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Spotify Stops Playing After 10 Seconds iPhone: Fixed

Platforms such as Spotify disguised as peaceful companions cater to every taste and mood with its vast library of tracks. Recently, some iPhone users have reported that Spotify stops playing music after a few seconds every time they stream. In this article, we will discuss why Spotify on iPhone stops playing after 10 seconds and how to fix this. 

Spotify Stops Playing After 10 Seconds iPhone Fixed

How to Fix Spotify Stops Playing After 10 Seconds iPhone

With Spotify, you can access your favorite artists, discover new genres, and create personalized playlists that accompany you throughout the day. However, just having access to the song is not enough until you can play and listen to it completely. It has been disheartening for some iPhone users Spotify stops streaming music after 10 or 6 seconds or a few seconds. Let’s resolve this issue further in this article.

Quick Answer

Reconnect to the internet first and restart the app. If it does not resolve, follow these steps and Reinstall it.

1. Tap and hold the Spotify icon on the home page.

2. Tap on Remove App and then on Delete App to confirm.

3. Reinstall Spotify from the App Store

Why is Spotify Stopping After 10 Seconds on iPhone?

There can be several reasons that might be causing the error on your device. Let us find out more about them from the points listed below:

  • Spotify server issues: The error could be due to discrepancies in Spotify servers. 
  • Connection instability: Poor network connection may also be why Spotify is playing songs only for 6 seconds on iPhone
  • Low device storage: Even though Spotify is an online platform, it takes up device storage to stream songs. If there is insufficient storage on the device, the app may malfunction.
  • Outdated Spotify app: Outdated apps often attract vulnerabilities. There is a chance that the Spotify app has a bug.
  • Outdated system software: The same applies to the device’s operating system. If there is any bug in the software, it can restrict the functioning of certain apps.
  • Corrupted app data: Sometimes improper app installation or other unforeseen factors corrupt the files.

Methods to Fix Spotify Stops Playing After 10 Seconds on iPhone

Fortunately, fixing issues while Spotify songs is not a difficult task. Especially, if you have an iPhone, we have listed some easy-to-attempt fixes that can help you resolve this error in time.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Before jumping on to multi-step methods to fix the error, it is first important to follow some basic troubleshooting methods and see if that helps to get rid of such errors or app glitches. Let’s go through some of them.

Method 1A. Wait for Server Uptime

Sometimes, it is not the fault of the Spotify app or device but issues in the servers of the application. If due to maintenance or technical issues, there is a Spotify server outage or downtime, you must wait for its uptime till the issue gets resolved from the technical end. You can access Spotify server status from its official Twitter page.

Twitter Spotify server page | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

Method 1B. Improve Internet Connection

Internet network also influences Spotify’s operations. With unstable or weak internet, you might encounter errors in Spotify. Therefore, make sure to maintain a stable data network on your phone, and for that, you can refer to our guide on How Do I Fix Slow Internet on My iPhone?

Ensure Stable Internet Connection

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Method 1C. Switch to Mobile Data

Sometimes it’s the Wi-Fi connection that can become unstable at some point leading to interruptions while playing Spotify songs. If fixing the internet connection did not work and Spotify is still playing songs for 6 seconds only on the iPhone, switch to mobile data and see if it helps.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Then, tap on the Mobile Data tab.

Tap on Mobile Data

3. Next, toggle on the Mobile Data option.

Toggle on Mobile Data | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

Once done, you can turn off your Wi-Fi device and start using mobile data to listen to Spotify songs.

Method 1D. Re-login to Spotify

You can also fix some minor bugs and glitches within the Spotify app by re-logging into Spotify. This issue can be based on a problematic startup which you can resolve easily by following the steps below:

1. Launch the Spotify application on your iPhone.

2. Now, tap on the settings gear icon at the top right corner.

 Tap on settings gear icon | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

3. Next, scroll down and tap on the Log out button.

Tap on Log out

4. Once done, restart Spotify and log in to your account again.

Now, play a song on Spotify to check if the issue has been fixed.

