What Does the Check Mark Mean on OnlyFans?

Tim Stokely launched OnlyFans in 2016. Users can pay for content (pictures, movies, and live streaming) through a monthly membership. To monetize their professions, YouTubers, fitness instructors, models, content creators, and public figures produce the majority of the material. It is also popular among adult content creators. On the OnlyFans site, obtaining a blue tick takes time, but it’s not difficult. The creator must immediately undergo verification. The platform unveiled a new method of account verification in May 2019. Are you an OnlyFans user wonder what does the check mark mean on OnlyFans? If you are looking for more information related to OnlyFans, we bring you a helpful guide that will resolve all your queries about how can you unsend mass messages on OnlyFans and what is blue check on OnlyFans.

What Does the Check Mark Mean on OnlyFans? | unsend mass messages on OnlyFans

What Does the Check Mark Mean on OnlyFans?

You will get to know what does the check mark mean on OnlyFans and what is blue check on OnlyFans further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Can You Screenshot OnlyFans?

Yes, it is legal to snap screenshots on OnlyFans; you are free to do so. The only scenario in which doing this would be prohibited is if you took a screenshot and then shared it to another photo or video-sharing website or social networking site.

Are OnlyFans DMs Automated?

Yes, they run automatically. The option exists for OnlyFans creators to have a welcome message sent out automatically to new subscribers or fans. The makers have a variety of alternatives to make it more individualized, ensure they earn more money, or add their own content concepts.

How Does Someone Get Verified on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that allows content creators to restrict access to their videos, images, text, and other rich media to users who are paying a set monthly cost. The OnlyFans payment is ongoing, so once you have a fan, that fan will need to continue to pay a charge each month to watch your material.

If you want to make money on OnlyFans as an adult creator, you must first authenticate your OnlyFans account by uploading an ID and a photo; here’s how:

1. Access your OnlyFans account on your browser.

Note: Make sure you are signed into your account. You’ll be directed to your OnlyFans home page after logging in.

2. Your homepage will display a red alert informing you that you need to confirm your email address. Click on GO TO SETTINGS.


3. You will be directed to a website where you can send a validation email from OnlyFans to the email address provided in your profile after clicking the Verified button (written in blue).

3. After that, sign into your email account to get a verification link.

4. Click on the OnlyFans verification link from the received email to reach your account page.

Your email has been verified.

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What does the Check Mark Mean on OnlyFans?

On the OnlyFans platform, obtaining a check mark takes time but is relatively easy. The check mark means that you are verified the OnlyFans profile and it is certainly your profile only. No one else can imitate you on the platform.

Verification offers brands a significant edge for two reasons. One benefit is that it’s a symbol of repute. Verification is something you have to be someone exceptional to have, and in some circles, becoming confirmed is like getting an official notice that you’ve made it. The second benefit is more related to safety. Verification ensures that you are the person behind the page. If you aren’t verified, anyone can fill up your profile and impersonate you, which could damage your profile.

What does the Blue Check on OnlyFans Mean?

Getting a blue tick on the OnlyFans platform takes some time, but it’s not difficult. Brands benefit greatly from verification for two reasons.

  • Its status as a status symbol is one advantage. Verification is something that only extraordinary people possess, and in some circles, being confirmed is equivalent to receiving a formal notification that you have achieved success.
  • The second advantage is more safety-focused. Verification establishes your identity as the page’s owner. Without verification, anyone can fill up your profile and pretend to be you, which could harm your reputation.

On OnlyFans, creators must become verified to earn money. You won’t be able to place your subscription price or withdraw your earnings without verifying your account is another importance of a blue check on Onlyfans.

How Does Messaging Work on OnlyFans?

According to the website, OnlyFans is a membership network that empowers content creators to monetize their impact. It is a platform that enables content producers to publish content behind a paywall that their fans may access for a monthly subscription and occasional tips.

An article, photo, or video content provider posts their works to the website, where followers can choose to follow them for a charge that the author has set. And you must pay a monthly subscription charge of $4.99 for messaging, with the highest monthly subscription fee being $49.99 to get in touch with your favorite creator. The creators of OnlyFans keep 80% of their earnings, with the remaining 20% going to the website.

How Can You Know If Someone Read Your Message on OnlyFans?

Sending an open-ended question will force the recipient to read it and respond. You can also check to see whether the recipient has responded or engaged with your message in some other way as there is no way to be certain.

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Can You Unsend a Message on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can unsend the messages you’ve already sent to OnlyFans. Read this article form the beginning to learn what does the check mark mean on OnlyFans.

How Can You Unsend Mass Messages on OnlyFans?

You can interact with celebrities on OnlyFans and send them direct messages or other forms of communication. There is a 100% probability that your message to your favorite creator on OnlyFans will be answered. Because of this, OnlyFans is a fantastic platform. However, you can remove the OnlyFans messages you have already sent. Following the instruction below, you can Unsend mass messages on OnlyFans you’ve sent;

1. Visit your OnlyFans account on your browser.

2. Click on the Messages tab from the top.

3. You will now see a message list containing messages from creators who you have previously messaged and desire to delete.

4. Click on the desired message to open it.

5. Click on the Unsend icon present on the desired message you want to delete.

OnlyFans Messages tab - desired message - Unsend icon | What Does the Check Mark Mean on OnlyFans? | unsend mass messages on OnlyFans

6. Click on YES, UNSEND from the confirmation popup.

Click on YES, UNSEND from the confirmation popup

Bonanza! Your messages on OnlyFans have been unsent.

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Do OnlyFans Messages Disappear?

No, unlike Snapchat and Instagram, OnlyFans does not have any disappearing features, so the message will not vanish. Start reading from the start to know what does the check mark mean on OnlyFans.

Can You DM on OnlyFans without Subscribing?

No, using OnlyFans’ DM feature without a subscription is not feasible. The most affordable monthly subscription charge is $4.99, and the most expensive monthly subscription fee is $49.99. To communicate with your preferred Creator, you must pay. Along with that, authors can post tips or paid private messages starting at $5.

Paid tips and private messages can help authors engage their followers and develop a devoted following in addition to increasing earnings.

What Happens to Messages When You Delete OnlyFans?

All of your information will be wiped from OnlyFans when you delete your account, along with all of your messages. Any subscription that was still in effect will be lost, and it won’t continue to renew itself. When the final subscription expires, your account will be canceled if you are a creator with ongoing subscriptions. Read this article from the start to learn what is blue check on OnlyFans.

Can You Tell If You’re Restricted on OnlyFans?

No, The site doesn’t notify you when someone restricts or blocks you if you aren’t already aware, so you must look for cues and conduct your own research. After being limited, you won’t be able to see their feed or content. Simply enter their username into the platform’s search bar if you have any questions about someone. So, if you run a search and they do not appear in the results, suggested searches, or recommendations, they have limited you.


We hope that after reading this tutorial, you know everything there is to know about OnlyFans, including answers to queries like what does the check mark mean on OnlyFans and how to unsend mass messages on OnlyFans. However, feel free to post any comments, questions, or worries in the space provided below, and we’ll try our best to address them. For our upcoming blog, please also let us know what you think about the following issues.

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