Which Song Is Playing? Find The Name Of That Song!

There are numerous apps in the market that can provide you with the complete details of an unknown song by its lyrics or by a recording of that song if you do not know the lyrics. You can determine the song’s name, its singer, and composer using any smart device where you can run the app.

So, below are some of those music recognition apps that can help you to find the song name or identify the music playing on a radio, TV, internet, restaurant, or anywhere else.

Which Song Is Playing Find The Name Of That Song!

Which Song Is Playing? Find The Name Of That Song!

1. Shazam

Shazam - Find the name of any Song

Shazam is one of the best apps to find any song name or identify music playing on any device. It has a very simple interface. Its massive database ensures that you get the desired result of all the songs you are searching for.

When the song you are looking for is playing, open the app, and wait till the song details appear on the screen. Shazam listens to the songs and provides all the details of that song like its name, artist, etc.

Shazam also provides you with the song’s YouTube link(s), iTunes, Google Play Music, etc. where you can listen to the complete song and even download or purchase it if you want to. This app also keeps the history of all your searches so that in the future, if you want to listen to any previously searched song, you can easily do so by going through the history. This app is available for all operating systems like Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

The only thing to keep in mind while using Shazam is that it only works with the pre-recorded songs and not with the live-performances.

2. SoundHound

SoundHound - Discover name of the song playing

SoundHound is not popular among the users but carries some unique functionality along with the other robust features. It mainly comes into the picture when you want to identify a song playing at a place where the song’s lyrics are mixing up with the external noises. It can even recognize a song when it is not playing and you are just humming or singing whatever the lyrics you know.

It distinguishes itself from the other song recognizing apps by providing the hands-free feature i.e. you just have to call out “Ok Hound, Which song is this?” to the app and it will recognize the song from all the available voices. Then, it will give you the complete details of the song like its artist, title, and lyrics. It is very useful when you are driving and a song stucks your mind but you cannot operate your phone.

Also, it provides the links which you can use to listen to the songs from the similar top artists of your result. It also provides links to the YouTube videos which if you will play, will start within the app. This app is available for iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows 10. Along with the SoundHound app, its website is also available.

3. Musixmatch

Musixmatch - Explore the world's largest catalog of song lyrics

Musixmatch is another song identifying app that uses the song’s lyrics and a search engine to identify the song. It can search for songs using their lyrics from different languages.

To use the Musixmatch app, first of all, download the app, enter the complete lyrics or a part of the lyrics you know, and hit enter. All possible results will immediately appear on the screen and you can choose the song you are looking for among them. You can also search for a song by using the artist’s name and all songs from that the artist will display.

Musixmatch also provides the feature to browse any song if you just want to browse and do not want to search any song using its lyrics. You can also use the Musicmatch website. Its app works perfectly on iOS, Android, and watchOS.

4. Virtual Assistants

oogle Assistant on Android Devices to Find the name of any song

Nowadays, mostly every device like mobile phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc. have their own integrated virtual assistant. With all these virtual assistants, you just have to speak out your problem and they will provide you the solution. Also, you can even search for any song using these assistants.

Different operating systems have these voice assistants with different names. For example, Apple has Siri,  Microsoft has Cortana for Windows, Android has Google Assistant, etc.

To use these assistants to identify the song, just open your phone and call out that device’s virtual assistant and ask which song is playing? It will listen to the song and will give the result. For example: If you are using an iPhone, just call out “Siri, which song is playing?” It will listen to it in its surroundings and will give you the appropriate result.

It is not that exact and appropriate as the other apps but will give you the most appropriate result.

5. WatZatSong

WatZatSong is a song naming community

If you do not have any app or your phone does not have much space to keep an app just to identify the songs or if every app fails to give you the desired result, you can take the help from the others to identify that song. You can do the above by using the WatZatSong social site.

To use WatZatSong to let other people help you to identify an unknown song, open the site WatZatSong, upload the audio recording of the song you are looking for or if you do not have one, just record the song by humming it in your voice and then upload it. The listeners who can recognize it will help you by giving the exact name of that song.

Once you will get the name of the song, you can listen to it, download it, or know its complete details by using YouTube, Google, or any other music site.

6. SongKong

Song Kong is an intelligent music tagger

SongKong is not a music-discovery platform instead it helps you organize your music library. SongKong tags music files with metadata such as Artist, Album, Composer, etc as well as adding album cover where possible and then categorizing the files accordingly.

SongKong helps in automatic song matching, deleting duplicate music files, adding album artwork, understanding classical music, editing song metadata, mood and other acoustic attributes and there is even a remote mode.

SongKong is not free and the cost depends on your license. Although, there is a trial version using which you can check out various features. The Melco license cost $65 whereas if you already have this software and want to update to latest version after a year then you need pay $13 for one year of version updates.


I hope the guide was helpful and you were able to find the name of the song using any one of the above-listed apps. If you still have any queries or you want to add anything to this guide feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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