Messages on Messenger Disappeared? 8 Easy Ways to Fix It

Uncover the secrecy of messages playing hide-and-seek on Messenger!

Have you ever sent a message on Messenger that vanished into thin air, and left you amazed? Several users have reported this peek-a-boo problem. So, in this article, we will help you find out why your messages on Messenger disappeared and how to fix this issue. Let’s make sure your precious conversations do not slip away!

messenger messages disappeared

Why Did My Messenger Messages Disappear?

Facebook Messenger is a popular platform that connects us to our friends who are neither that close to being called nor too far away to not be in touch. However, sometimes the app displays unexpected behavior.

Tip: Before trying anything just pull down the Chats section, and release it to refresh the messages. If any specific chat seems to be missing, you can also search for their username on Messenger and open the chat thread to see old conversations.

Quick Answer

To resolve this issue, restart device, and then Messenger. If it does not help, update the app and clear the cache data.

1. In the Settings menu, tap on Apps.

2. Select Messenger and tap on Storage.

3. Tap on Clear cache.

As of now, you can send disappearing photos or messages on Instagram and WhatsApp. However, currently, there is no such feature on Messenger, except for Secret Conversations. If you find your regular chats disappeared on the platform, here are a few potential causes:

  • Bugs or temporary glitches
  • Server issues
  • Accidentally archived or restricted the chat
  • Conversation violated Messenger policy
  • Message in secret conversation unread for 14 days 

How to Fix Disappearing Messages in Messenger

Now that we know the causes of this error, let’s fix it.

Method 1: Wait for Server Uptime

If there are any form of discrepancies in the Messenger server, this can lead to messages being disappeared. Visit Downdetector or the Messenger official Twitter handle to see if the server is facing any downtime issues. If it is, wait for some time until fixed.

Downdetector for Messenger

Method 2: Log Out, Restart Device and Relogin

As we know it might be a temporary loading issue or glitch. You can easily overcome this by logging out of the platform, restarting the device, and logging in again. Refer to our guide on 3 Ways to log out of Facebook Messenger

Log out of Messenger | messenger messages disappeared

Once logged out completely, restart the device, and then log in to Facebook Messenger. Check if the disappeared messages are back now.

Method 3: Update App

Outdated apps are vulnerable to corrupt files, glitches, and bugs which can hinder their functionality. Follow the steps to update:

1. Open the Google Play Store and search for Messenger.

2. Tap on Update if available.


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Method 4: Unarchive Chat

Well, you might have accidentally archived the chat or you were removed from the group. In either case, such chats are sent to the archive section hidden to keep the inbox clean and hence you are not able to find them. 

1. Open Messenger and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner.

2. Tap on Archive and see if you can find the specific chat.

Tap on Archive.  | messenger messages disappeared

Method 5: Unrestrict Chat

When you restrict someone on Messenger, the app limits the user from sending you messages. However, at the same time, the entire chat thread with the user disappears from the inbox. If you cannot find them, follow the steps:

1. In Messenger, tap the three horizontal lines icon at the top right corner.

2. Tap on the cog wheel (Settings) icon, followed by Privacy & safety.

Tap on Privacy & safety

3. Now under Who can reach you, tap on Restricted accounts.

Now under Who can reach you, tap on Restricted accounts. | messenger messages disappeared

4. Select the chat you want to see the messages from and tap on UNRESTRICT.

The thread will again appear in the Chats section.

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Method 6: Turn Off Disappearing Messages

You can enable disappearing messages for users you’ve started a secret conversation with on Messenger. This might be why your messages disappeared on Messenger. Let’s disable it.

1. Navigate to the secret conversation and in the chat thread, tap on i at the top-right corner.

2. Now tap on Disappearing messages.

tap on Disappearing messages

3. From the list of options, select Off.

Note: By default the Messages in the secret conversation would still disappear after 14 days if unread by the recipient. To avoid this, you can chat in normal mode.

Method 7: Contact Messenger Support

Reach out to the Messenger Help Centre for assistance as they can provide you with guidance to solve the issue.

Messenger Help Centre | messenger messages disappeared

Method 8: Reinstall Messenger

As a last resort, we suggest you uninstall the Messenger app and install it again. Doing so replaces the missing or damaged files, potentially solving the issue.

1. Tap and hold the Messenger icon in the app drawer.

2. Tap on Uninstall.

Tap on Uninstall (Messenger)

3. Install Messenger from the Google Play Store.

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We hope our article was helpful for you in finding out disappeared messages in Messenger. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. Stay connected to TechCult for more such app-related fixes.

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