40 Interesting and Funny Question Games to Play with Friends on WhatsApp

As the wonderland awaits, turn the giant wheel of fun on Whatsapp where question games become the catalyst of entertainment.

 With the advent of instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, it has become more exciting to stay connected with friends near and far. While casual chats and sharing memes are enjoyable, why not inject some fun and friendly banter into your conversations? We’ve got just the thing for you! In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to some delightful, funny, and interesting question games to play with your friends on WhatsApp. Get ready to deepen your bonds, and discover surprising secrets & talents!

Question Games to Play with Friends on WhatsApp

Question Games to Play with Friends on WhatsApp

For all your online meetups and group chats, these games are perfect to add that spice of laughter and cook more lively discussions. So, grab your phones, gather your loved ones, and begin the fun as you eagerly await your friends’ responses while you anticipate the next question.

1. 20 Questions

20 Questions is quite an exciting game that requires intelligence, reasoning, and deduction skills. The rules are pretty simple. One player thinks of any specific item, be it an object, an animal, or a person while the other player has to guess about it.

The interesting part is the player guessing can only ask 20 yes or no questions to narrow down the possibilities and finally guess the item correctly. Not only does this takes wit but also intellect for players to make an educated guess.

2. Trivia

Trivia is a versatile game where participants are presented with a series of questions that cover a wide range of topics such as history, science, geography, sports, entertainment, and more.

To begin, select a category you and your friend are familiar with and passionate about. Now take turns asking each other questions from the chosen category, and for every correct answer, earn a valuable point. Ultimately, the race is to gain points (usually 10 for each round) and claim victory.

3. Would you Rather?

Would You Rather? is another question game to play with your friends on WhatsApp, that tests your decision-making skills. Participants are presented with a series of equally challenging scenarios that pose a choice between two options. Players must decide which option they would rather choose.

Now as the options and preferences could be hypothetical situations or contrasting outcomes, it often leads to fun-filled friendly debates. Invite your friends on WhatsApp to play this interesting game and witness all the dilemmas, ranging from silly and lighthearted to deep and philosophical.

4. Emoji Translation

This game is perfect for those who have an emoji keyboard at their fingertips. The rules are simple: one player is tasked to represent a phrase, title, or name using emojis, and other participants try to guess the same. Ultimately, who guesses the most is the winner.

There is another way as well to play the game, especially in a group, by forming teams. Remember Dumb Charades? Similarly, a player from one time has to ask a player from the opposite team to represent the intended phrase using emojis and their teammates would have to guess it.

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5. Friendship Tag

Friendship Tag is a fun social media game that you can play with your friend or partner. It involves asking them questions about you. From personal preferences to shared memories, as you explore just how well they know the real you, this game will provide delightful insights into your bond.

6. Kiss, Marry, or Kill

You might already know about this classic Kiss, Marry, or Kill game. In this game, players are presented with a series of questions and options, usually involving celebrities or mutual friends. All they need is to make a decision based on personal preferences, attraction, or humorous reasons whether they want to kiss, marry, or kill them. Do note that the game is not based on actual actions but lighthearted thoughts focused on fun and entertainment only. 

7. Story Time

In the Story Time game, participants take turns contributing to the creation of a story. One player begins the story with a single line to set the stage. Each person then adds a sentence or a few lines on what the previous players have said, continuing the story’s progression. The game continues back and forth as long as the players desire or until it reaches a natural conclusion. The unpredictable narrative factor of the game makes it more interesting.

8. Guess the Riddle

Guess the Riddle

To play the Guess the Riddle game, ask your friend a riddle and give them a limited number of tries to guess the correct answer. As it often involves wordplay, clever clues, or misleading information to keep players guessing, it keeps the excitement switched on.

9. Word Unscramble

This texting game closely resembles Scrabble! Here are the rules: A player selects a word, and then the challenge begins for the other player to create additional words using the letters from the original word. It’s a game that tests your vocab, wordplay skills, and creativity as you explore different combinations and variations. 

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10. Most Likely To

The Most Likely To game is perfect to play with small or large groups of friends on WhatsApp. Players are given a variety of scenarios or questions that begin with Who is most likely to… and they have to choose someone in the group who they think best fits according to the described situation. This fun of predictions sparks laughter and friendly discussions.

