How to Send View Once Voice and Video Messages on Telegram

Share your memories securely using view once feature!

Telegram is dropping some cool updates this January! Now you can send videos and voice messages with the view once feature.

Moreover, for all the premium users out there, the platform is hooking you up with some extra goodies to enjoy texting and having fun with exclusive updates.

Read on to explore every detail about the new feature launch and learn how to use the view once Telegram feature.

How to send view once voice and video messages on Telegram

How to Send a View Once Message in Telegram on Android & iPhone

In September 2023, the app rolled out the view once feature for photos in one-on-one chats. Now, they’re taking it up a notch by extending this feature to voice and video messages.

Additionally, Telegram is adding a feature that lets users pause and resume recording audio and video messages directly from the same menu.

To use this new feature for a video message:

1. Open the chat where you want to send a view once message.

2. Tap the Paperclip icon near the chat bar to select a video.

3. Select the video and at the end of the caption bar, tap on view once icon.

Send a View-Once video Message in Telegram

4. Tap on View Once and tap on the send icon.

The recipient can now view that photo or video only once and then it will expire.

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To send the voice message using the view once feature:

1. Tap and hold the mic icon to record.

2. While recording, swipe up the mic icon. You’ll see two more icons for pause and view once.

3. Tap on the Pause icon > view once and tap on the send icon.

send a view once voice message

The recipient will be able to hear the recording once and then it will expire.

Other Exclusive Updates from Telegram

Along with the view once feature, Telegram has also introduced a series of updates to significantly enhance your chatting experience.

1. Telegram is introducing a feature that lets users know when their message has been read in one-on-one private chats. Users can choose to disable this feature in the settings if they prefer.

2. Premium users now have the option to hide their read time, while still retaining the ability to view someone else’s read time if it’s made public.

3. Paid users can also enjoy the flexibility of choosing who can message or initiate conversations with them. They can opt for Everyone or limit it to My Contacts and Premium Users.

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The view once Telegram feature has already been rolled out but it might take a few additional days for all users to witness them in action. Stay tuned to TechCult for much such exciting feature updates!

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