New Instagram and Facebook Sensitive Content Control Settings for Teen Safety (2024)

Filter your feed to create a safe space!

As a teen, getting exposed to sensitive content on the internet is something we have all had to face at least once in our lives. Unsolicited posts on suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders unfortunately have been very easily accessible. But as new technological and AI innovations continue to take place, so does the need for new protection to protect the mental health of teens. On 9th Jan, Meta announced that the platforms will be getting new teen-safe and protective features known as Reduce on Facebook and Sensitive Content Control on Instagram. We will discuss more about the same in this blog, so read till the end.

New instagram and facebook sensitive content control settings for Teen safety (2024)

New Instagram and Facebook Sensitive Content Control Settings for Teen Safety

Meta has developed more than 30 tools and resources to put some restrictions for children under 18 to support a secure social media browsing experience on Instagram and Facebook.  Stringent content filtering level will be enabled by default for teens, reducing the likelihood that they will see sensitive content on Instagram Reels Facebook feed, and Search & Explore.

Currently, Meta hides results for search terms against their policies, such as self-harm and suicide. Over the next few weeks, it will be made available to all teens across the platform.

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Instagram Search-Related Results

Instagram has restricted the visibility of some posts and accounts that the community has reported as having sensitive content. While they do not restrict people from posting about eating disorders, self-harm, or suicide, such posts will be hidden from search results for teens’ accounts. 

Instead, you will be taken to a Help is available or Can we help? screen that includes options like Get Help/Support, DM a friend, professionals’ information, and a helpline. Moreover, such posts will no longer appear in teens’ Feeds and Stories, even if they are shared by someone who they follow. 

help is available page
Picture Credit: Meta Newsroom

Additionally, pictures and videos that have explicit or sensitive content will receive warning labels to inform viewers before they watch them. Meta also revealed that content images and posts that are sexually suggestive, or contain hate speech or child exploitation will be hidden or less recommended on the Explore page for users of all ages on Instagram.

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How to Turn on Recommended Settings

Follow the steps below to turn your Recommended privacy settings on Instagram:

1. Open Instagram and tap on the hamburger icon in the top right corner.

2. Tap on Settings and privacy.

3. Select Settings checkup and turn the toggle on for Turn on recommended settings.

turn the toggle on for Turn on recommended settings
Picture Credit: Meta Newsroom

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Instagram Privacy Settings Recommended for Teens

Experts in the health of kids and adolescents have expressed concerns regarding Instagram’s exposure rate and its potential effects. So, Meta provides new notifications urging kids to alter their settings to a less public interface. Teens are also encouraged to regularly check their privacy and safety settings under the new settings.

Consequently, minors whose consent to toggle on the Turn on recommended settings will automatically be restricted in the following fields:

On top of this, only their followers can message them and any inappropriate remarks will be hidden in DMs or their comment sections. Some default age-restricted Instagram settings are:

  • Only people above the age of 13 are required to sign up on Instagram.
  • When a teen joins Instagram, their account will automatically be made private if they are under 16 of age (or below 18 in some countries).
  • Teens under 18 cannot automatically tag, mention, or use their content in Reels remixes by default.
  • Instagram prohibits adults over the age of 19 from sending private messages to teenagers who do not follow them to safeguard them from unsolicited communication.

Facebook Sensitive Content Warning

Facebook allows users to change their sensitive content control and reduce the appearance of posts that they find disturbing. Moreover, a warning label will accompany a picture or video that contains graphic material to inform viewers that some people may find it unsuitable or difficult to watch and that it may only be visible to those who are at least 18 years old.

Facebook Sensitive Content Warning

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In the last ten years, Meta has developed regulations and technology, to deal with information that violates the rules or is sensitive. And with time, their policies have only improved. With these new Sensitive Content Control settings on Instagram, they have put restrictions for teens under 18 to make sure that they feel secure online. 

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