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Method 2: Switch Online and Offline Modes

You can switch between online and offline modes. You can check if there is an internet issue or if it is some app-related error due to which Spotify is stopping after 10 seconds on the iPhone. Moreover, it could be an error with a particular song as well. Let’s perform the steps.

1. Open the Spotify app on your device and tap on its gear icon at the top.

 Tap on settings gear icon

2. Next, tap on the Playback option from the list.

Tap on Playback | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

3. Now, select Offline in it to enable this mode.

4. Play songs or the problematic song. If the error persists, you can also switch from offline mode to online.

5. Now, try streaming the song again with the online mode on Spotify.

If in both cases the error persists, let’s move to the next solution.

Method 3: Update Spotify App

Updating the Spotify app is another way of resolving Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone. Due to the outdated app version, it can encounter certain glitches, in this case, it is songs being unable to play for more than 10 seconds. To update Spotify on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and then navigate to the Account icon at the top right corner of the screen.

 Open the App Store | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

2. Now, locate Spotify from the list and tap on the UPDATE button beside it.

 Tap on UPDATE

Once done, try streaming songs on Spotify to check if they are working fine now.

Method 4: Update Device Software

Incompatibility between iPhone and Spotify app can also be a reason behind Spotify only playing 6 seconds on iPhone problem. So, you must also update the device software to fix the issue.

1. First, open the Settings app of your iPhone.

Open Settings | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

2. Now, open the General section of Settings.

3. Next, tap on the Software Update option.

Tap on Software Update

4. Finally, tap on the Download and Install option.

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Method 5: Clear App Data

With time, Spotify app data on your iPhone can become corrupt. Even though this data is required by the app to operate, it can cause issues if not cleared with time. So, Spotify might be playing only for 6 seconds on iPhone and then stopping. Therefore, to clear the cache data of the Spotify app, follow the steps given below:

1. Launch the Spotify app and tap on the settings gear icon in it.

 Tap on settings gear icon | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

2. Now, open the Storage option in it.

Open Storage

3. Finally, tap on the Clear cache button.

Tap on Clear cache | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

Method 6: Use Different Account

If you still are not able to play your favorite songs on Spotify for more than 10 seconds then try using a different Spotify account to fix this issue. Many users have reported this issue due to account problems as well. So, changing your Spotify account can come in handy.

1. First, log out of your Spotify account by following the steps in Method 1 (1C).

Log out from Spotify

2. Now, tap on Sign Up.

3. Enter new account details and confirm the email.

4. Next, choose the free version of Spotify to log in as a new member.

Once done, try to play songs on your new account and check if the issue has been fixed.

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Method 7: Reinstall Spotify

Finally, to resolve Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone, try uninstalling the corrupt files of the Spotify app from your iPhone and reinstalling its fresh and updated version from the Play Store.

1. First, press and hold the Spotify app icon on your iPhone.

2. Now, tap on the Remove App option from the pop-up menu.

Tap on Remove App | Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone

3. Next, tap on Delete App to confirm its uninstallation.

Tap on Delete App

4. Then, open the App Store on your iPhone.

 Open the App Store

5. Search Spotify in the search bar and tap on the GET button to install it.

Method 8: Play Downloaded Songs

If reinstaalling the ap did not help and you are still facing the issue, you can wait until the developers push a new update that might fix the bug. In such cases, ultimately you can download some tracks for offline streaming.

1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone and select a song or playlist you want to download.

2. Now, tap on the three dots present beside the selected song or playlist.

Tap on three dots

3. Now, tap on the down arrow icon.

4. When the arrow turns green, your song or playlist is successfully downloaded. You can play and listen to it.


We hope this article helped resolve the Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds iPhone error. For any further queries, leave a comment for us. Thank you for reading.

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