How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop for Free

As a generation that lives and laughs in photos, one blurry picture can ruin a person’s experience and memory. Nothing is worse than spending a fun and memorable day only to return home to find blurry pictures. It is every photographer’s nightmare. Thankfully, technology has developed, which is why it has become easier to sharpen blurry pictures online for free. If you are searching for how to sharpen blurry image photoshop online, then you’re on the right page. In this article, we bring you the perfect guide to how to make a blurry picture clear photoshop free.

How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop for Free

How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop for Free

There are a lot of photo editing tools out there, and we have made a list of some of the free online photo editing tools. Keep reading to find out how to make a blurry picture clear photoshop free.

List of Free Photoshopping Tools

No doubt, there is countless software that would help you sharpen your blurry photos or even edit an image effortlessly. If you want to gain further knowledge on some of the best Photo editing software, read our guide on 28 Best Free Photo Editing Software for PC.

How Can I Make a Blurry Picture Clear

Pictures get blurry when either the object is moving, you are moving, or your camera’s shutter speed isn’t adjusted. To know how to make blurry pictures clear Photoshop free, all you need to do is follow this article. Let us use Adobe Photoshop as an example.

1. Launch Adobe Photoshop app

2. Click File and then click Open to open your blurry photo.

Click File and then click Open to open your blurry photo

3. Press Ctrl + J keys simultaneously to duplicate the layer.

Note: This step will make an identical layer so you can apply the sharpening.

4. Next, use the Unsharp Mask, go to Filter.

5. Select Sharpen and then, click on Unsharp Mask.

Select Sharpen and then click on Unsharp Mask.

6. After selecting Unsharp Mask, a box will appear. Adjust the amount to 150% and the threshold to 0.

7. Once done with your adjustments, click OK.

Note: Click on the eye symbol in the Layers panel and toggle on and off to notice any changes done by the Unsharp Mask. Feel free to adjust according to your choice.

Here you go, your blurry picture must be sharpened. It is only possible to sharpen a blurry picture a little as if used more sharpen tool, the image you could end up looking obnoxious. If you were not able to follow Adobe Photoshop, we also have a guide for you to use alternative of Adobe Photoshop that does the same job that too for free.

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How to Sharpen Blurry Image Photoshop Online with GIMP

If you want to sharpen blurry image photoshop online, then GIMP is a great option as it is completely free to install. GIMP is easily available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Using GIMP, you can not only sharpen your blurry picture but also color balance, clone, and do much more.

Looking forward to using GIMP? Follow the steps below to learn how to clear a blurry image with Photoshop free on GIMP. We present you with two ways to sharpen your blurry pictures.

Method 1: Using Sharpen Tool

1. Launch GIMP.

2. Click on File and select Open to open your blurry file.

3. Select the Sharpen tool from the toolbox in the right-hand corner.

Sharpen tool on GIMP. How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop for Free

4. Hand-paint the areas to be sharpened.

Method 2: Using Filters Menu

1. Open GIMP.

2. Click on File and select Open to open your blurry picture.

3. Click on the Filters menu.

Filter menu on GIMP. How to sharpen blurry image photoshop online

4.Next, click on the Enhance submenu

Enhance on GIMP. How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop for Free

5. Select Sharpen and then Unsharp Mask

Sharpen Unsharp Mask on GIMP. How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop for Free

Even though sharpening can be easy to apply, if you lose control of it, you may find yourself applying way too much of it. Over-sharped images don’t stand out and are painful to the eyes, instead take your time in adjusting and editing to get a satisfying result and picture.

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How to Avoid Blurry Pictures

Getting blurry pictures is not a big deal, as you can fix them. With the help of this article, you can figure out how to make a blurry picture clear photoshop free. Though it is not possible to fix incredibly blurry pictures, you can still sharpen them to some extent without looking odd. You may again in future get blurry pictures but to avoid that, you can always take precautions.

We bring you tips to avoid the following from happening in the near future. Let us dive in.

1. Adjust Shutter Speed

In almost every case of blurry pictures, it is always the unadjusted shutter of the camera. To avoid getting blurry images, try knowing the speed of your shutter and taking multiple photos of your object. You have a variety of options to choose from.

When clicking in low light, where you will be lengthening the shutter speed to add more light, what you have to avoid is having a lower shutter speed than your focal length. It is critical to have a fast shutter speed, as a slower shutter speed can contribute to undesirable blurry images.

When clicking the pictures, try focusing on the object when hitting the shutter or staying still to further avoid the chance of getting blurry pictures.

2. Use Eye Autofocus

It is a good thing that the latest cameras have built-in Eye Autofocus. This technology detects the eyes of people and animals to ensure that the eyes are in perfect focus. By using Eye Autofocus, you can make sure to get not only a perfect focus but also avoid blur in your photos.

Though handy, it is at the end of the day a technology which is why take multiple pictures to review later.

3. Shoot in Burst Mode

Burst mode is a feature that is available on almost all cameras. It enables you to take multiple pictures at once. Hence, there is a chance that you might retrieve sharp and clear pictures. Use burst mode to avoid getting blurry pictures in the future.

4. Use Image Review

Most of us instinctively check the captured photos, and most cameras have the ability to zoom in on the photo on the back LCD screen. By zooming in, you can easily view any problems with the focus. If you don’t, try reviewing your photos, as this will help you decide whether you need to reshoot them or not, and even if you do, you can reshoot them right away.

5. Use Tripod

Using a tripod will definitely let you capture uninterrupted and stable pictures. Yes, not everyone owns a tripod, but you can use any stand available to you. Even a table works! The main objective is to create stable and clear pictures.

Is there a free app to clear up blurry pictures?

Yes, there are many software available out there that are absolutely free. GIMP, Pixlr, Apple Photos, etc are handful of software that are free to use and some even offers you free trials.

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Is There a Free App to Improve Picture Quality?

Yes, Snapseed is a free app that you can use to solve your problem. It is a popular image quality enhancer and as its name suggests, it helps you enhance the overall quality of the image easily at a snap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which is best PicsArt or Snapseed?

Ans. Though PicsArt is a great option for a beginner and it offers a set of editing tools that are easy to use but for an advanced or even an intermediate user, Snapseed is a better choice as it offers AI tools, the ability to retouch individual selected objects, color correction and many more to explore.

Q2. Can you buy a full version of Photoshop?

Ans. Yes, you can buy the full version of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe offers three different versions of Photoshop for purchase which are Photoshop Element, Photoshop CC, and Photoshop CS6. Each of the versions has its own price and feature so purchase which ever you like.

Q3. How do you Sharpen a blurry picture in Photoshop?

Ans. You can read this article to find out how to sharpen blurry image photoshop online. We have created the perfect guide for you to learn how to use Photoshop to sharpen blurry images.


We hope that you were able to fix the blurry images and sharpen blurry image with the help of our article How to make a blurry picture clear Photoshop free. Feel free to ask your doubts and add your suggestions in the comments section below.

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