How Can You Screenshot OnlyFans Pictures

OnlyFans is a platform for creators to create personalized content for their fans. It has grown exponentially over a very short time and commands a significant user base that allows it to thrive and flourish. People say that you won’t be able to screenshot pictures on OnlyFans. Today, we are bringing you the guide on how can you screenshot OnlyFans pictures.

How Can You Screenshot OnlyFans Pictures

How Can You Screenshot OnlyFans Pictures

Keep reading this article to learn more about how can you screenshot OnlyFans.

Can You Screenshot an OnlyFans? Can You Screenshot OnlyFans on Android?

Yes, you can screengrab OnlyFans pictures on Android. For most Android devices, you have to press and hold the power button with the volume down button simultaneously. If you have enabled other gestures to take screenshots, use them to take a screenshot.

Why is My Phone Not Letting Me Screenshot OnlyFans?

If you cannot screengrab the OnlyFans pictures, then it can be due to the following reasons:

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What If Someone Screenshots My OnlyFans?

There is no way of detecting if someone has taken a screenshot of your OnlyFans as it is a web-based application, not a mobile one.

Can Screenshots be Detected? Does OnlyFans Notify of Screenshot?

No, if you screengrab the pictures OnlyFans, it won’t be detected and it doesn’t notify the creator about it.

Can You Screenshot OnlyFans on iPhone?

Yes, you can screenshot pictures on OnlyFans on your iPhone. Just press the side button and volume up button at the same time.

Can You Save OnlyFans Content?

Yes, you can save OnlyFans content. You can use the Save the post option for the desired post from the OnlyFans website.

Is It Illegal to Save OnlyFans Content?

No, it is not illegal to save OnlyFans content. It is illegal to reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publicly display, perform, republish, download, store, or transmit any material publicly on the website. However, the user can save content for personal use.

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How Does OnlyFans Protect Content?

OnlyFans uses data encryption to protect its content. Your personal information is encrypted and stored on a different server, preventing hackers from accessing your details. But still, you can take a screenshot of OnlyFans media.

How Do I Save a Picture OnlyFans?

You can follow the below steps to save a picture OnlyFans on your PC browser:

Note: You can screenshot the pictures on your phone by pressing the Volume + Power buttons.

1. Type Chrome in the Windows search bar and click the Enter key to open it.

Note: You can use any browser as per your wish.

Hit the Windows key. Type Chrome and open it

2. Visit the OnlyFans website and Log in using your Email and Password.

Visit the OnlyFans and log in using your login credentials | screenshot pictures on OnlyFans

3. Select and click on the desired post containing pictures you want to save.

4. Click on the Three-dotted icon on the post.

Click on the Three-dotted icon on the post

5. Click on Save the post option to download it.

Note: Also, you can use Bulk Image Downloader to save pictures you want to download.

Bulk Image Downloader website homepage


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  1. In iOS, the hotkey screenshots of both playing or static paused Only Fans videos in a browser, like Chrome or Safari, are rendered black (leaving the white play button visible on a black background, if a control button was on the screen).

    The same video will render an image if captured by the snipping tool in Windows.

    How can the limitation in iOS be overcome?

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