11. Name Game

Name Game is all about choosing a topic, whether it’s celebrities, zoo animals, or anything else that catches your interest. One player starts by saying a word within the chosen category. Then, another player in turn must come up with a word or name that starts with the last letter of the previous word. This ultimately continues until one everyone else loses. The one who stays till the last wins the game.

12. Questions Only

Questions Only game makes players think on their feet. As the name suggests, in this game, you can only play and communicate with your friends on WhatsApp by asking questions. If a player answers, makes a statement, repeats a question, or takes too long to respond, they are eliminated from the game. Lastly, the remaining one is the winner.

13. Gun to your Head

Gun to your head poses intriguing hypothetical scenarios. All you need to do is to ask your friends what they would do if someone strikes a gun to their head and give them interesting choices. Usually, questions involve choosing between two competitive choices in an unexpected situation. If they cannot select an option, they are given a take to perform.

14. Unpopular Opinions

In this opinion-based texting game, you and your friends can freely express your beliefs and views on various topics that go against popular consensus or societal norms. Players take turns and share their unique or possibly unconventional or controversial opinions on something. The goal is to have healthy discussions and debates and explore different perspectives through conversations.

15. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

If you and your friends are movie buffs, you’ll love Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Based on the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, the game challenges you to connect any actor to Kevin Bacon through a chain of movie co-stars in six steps or fewer. Each player names actors and tries to find the shortest path of movie collaborations that links them to Kevin. 

16. Take a Trip

Take a Trip lets users explore different places and landmarks around the world. The game starts with the sentence I am going to ____ and I am taking ____. Here’s where the twist comes in: each word you and your friends fill in should start with the corresponding alphabet, working your way from A to Z. Anyone who misses out loses the game.

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17. WWYD?

See, we said abbreviations, right? WWYD or What Would You Do? is similar to Gun to your head. However, here players are given an interesting scenario and asked about how they would respond or act in those situations. Would they adapt or escape from them? And they also have to explain how. Set the challenges high and play this question game with your friends on WhatsApp.

WWYD or What Would You Do

18. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a fun way to connect and learn more about each other. Each player shares three statements about themselves, with two of them being true and one being false. Others have to guess which is the lie. Players can get creative and craft believable statements yet difficult to figure out. 

19. Finish My Sentence

As the name suggests, in the Finish My Sentence game, one person starts a sentence, and the other completes it, creating funny, risqué, or flirtatious sentences. It adds a touch of fun and intimacy to your conversations. 

20. Name that Tune

Name that Tune is a game that tests your knowledge of music and your ability to recognize them quickly. One player either sends a short snippet of a song or texted a line from the lyrics. The challenge for other players is to guess the song’s title or the artist who performed it in a few seconds. Let’s say 10 seconds for example. Ultimately, who couldn’t guess it right is disqualified and the last remaining one is declared the winner.

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21. Abbreviations

Be prepared to test your knowledge of abbreviations and acronyms! In this game, players mutually choose a category. Now one of them shares an abbreviation and challenges others to guess its meaning. The one with the most correct answers is the winner. You can add your own flavors to it to make the game even more interesting.

22. Confession Game

The Confession Game provides a safe and non-judgmental space to share personal secrets, thoughts, or experiences. Players in turn are given acts or tasks to perform. If they could not do the same, they have to confess one of their deep secrets or funny anecdotes. As the idea is to build trust, it is important to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

23. Rapid Fire

When it comes to question games to play with friends on WhatsApp, this never gets old. For those who are unaware of it, Rapid Fire is a fast-paced game that tests your quick thinking and reflexes. Each player is asked a series of rapid-fire questions, and the goal is to answer as many questions as possible within a short time frame. The questions could be related to anything. Whosoever takes the least time, wins.

24. Hangman


In Hangman, one player thinks of a word and draws a series of blank spaces representing the letters in that word. Usually, it does not consist of a proper noun. The other players attempt to guess the word by suggesting letters one at a time. If a guessed letter is present in the word, the player who thought of the word reveals its correct position.

However, if a guessed letter is not part of the word, one part of a hangman drawing is added. You can also use a tally mark instead. Before the drawing or tally marks are completed, one must figure out the word. If not, they lose.

25. Word for Word 

In Word for Word, players are divided into teams. One player says a word and another player from the opposite team should say a reverse word in the same category. For example, you say Apple, so the opponent needs to say a word that belongs to the fruit category, i.e., Banana.

