Where Does Messenger Get Suggested Contacts from?

Explore sources powering Messenger's friend suggestions for personalized connections.

Messaging apps have a multitude of algorithms that predict who you might want to connect with. But exactly how does Messenger come up with its recommended contacts? This article will uncover the truth behind this feature and reveal from where Messenger gets its suggested list of contacts.

Where Does Messenger Get Suggested Contacts from?

Where Does Messenger Get Suggested Contacts from?

In Facebook Messenger, the suggested list consists of friends or contacts recommended by Messenger’s algorithm. This recommendation is based on information from your Facebook account and activity. The list includes contacts on Messenger but not your Facebook friends, yet they might be relevant to you due to shared interests.

This platform gets suggested contacts from various sources which are listed below:

  • Facebook Friends: Messenger fetches the list of all your friends on Facebook. These can be your friends, friends of friends with those whom you follow and have interacted with on Facebook.
  • Phone Contacts: If you have allowed permission for this platform to access contacts from your device, all the contacts who are on this platform will be displayed on your suggested contacts list.
  • Location: Messenger also suggests contacts based on your current location and the information of your location that you have entered on your Facebook profile.
  • Liked Pages and Groups: All the groups you are a part of and all the pages you have liked on Facebook, the people from those communities on this platform will appear in your suggested contacts list.
  • Communication History: Messenger analyses your communication history within the platform. It considers the activity of your past conversations with other users and suggests contacts based on that.

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How Does Messenger Decide Suggested Contacts?

FB Messenger uses information from your Facebook activity and contacts to suggest contacts through its algorithm. Here’s how the contact suggestion process works:

Step I: Fetches Account Data

Messenger gathers data from your connected Facebook account. From your account, it fetches your name, location, interests, friends, pages you liked and are a part of, and groups you are in.

Step II: Gathers Uploaded Contacts

If you have uploaded phone contacts on Messenger, all the contacts that are available on your smartphone will be gathered by Messenger for further processing.

Scroll and navigate to Phone contacts option.

Step III: Uses Suggestion Algorithm

Messenger will use the search algorithms, and data gathered from your account as a filter.

Step IV: Compiles and Sends Suggested List

Once the results of the searches arrive, Messenger will sort the data and provide you with a suggested contacts list on your Messenger account.

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We hope this guide has helped you understand where Messenger gets suggested contacts from and how it works. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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