14 Best Legal Websites to Download Free Music

Avoid copyright infringement strikes and download your favorite music from these safe websites.

There are countless websites on the internet that offer free MP3 music downloads, but not all of them operate within the bounds of copyright law. In this article, we will present you with the best legal websites to download free music.

Best Legal Websites to Download Free Music

15 Best Free mp3 Music Download Sites

If you search on Google for downloading music, you may come across numerous websites claiming to offer free MP3 music. However, not all of them allow legal downloads. Here is a list of the top legal websites where you can download free MP3 music:

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud | Best Websites To Download Free Music

SoundCloud, a platform cherished by music enthusiasts worldwide, acts as a hub for artists to share their creations and connect with fans. It offers a diverse range of tunes, including both popular hits and undiscovered gems. While most songs require purchase, many up-and-coming artists provide their tracks for free downloads. The vibrant community on SoundCloud fosters collaboration and creativity, making it a go-to platform for music lovers seeking legal and complimentary music experiences.

2. Jamendo


Jamendo serves as a haven for independent artists, appealing to music enthusiasts with its extensive library spanning various genres. It stands out as a preferred option for legal free music downloads in 2023. By creating a Jamendo account, you can freely stream and download MP3 tracks. Moreover, Jamendo offers royalty-free music suitable for commercial use, making it ideal for Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts.

3. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is among the best legal websites to download free music. This platform is dedicated to hosting a broad spectrum of genres, catering to diverse musical tastes. Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless browsing and downloading of music that aligns with individual preferences. Committed to offering a legal and enjoyable music experience, the Free Music Archive has garnered a dedicated following among music enthusiasts.

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4. Bensound


Bensound is a popular website where you can discover a diverse selection of high-quality, royalty-free music. They offer an extensive range of tracks across various genres, including cinematic, ambient, rock, and hip-hop. You can use their music for free in your videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Simply include your personal attribution text in your video description to avoid copyright claims.

5. ReverbNation

ReverbNation | Best Websites To Download Free Music

ReverbNation stands as a dynamic platform empowering independent musicians, offering them a dedicated space to share and promote their music. It goes beyond the mere exploration of new sounds and genres by providing the opportunity to legally download free music. ReverbNation fosters a vibrant community where artists showcase their talents, and fans engage in the exploration and free download of legally offered music, nurturing creativity and discovery.

6. Filmmusic.io


Filmmusic.io is a go-to platform for filmmakers, content creators, and video producers seeking royalty-free music. With a vast collection of over 6000 songs spanning various genres, it’s a treasure trove of perfect soundtracks for projects. Easy searching, listening, and downloading make it a valuable resource, ensuring high-quality music to enhance films and videos.

7. BeatStars


BeatStars thrives as a dynamic marketplace and community, uniting producers, songwriters, and artists. It provides a platform to sell, license, and distribute music and beats, expanding its reach to potential customers globally. Additionally, you can explore a wide array of beats, collaborate with skilled producers, and acquire licenses for your projects. BeatStars also offers the opportunity for legal free music downloads, serving as a valuable resource for music enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike.

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8. Last.fm

Last.fm | Best Websites To Download Free Music

Last.fm, a music streaming platform, offers more than just streaming. With its extensive library of legal MP3 downloads, it serves as a treasure trove for music enthusiasts. You can explore and download your favorite tracks spanning diverse genres. Last.fm’s dedication to supporting legal music distribution establishes it as a reliable source for free and lawful music downloads. Simply tap the Download icon next to a track and indulge in personal listening pleasure, while commercial use is not advised.

9. SoundClick


SoundClick celebrates independent artists and offers a platform for free music downloads. It serves as a thriving community where artists can share their music and even sell their tracks. While not all songs are freely downloadable, there’s a generous selection available for legal enjoyment. SoundClick also provides a social network where you can connect with fellow music enthusiasts, curate playlists, and even start a blog.

10. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library serves as a valuable resource exclusively designed for YouTube creators, offering a vast collection of free music and sound effects. With a wide range of genres and styles available, creators have access to a diverse selection that enhances their videos without copyright concerns. The library allows easy browsing, downloading, and utilization of tracks, ensuring compliance with licensing requirements. YouTube creators can effortlessly enhance their videos with high-quality audio, thanks to this hassle-free and empowering resource.

11. Musopen


For classical music enthusiasts, Musopen is a remarkable resource. It houses a vast collection of timeless melodies from legendary composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. By creating a simple account, you can indulge in free online listening and downloading options, immersing yourself in an extensive range of classical tracks. Musopen goes beyond music downloads, providing complimentary sheet music and educational resources, making it a gateway to the enchanting world of classical music.

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12. CCTrax


CCTrax is a music repository, offering an extensive collection of tunes released under Creative Commons licenses. It’s among the best legal websites to download free music. With its user-friendly interface, the website facilitates effortless exploration and legal music downloads without restrictions. Specializing in electronica, dub, techno, and ambient genres, CCTrax encourages sharing and collaboration. By filtering songs based on license type, users can enjoy free music downloads with peace of mind. It serves as an exceptional platform to discover new music and support independent artists embracing Creative Commons licenses.

13. ccMixter


ccMixter is an exceptional website where music enthusiasts, passionate remixers, and collaborative musicians unite. It empowers artists to explore new sounds collectively, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. With Creative Commons licenses, freely download and remix tracks shared by others. ccMixter’s vast library and 45,000+ musicians offer an impressive array of open music for videos, apps, or games. Properly attributed, the music can even be used commercially.

14. Bandcamp

Bandcamp | Best Websites To Download Free Music

Bandcamp distinguishes itself as a unique music platform, cherished by indie music enthusiasts. While primarily associated with music purchases, it also embraces artistic freedom by enabling artists to offer free downloads. It serves as a platform for independent musicians to shine, showcasing their talent and directly connecting with fans. Bandcamp’s unwavering commitment to supporting artists and providing legal free downloads establishes it as an essential destination for discovering new music and contributing to the flourishing indie music scene.

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That’s it! Now you have the best legal websites to download free music. You can put your worries about the legal consequences aside and enjoy your music without any concerns. Let us know your favorite website from the list and feel free to suggest any others in the comments.

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