What does Mobile Only Price Mean on Booking.com?

At their most basic level, mobile booking systems are simply mobile-friendly versions of an internet booking system. If your website has mobile booking software, a potential consumer may access it from their mobile device, learn more about your business, and make a booking right from their tablet or smartphone. It is very useful for today’s generation as it’s a very easy and effective way to book something very fast mobile only price mean knowing the price of something on mobile and take a decision to do or book something. In this article, we will give you detailed information about how to set mobile only price in Booking.com.

What does Mobile Only Price Mean on Booking.com?

What does Mobile Only Price Mean on Booking.com?

You will get to know what does mobile only price mean on Booking.com and set mobile only price in Booking further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is Mobile Booking? What does Mobile Booking Meaning?

Mobile-friendly versions of internet booking systems are what mobile booking systems are at their most basic. A potential consumer may access your website from their mobile device, learn about your service, and make a booking right there on their smartphone or tablet if you have mobile booking software integrated into your website.

What does Mobile Mean Hotels?

A hotel self-service technology called mobile check-in enables visitors to check in using their mobile devices. Hotel customers can choose their room and finish the check-in procedure before they arrive at the hotel by using hotel mobile check-in, which is typically available through an app. It is a space where the usage, size, furnishings, appliances, and services can all be customized. You can use the online app to choose each of the required components (such as a cradle or TV screen, for example), and it will be delivered to your door with everything you need.

What does Mobile Only Price Mean?

The phrase mobile-only describes a marketing approach that is exclusively centered on mobile devices.

  • A mobile-only strategy can, for instance, entail that a business only makes its goods and/or services available through a specific mobile application or website.
  • The bulk of the time, you encounter mobile-only strategies with businesses, products, and services, particularly those related to mobility and social gatherings, in which all or virtually all actions are performed via a mobile application.
  • The property can only be accessed using a mobile device, according to a mobile-only fee.

What does Mobile Only Price Mean on Booking.com?

A mobile-only price means the property is only accessible through a mobile device on Booking.com.

  • Because it enables users to book and pay for services while on the go, mobile booking is significant. Customers can now more easily access the required services without having to stand in line or go to a physical site.
  • Additionally, since customers can easily make appointments without waiting in line, mobile booking can help firms manage their inventory more efficiently.
  • The use of online booking services has various benefits. They are the first simple to operate. A room, restaurant, or any other form of service can be reserved online by anyone. Second, internet reservation platforms are trustworthy. They are often quite secure and frequently supported by big credit card providers.
  • Finally, you can make reservations in advance using online booking tools. This is especially helpful if you want to skip the lineups at crowded restaurants or attractions.

Booking.com website

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What are Mobile Only Deals in Booking.com?

Let’s see some of the deals on Booking.com:

  • Only guests using mobile devices can see the mobile rates.
  • It is suggested that discounts start at 10%.
  • All of your rooms and pricing plans are subject to mobile rates. The reduction works in conjunction with any other promos you’ve created, as well as reductions for the Genius program. It does not, however, increase the cost of a country rate or a limited-time offer.
  • 30 blackout days may be set up each year.

On Booking.com, mobile devices are used to make more than half of all reservations. You can capitalize on this profitable and rising traveler category by turning on a mobile rate at your establishment. All you have to do is provide mobile users with a special discount of 10% or more. When you complete this, a unique badge will be shown next to your property in search results and on its page. By doing this, you raise your profile and maybe boost your mobile bookers’ conversion rate.

  • 80% of travelers use a mobile app when researching a trip
  • 50% of accommodation searches and bookings are made on mobile
  • Mobile rates give partners 22% more bookings from mobile traffic

Why is Booking.com Cheaper on Mobile?

We are curious as to why, given the rising popularity of mobile devices, hotels are expected to offer EXTRA DISCOUNTS in order to draw in more consumers.

All these online booking channels should now take into account mobile users on par with other users, which will ultimately be more advantageous for everyone as hotels can increase their ARR, which will have a direct impact on the commission they pay to book channels, resulting in higher commissions and a greater selection of properties for the end user.

We suppose this will contribute to improving property performance and increasing customer satisfaction. Very rarely does Booking.com remove reviews, good or poor. But we are aware that they have stringent policies regarding fake reviews. If they believe there has been wrongdoing, they will look into it and erase it immediately.

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How Can I Set Mobile Only Price in Booking?

Let us first understand mobile rates first on Booking.com:

  • Any reduction of at least 10% is acceptable, but for the greatest results, we suggest a 15% discount. This discount will only be available in our app, or on both the Booking.com app and mobile website.
  • You can reach 30% more potential guests by turning on Mobile Rates on both the mobile app and website than by doing so only on the app. Targeting mobile users is more crucial than ever because an increasing number of passengers use their mobile devices to plan trips in advance as well as make impulsive bookings.
  • The only time a mobile user can see a Mobile Rate is when they use our app or visit the Booking.com website using a mobile browser. By using Mobile Rates, you can improve the number of reservations made from mobile devices by 22%.
  • By providing a Mobile Rate, you may reach out to the enormous number of potential customers who use mobile devices to make the majority of their reservations on our platform. Millennials, who account for more than 65% of bookings on mobile channels, can also be targeted with the aid of Mobile Rates.
  • A unique badge is displayed next to your property in the search results, on your property page, and during the booking process when you offer a Mobile Rate. All of this, according to our research, enhances conversion among users of mobile devices. Although Mobile Rates are available all year long, you can choose up to 30 blackout periods to avoid paying them.
  • All of your rooms and Rate Plans are subject to Mobile Rates. With the exception of Country Rates and Limited-time Deals, the Mobile Rate discount is in addition to any Genius discounts and other promotions you set up.

Now, let’s see the steps to activate mobile rates on Booking.com:

1. First, navigate to the Promotions section on your Booking.com account.

2. Click on Choose new promotion to set up new promotion.

3. Then, click Add promotion next to the Mobile rate.

4. Select the App and mobile web or App only option, as you desire.

5. Enter the desired discount percentage.

App and mobile web or App only option - desired discount percentage | What does Mobile Only Price Mean on Booking.com?

6. Select the desired check-in dates when you don’t want your Mobile Rate to apply.

7. Click on Review and inspect the information you have entered.

8. Lastly, click on Activate.

Read this article from the start to learn what does mobile only price mean on Booking.com.

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How Do I Clear Cookies on Booking.com App?

You can remove cookies that have already been saved on your Booking.com app with the help of the steps mentioned below.

1. Open Settings on your phone.

Go to Settings. How to Clear Cache on Facebook 

2. Tap on Apps & notifications.

Tap on Apps and notifications

3. Swipe down and tap on the Booking.com app.

4. Tap on Storage & cache.

Tap on Storage and cache

5. Tap on Clear cache.

Tap on Clear cache | What does Mobile Only Price Mean on Booking.com?


So, we hope you have understood what does mobile only price mean on Booking.com and how to set mobile only price in Booking. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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