This Group Channel Can’t Be Displayed Error Telegram: Why and How to Fix (2024)

Look behind the closed curtains of the locked out channel!

Telegram has undoubtedly established itself as a well-known messaging platform where apart from one-to-one chat and group conversations, users can subscribe to channels to interact with content broadcasted on it.

But, somewhere along the line, you must have run into a message that says- This group or channel can’t be displayed on Telegram when trying to join one.

Yes, it might be annoying, but, no longer.

We will show you how to fix this issue. Let’s get started.

This Group Can't Be Displayed Error Telegram Why and How to Fix

Why this Group/Channel Can’t Be Displayed Prompt Appears on Telegram?

As Telegram channels are publicly available, anyone can join it.

Although it is a plus point, difficulties arise when it comes to keeping a check on the content shared within the channel, especially with a huge number of members.

Many people use these channels to share inappropriate content or pirated media, spamming and phishing or even to spread violence and hatred messages. 

Known for security and privacy, Telegram’s sensitive content control filters remove such content and even take down such channels.

So, some of the reasons why you see the – This channel can’t be displayed message when you open one is because:

  • Sensitive or illegal content is being shared on the channel.
  • The channel is used to trade explicit or pornographic content.
  • Members on the channel are encouraging hate and violence through text, images, and videos.
  • The channel distributes copyrighted or pirated content.
  • It is being used for scams.
  • Due to violating local laws, the channel is restricted or banned.

Quick Answer

Re-log into your Telegram account or use another device. Additionally, you can also use VPN to set your location to a different region.

How to Fix This Group/Channel Can’t Be Displayed on Telegram

Follow the methods to get rid of the easy and get access to the content shared on your favorite Telegram channels and groups.

Method 1: Use Nicegram Bot

You can use the Nicegream bot to easily access inappropriate or banned content shared on the Telegram channel. 

1. Open Telegram, type Nicegram Bot in the search bar, and select it from the search results.

2. Tap on Start.

Note: You can also tap on the link given under Nicecgram Web if you do not get a Start option.

3. Tap on the Log in with Telegram option.

4. Turn the toggle on for I’m 18+ Years Old and Show content that may be sensitive and select SAVE.

Turn the toggle on for I’m 18+ years old and Show content that may be sensitive and select save

You’ll get a pop-up message asking you to restart the Nicegram bot. Force-close the Telegram app to fix the channel can’t be displayed issue.

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Method 2: Use Virtual Phone Number

Restrictions on Telegram are applied based on the phone number you use to sign up for your account.

If it shows that this channel cannot be displayed because it violated local laws, that means that due to restrictions laid in that country or region, you aren’t able to access the content.

Apart from VPN, you can use a virtual phone number provider to bypass these restrictions.

Get a virtual number from a non-restricted country and create a Telegram account using it.

Method 3: Use Telegram on a Different Device

It’s sometimes the device you are using Telegram on that can cause the discussed issue because the policies to block sensitive content are imposed based on the OS. 

So, if you have multiple devices, install Telegram on them and check if the group or channel’s content is displayed now.

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Method 4: Try Telegram X

Telegram X is an alternative version of the main Telegram app with a completely new code base, different interface, and experimental features that may be eventually rolled out to the original app. 

Download Telegram X, get a VoIP number, choose a non-restricted location, and create a new account to sign in and access the channel that wasn’t displayed earlier. 

Telegram X

Method 5: Web Search for the Channel

Moreover, popular Telegram channels frequently have an additional or mirror channel alongside the primary channel, which you can join to access their content.

So, either search for the backup channel, or as a workaround, use the complete channel name or URL to search it on your web browser and locate it on different platforms like Discord or forums. 

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Method 6: Contact Telegram Support

Lastly, if none of the aforementioned solutions work, contact Telegram Support for help. 

We hope our guide helped you get rid of the annoying this Group can’t be displayed on Telegram prompt.

Leave your queries or suggestions in the comment section and keep visiting TechCult for more troubleshooting guides.

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