DDR4 vs DDR5 RAM: Which is Better for Gaming?

One of the top considerations for all gamers worldwide is the performance and capacity of their RAM, which may significantly impact their gaming experience. With the latest introduction of the DDR5 RAM users are contemplating the DDR5 vs DDR4 benchmark and what to buy. With several perks that the DDR5 has brought with itself as the new generation RAM, we are here to help you make that comparison. In this blog, we will discuss the DDR4 vs DDR5 gaming and learn more about the differences and positives of the two. You will also learn whether is DDR5 much better than DDR4 or not and what is DDR4 vs DDR5 latency.

DDR4 vs DDR5 RAM: Which is Better for Gaming?

DDR4 vs DDR5 RAM: Which is Better for Gaming?

You will get to know which is better between DDR4 vs DDR5 gaming and what is DDR5 vs DDR4 benchmark as you go on reading this article further. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Is DDR5 Much Better than DDR4?

DDR4 was introduced to the world back in 2014 and has been performing well on the expectations of the users. DDR5 is the successor of DDR4 and was introduced back in the year 2020. There are numerous differences between DDR4 and DDR5.

  • When it comes to power management, DDR5 has more scalability and higher power efficiency as DDR5 works on DIMM PMIC and DDR4 in a motherboard.
  • DDR5 uses lower power of 1.1 V than DDR4 which uses 1.2 V.
  • DDR5 has a higher bandwidth than DDR4. The speed of DDR4 is 1.6-3.2 GT/s whereas DDR5 is 4.8-8.4 GT/z.
  • DDR5 has high-capacity DIMM; wherein DDR4 has 16 Gb and DD5 is 64Gb.
  • DDR5 has a higher memory efficiency than DDR4.

Various parameters have to be taken into account before answering- is DDR5 much better than DDR4? We have to consider three factors to claim DDR5s superiority over DDR4.

1. DDR4 VS DDR5 Performance

When it comes to DDR4 VS DDR5 performance, DDR5 is the successor of DDR4 and thus has been improved greatly making it much better than DDR4.

  • DDR5 has higher capacity DIMM modules that improve the base speed and use much less power while keeping performance intact.
  • DDR5 is much better than DDR4 when it comes to speed. Although DDR4 is not inferior to DDR5 when it comes to speed, DDR5 just supplies a greater amount of speed than DDR4.
  • DDR5 DIMM gives about 50% more bandwidth increase of 4.8 GT/z than DDR4s 3.2 GT/z.
  • With a reduction in VDD, DDR5 offers a power surge in addition to a higher speed. The RCD voltage has dropped to 1.1 V in DDR4 which provides users with the benefit of no static power being utilized when pins are at a high state.
  • When we talk about the power architecture, the power management in DDR5 is directly connected to DIMMs that have a 12 V power management IC on the DIMM.
  • Better system power loading granularity is made possible as a result. It helps to better regulate the signal integrity and noise thanks to its 1.1 V power supply.

With lower power usage and better speed, DDR5 offers so much more than DDR4 making it much better in terms of performance.

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2. DDR4 VS DDR5 Latency

When it comes to DDR4 VS DDR5 latency, DDR5 has lower latency than DDR4 making it much better than DDR4.

  • The DIMM channel architecture of DDR5 has a higher memory efficiency than DDR4.
  • The construction of DDR4 is as such that it has a 72-bit bus consisting of 64 data bits and 8 ECC bits. Whereas, the DDR5 has 2 separate channels for each DIMM. Each channel 40-bit wide consists of 32 data bits and 8 EEC bits.
  • The data width for both remains the same at 64 bits total; having 2 separate smaller channels in DDR5 greatly amplifies memory access efficiency. You get a higher MT/s which is substantially increased by greater efficiency.
  • Each side of the DIMM in DDR5 has its very own independent 40-bit wide that share one RCD in the middle. The RCD in the middle provides four separate clocks for output for both the left and the right sides. Each independent clock significantly improves the signal integrity and lowers VDD leading to lower noise.