You can make it even more difficult by excluding words that word with certain letters like M or S or R. So if you say North and the opponent player says South, they get rejected.

26. Where’s Your Location?

Where’s your location is a fun variation of iSpy. Here the participants try to guess the location where someone is, based on the given clues, such as specific places, landmarks, etc. One player thinks of a place and gives the clues and others ask yes or no questions to narrow down possibilities. Within a specific set of questions, let’s say 5 questions, the correct location needs to be guessed.

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27. The Laughing Game

The laughing game is a funny questions game, much like Match the Following, to play with friends on WhatsApp. In this game, a few questions are asked to each player, and a set of pre-selected answers, usually weird answers are provided. Now, they have to choose answers to those questions within the set of answers provided. The goal is to make each other laugh.

28. Lighting Fast

Players are challenged to think and react quickly to a given stimulus or task. The player in turn has to complete a task or answer a question within a very short time frame, often just a few seconds. One has to make split-second decisions and execute actions rapidly.

29. Hot Takes

Just like Unpopular Opinions, Hot Takes is an engaging and opinion-driven activity where participants share their bold and opinionated views on specific subjects, such as movies, sports, fashion, or current events. This sparks debates and discussions in the group.

30. Build the Title

In Build the Title, each participant has to add one word at a time in order to create a complete and meaningful title for a movie, song, book, or show. Firstly, a player proposes a theme and begins with the last word. As the chain of titles grows longer, the winner is the last person to successfully link a title when others can’t.

31. In Character/Pretend

The impersonation game is all about pretending to be someone else until someone guesses your hidden identity. Whether it’s imitating a famous personality or mimicking a friend, the game is centered around embodying different characters. You can take it a step further by playfully trolling your friends in the group chat, copying their profile pictures, and adopting their attributes. 

32. List Builder

In List Builder, teams compete against each other to create a list of items within a specific category or theme such as types of fruits or countries in Europe. Each player adds an item to the list based on the given category and the catch is that the next player always has to add a word using the last letter of the previous word. The list has to be completed within a specific time frame, like a minute or two. The team with the most number of relevant items wins.

33. Ghost

In this game, each player adds one letter at a time in order to construct a word that does not exist or would not be recognized as a complete word. The aim is to force the next player into a position where they cannot add a letter without completing that word. If the last player, in turn, completes the same, they receive a letter from the word Ghost. Now the first player to spell out the entire word Ghost loses the game. Trust us, as complicated as it sounds, as fun it is.


34. Memory Game

Memory Game is about asking others how much they remember about someone’s preferences, memories, or aspirations.

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35. Guess the Word

As the name suggests, in Guess the Word game, players have to guess a word correctly within a time limit that fits right in the series of hints such as:

  • I am a 5-letter word.
  • Everybody wants to eat me.
  • If you remove my first letter, I become a kind of energy.

36. High, Low, and Buffalo

In the High, Low, and Buffalo game, players have to guess numbers within a predetermined range. One player chooses the target number secretly within a specified range, for example, between 1 and 100. Other players one after another try to guess the number, After each guess, the player who chose the target number provides feedback by saying high, low, or Buffalo.

  • High means the guessed number is higher.
  • Low means the guessed number is lower.
  • Buffalo means guessed number is the correct target number.

37. Name, Place, Animal, and Thing

You might know it already. The game starts with a designated letter and players must think of words that set appropriate to these specific categories: name, place, animal, and thing. For instance, if the chosen letter is B, players must come up with a name, place, animal, and thing that all start with B.

38. Correct the Spelling

Correcting the Spelling is where friends unscramble jumbled letters within 5 or 10 seconds, to find the correct spelling. For example, you can give them words like donlno to unscramble into London. 

39. Fortunately, Unfortunately

In this game, players construct a story by alternating between sentences that start with Fortunately and Unfortunately. This adds unpredictability as fortunate and unfortunate events are woven together. 

40. The Superlative Game

Superlatives is a game that reveals how others perceive you. Players call out random descriptive words or phrases and everyone votes on who they believe best fits the superlative. For example, players might choose a Most Likely to Succeed, Funniest, or Most Adventurous superlative and others vote for who they find each of these phrases appropriate.

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We hope that this article was interesting and you got some ideas about question games to play with friends on WhatsApp. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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