How to Unblur a Video on Android

Several factors can cause your videos to appear blurry. It could be due to zooming in too much or the video being captured using someone else’s phone. In some instances, the fault may lie on your end for not recording the video clearly. Further, ensuring adequate brightness is important to unblur video on Android and obtain high-quality video footage. But if you have already recorded a fuzzy and unclear video, there is a way to get rid of it. Read this article until the end to learn the method of how to unblur a video on Android with a perfect tool.

How to Unblur a Video on Android

How to Unblur a Video on Android

Capturing photos and recording videos during special occasions and events is a great way of capturing memories. You can take a glimpse of your favorite moments in life on a smartphone with just a few taps. But there are moments when the video turns out blurry. If you are also struggling with something similar, keep reading to learn more about how to unblur a video on Android.

Quick Answer

If you have a blurry video on your Android device, you can try to unblur it with this app:

1. Get the InShot app and upload the blurry video.

2. Tap on the Filter tab and then tap on SAVE.

3. Then, select the higher resolution and tap on SAVE.

Can You Unblur a Video?

Yes, you can unblur video Android. It is a common issue that many of us face most of the time. Recording with automatic settings doesn’t cause your video to be blurred. Zooming in too much can cause your video to be blurry. Now people started using ultra-resolution devices. It is updated to 4K to 8K versions. Unless you have a computer with that much capacity, it is good to have 1080p. So always know how quality your device can hold to avoid blurry cases.

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Why are My Android Videos Blurry When I Send Them?

Having the same video quality is not easy when shared with other devices.

  • When the Android mobile is doing the process of sharing, it is often done by the carriers. It always has the habit of compressing the files before sending them to other devices.
  • Another reason can be that they were originally captured blur due to a lack of hand stability during recording or a dirty camera lens.

You can follow some strategies to send your video with a quality version. People prefer to send photos as a document using Telegram rather than sharing them on WhatsApp. But you can rely on third-party app services to get the job done.

Why are Videos Blurry on Android?

Videos are blurry on Android due to many reasons:

  • Most Android have 720p or 480p video pixels. But iPhone can have up to 1080p video pixels. So the difference in video pixels and compression can cause a video to be blurry.
  • Sometimes it can be the issue in downloading causes the video to be blurry.
  • The camera lens is not clean during recording.

Keep reading to learn how to unblur a video on Android.

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Is There an App to Clear Up Blurry Videos?

Yes, there are many apps to clear up blurry videos. You can rely on a video enhancer. You can use these apps for excellent resolution, good lighting, providing stable quality, settings to adjust brightness, crop, rotate and flip settings, apply filters, and many more that covers effect and animations.

What App Clears Blurry Videos?

You can try various apps to clear blurry videos, such as:

video editor & maker inshot

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How to Unblur Video on Android?

The best option is that you can go for the Inshot app. Please follow the below steps to learn how to unblur a video on Android.

Note: This method will be helpful for videos with slight blurriness. It may not work on the videos which are blurry to the point where it is hard to view.

1. Download and install the InShot app.

2. Open the Inshot app on your phone and tap on Video from the CREATE NEW section.

Video on InShot | How to Unblur a Video on Android

3. Tap on the New + tab.

Tap on the + icon

4. Select the desired blurry video from your gallery.

Select the video.

5. Tap on the checkmark icon from the bottom right corner.

Tap on the confirm icon | How to Unblur a Video on Android

6. Tap on the FILTER tab.


7. Tap on SAVE.

Tap on SAVE

8. Choose the preferred resolution.

Choose the preferred Resolution | How to Unblur a Video on Android

9. Tap on SAVE once you are happy with how it looks.

So this is how we can unblur the video on Android. Only a perfectly captured video will give you the same quality. Using this third-party app will make the video look somewhat better. Inshot also suggests selecting pixels that suit the video correctly. But it is one of the good apps that maintain good video quality.

Note: Capturing video correctly is one of the most efficient ways to prevent blurry videos. The video captured in good lightning always results in a very high-quality video. So please be sure about these points while capturing videos.

Why are My Videos from iPhone to Android Blurry?

The videos from iPhone to Android are blurry because of the different operating systems each has. It’s because of the Pixel density that varies between two devices.

The standard density used:

  • In Android phones, it is 720p or 480p
  • Whereas on iPhone, it’s 1080p

So it’s most likely your videos to get damaged due to those variations. It has become a daily issue for people who take videos or pictures of their friends and have them on their phones.


We hope that you learned how to unblur a video on Android. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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