In terms of latency, DDR5 is much better than DDR4 as it has a lower latency which is ideal for a smoother gameplay experience. This facilitates greater speed and lower lag time.

3. DDR5 VS DDR4 Price

When it comes to DDR4 VS DDR5 price, DDR5 can be quite heavy on the pocket as compared to DDR5. It took time for DDR5 to gain a little popularity among users because of its high prices and low affordability levels.

  • DDR5 kits are much costlier than DDR4 kits. The DDR4 kit may cost you around 133 USD while a DDR5 can cost you around 340 USD.
  • The cost does not just end at the DDR Kits but also their respective keyboards.
  • DDR4 and DDR5 are not interchangeable and their keyboards are also different from one another. You cannot use a DDR4 for a DDR5 and vice versa.
  • A keyboard that is compatible with DDR5 is much more expensive than one compatible with DDR4.

Overall, when it comes to the prices of the two, DDR4 and DDR5, DDR5 is much more expensive than DDR4 but promises better performance than DDR4. When it comes to DDR4 vs DDR5 gaming- DDR5 has several advantages over DDR4 and is significantly better in terms of gaming.

Now, that we are well aware of the differences between DDR4 and DDR5 and their advantages and helped set the DDR5 vs DDR4 benchmark, it is essential to know if upgrading to DDR5 from DDR4 is worth it.

Is It Worth It to Upgrade to DDR5?

Being the successor to DDR4, DDR5 provides a little bit more than DDR4 does. Looking at all the advantages that DDR5 has over DDR4, is it Worth it to Upgrade to DDR5? In today’s time, it is always better to have the latest version of everything.

  • If you are thinking of purchasing a new desktop, you should go with a desktop that is compatible with DDR5 as it will provide you with higher speed and efficiency. With a new desktop that is compatible with DDR5, you wouldn’t need to purchase the RAM and the motherboard separately in the future which will cost you extra.
  • As the new generation of the DDR has been introduced all the new games and software that will be introduced will be compatible with the new DD5 version. In terms of DDR4 vs DDR5 gaming, it is worth it to upgrade to DDR5.
  • If you are looking for something more pocket-friendly, stick to DDR4. But don’t upgrade just for the sake of it. If you do not require a bigger RAM currently, then purchasing DDR5 RAM is not worth upgrading immediately. You can wait for some time before deciding to purchase a new RAM.

Read this article from the start to learn DDR5 vs DDR4 benchmark and other various parameters.

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List of Top DDR5 RAMs

Mentioned below are a few of the best options for your DDR5 RAM best for gaming purposes.

1. CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5

With a 5600 MHz clock speed, CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 is one of the best DDR5 options available in the market for gamers. It offers a computer memory of 16GB and is compatible with DDR5 desktops.

Price- 139.99 USD

CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5

2. Crucial RAM

The Crucial RAM has a computer memory of 64 GB and a memory speed of 4800 MHz. It is 1.5 times faster than DDR4 RAM.

Price- 262.99 USD

Crucial RAM | DDR4 vs DDR5 gaming 

3. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series

Compatible with a DDR5 desktop, G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series has a memory speed of 6400 MHz and a computer memory of 32 GB. It is designed for Intel 12th and 13th-generation CPUs.

Price- 199.99 USD

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series

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4. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB has a memory speed of 600 MHz and is compatible with AMD platforms and Intel. It further has a computer memory of 32 GB.

Price- 214.99 USD

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

5. G.Skill RipJaws S5 Series

G.Skill RipJaws S5 Series is compatible with all DDR5 desktops and has a memory speed of 5600 MHz. Its computer memory is 32GB.

Price- 134.99 USD

G.Skill RipJaws S5 Series | DDR4 vs DDR5 gaming 


We hope that this doc could guide you on the topic of what is the difference between DDR4 vs DDR5 gaming RAM and which is better between DDR4 vs DDR5 latency. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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