non-volatile
Data alteration Possible Not possible
Speed Fast Lesser than RAM
Uses Store temporary data Permanent data
CPU Connectivity Direct Through RAM
Capacity In GB and can be higher Around 4-8 MB
Price Costlier Cheaper
Operating frequency High Cannot operate on high frequency
Accessibility of Data Easily accessible Not as easily accessible as RAM.
Used in Primary memory, CPU Cache Micro-controllers, firmware

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between RAM and CPU?

Ans. The memory that the computer utilizes to run these applications is called RAM, or Random Access Memory whereas the brain of the computer is known as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and is the element in charge of overseeing all of the computer’s applications and features.

Q2. What is computer memory (RAM)?

Ans. To know about this, refer to the article above.

Q3. What is the difference between RAM and SRAM?

Ans. RAM full form is random access memory and is the most fundamental sort of memory utilized in computer systems whereas SRAM full form is Static Random Access Memory and is a sort of RAM that store data up until a power source is supplied.


We hope this article has cleared up your concept about what is RAM and ROM. If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to comment down below.

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