How to Save Telegram Self-Destructing Photos: Sure Shot Method

Discover the trick to save disappearing media!

If you’re a regular Telegram user, you would have probably heard about self-destructing messages.

Whether it is text, photos, or videos, they’re like magic messages that vanish on their own after a certain time or after reading it.

But what if you really want to save those Telegram self-destructing photos? Well, don’t worry – there are tricks to save them.

How to Save Telegram Self-Destructing Photo

How to Save Telegram Self-Destructing Photo

After the latest update, users can send disappearing or self-destructing media files using the view once option on Telegram.

When the sender activates this feature, the photo will automatically disappear from the Telegram chat after a predetermined time limit, such as 3 seconds, 10 seconds, or 30 seconds.

Upon setting a timer, the countdown initiates the moment your recipient opens the sent photo or video. Once the designated time elapses, the photo or video vanishes permanently from the chat.

Are you looking to save such disappearing photos? Then, there is only one way to do so.

But we recommend you not to follow this method and respect the sender’s privacy.

1. Open the Telegram and locate the self-destructive photo you wish to save.

locate the self-destructive photo you wish to save

2. Grab another smartphone and open its built-in camera feature.

3. Now, open the self-destructive photo and capture a quick image.

4. Send the newly captured photo to your original device using any preferred method.

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How to Recover Self-Destruct Photos on Telegram

Downloading or saving a photo with a self-destruct time limit directly is not supported by Telegram.

Once a photo has surpassed its time limit, there is no way for self-destruct photo recovery as the primary purpose of this feature is to enhance user privacy when sharing media on Telegram.

How to Send Disappearing or Self-Destructing Photos on Telegram

You can follow the below steps to send self-destructing photos on Telegram:

1. Open the chat in which you want to send the disappearing photo.

2. Tap on the pin icon and select a photo to send.

3. Tap on the number at the end of the caption field.

4. Choose View Once.

Note: You can also choose 3 seconds, 10 seconds, or 30 seconds to set the self-destructing time limit.

Choose View Once

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it safe to use Telegram self-destruct?

Ans. Yes, Telegram unique secret chats employ end-to-end encryption, leaving no trace on our servers, facilitating self-destructing messages, and prohibiting message forwarding.

Additionally, secret chats are independent of the Telegram cloud, accessible exclusively on their original devices.

Q2. Why do people send self-destructing photos?

Ans. Self-destructing photos ensure the safety of your private data. They become useful when you wish to prevent the recipient from saving, downloading, or misusing the sent photo, video, or documents.

Q3. Can I take a screenshot of the Telegram self-destruct photo?

Ans. No, you cannot capture a screenshot of a self-destructing photo on Telegram and the screenshot appears blank. In fact, immediately after its deletion, the photo not only vanishes from the chat but is also automatically removed from your Android or iPhone storage.

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Telegram prohibits users to save self-destructing photos to enhance privacy, security, and control over shared content.

Let us know your thoughts about this feature and stay tuned to Techcult for more such app-related guides.

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