How to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

Some people like to do magic tricks and show people that they know little details about everything. If you are one of them and want to know some hidden features of Telegram, especially how to read Telegram messages without seen, then read this article.

How to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

How to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

Telegram is not a social media app; it is a messaging app that has the potential to become one. Whatever you can do in a social media app, Telegram includes those features. But they are so humble to accept this fact. They still call themselves messaging applications, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

Now, let’s find out the answer to the query: is it possible to read a Telegram message without them knowing.

Can You Read a Telegram Message Without Them Knowing?

The answer is, yes! You can easily see the messages, and don’t show to the other user that you did. When you have seen it, there are many ways to leave a message unseen. Some need you to download a third-party app, and some don’t, we will discuss all of them.

Method 1: Snoop and Look

This is a relatively new feature, and bet you didn’t know it. As it is understandable because Telegram is releasing features now and then, it is impossible for a normal user to track every one of them. But we are glad to tell you that this feature allows you to know how to read Telegram messages without seeing.

1. Open the Telegram app.

2. Now locate the chat you want to read.

3. Press the profile picture for 3-4 seconds.

telegram icon

This will pop up the recent messages from the chat, and you can easily read them. But please remember that you cannot use the snoop and look up feature by tapping over the chat for 4-5 seconds. It is only possible to use it by pressing the profile picture.

Method 2: Use Airplane Mode

This is another method you can use to look at the messages without letting the other user know that you’ve already read their message. So how it works? The process is very simple; you just need to turn on the Airplane mode and open the chat which you want to read. After that, you have to clear the Telegram app from the RAM and then turn off the Airplane mode. However, we warn you, it’s like a glitch. And maybe from future updates, it can get solved. So, we don’t claim it as a bulletproof method.

1. Open Settings and tap on Network & Internet.

open Settings and tap on Network & Internet. How to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

2. Enable the toggle bar beside Aeroplane mode and turn it on.

Enable the toggle bar beside Airplane mode and turn it on

3. Turn it off again then check if the problem is solved.

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Method 3: Use Notification Panel

This might be the oldest trick in the book. You can easily see the messages from the notification panel and reply to them. However, do you know the best part? The receiving side won’t be able to identify that you have opened the message. Here are the steps,

1. Drag the Notification panel down.

2. Now expand the Telegram chat notification and see the message.

Note: Don’t click on the notification; it will open the chat. Tap on the bottom arrow beside the chat to view the message.

3. Reply to them from the notification.

Method 4: Read Notification from Lock Screen

Well, if you can read notifications from the notification panel, then why not also from the lock screen. When you look at the message from the lock screen, the other user won’t know that you already saw the message.

1. Open phone Settings.

2. Look for Notifications, and then open them.

notifications. How to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

3. Search from Notifications on lock screen and tap on it.

Search from notification on lock screen and tap on it. How to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

4. Choose Show conversations, default and silent.

show conversations default and silent.

5. Turn on the toggle bar located beside the option Sensitive notifications.

Note: The setting and option name might be different from the phone used here.

Turn on the toggle bar located beside the option sensitive notification.

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Method 5: Use Unseen App

Unseen app playstore

Unseen is an Android application that you can use to read messages in incognito mode. However, is it OK to use an external and third-party application? Well, a good thing about it is that this app is available in Google Play Store, which means that it might not harm your device. However, we cannot say for certain, but Unseen looks like a pretty good and secure app.

It also has quite a reputation for being famous, as in Google Play Store, this app has over 10 million plus downloads. And over 300 thousand people rated it 4.1 stars. You can also use the Unseen app with your favorite messenger apps, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and not only Telegram. So, we will defiantly recommend you to try it out.

Method 6: Use AirDroid

Airdrop Parental Control page

Well, this is a trick that you can use. There is an AirDroid Parenteral Control app, which helps you read messages without letting the user know that you have read the message. However, this method needs you to have two devices, one of which you can use to control the other. You can also use AirDroid on both Android and iOS.


We hope after reading this article, you understood how to read Telegram messages without seen. If you still have more questions, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section. We will do our best to answer each of them. You can also suggest us a new topic, and we try to write a dedicated article on that. You can also save our website in your bookmarks for future reference.

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