How to Stop Autoplay in X/Twitter

Autoplay videos can be a source of agitation and irritation while surfing Twitter. They keep on disturbing our harmonious flow of scrolling on Twitter. Do you also get distracted by unwanted autoplay and look for a more restrictive browsing experience? If yes, disabling autoplay is the way. This manual will explain how to stop autoplay in X/Twitter. Ready to take control? Let’s get started.

How To Stop Autoplay in X or Twitter

How to Stop Autoplay in X/Twitter

It is crucial to have control over what you are experiencing online. Autoplay videos and GIFs cause visitors to waste their time and data. If you want to save your data or have a less noisy timeline, let’s discuss different ways to disable the autoplay feature on Twitter.

On Desktop

Although autoplay videos can engage attention and enrich content, they are also a nuisance and consume data. You can easily stop autoplay using the Twitter web version on a desktop. Implement the following steps for this:

  1. Visit Twitter on your web browser.
  2. Click More from the side panel, then choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. Select Data Usage from the Accessibility, display, and Languages section.
  4. Now, click Autoplay and tick the radio button for Never.

Tick the radio button for Never

On Mobile Device

For users who prefer a peaceful or low-bandwidth experience, ceasing autoplay videos is necessary. You can regain control over the feed by changing a few settings on the Twitter account. Disabling the autoplay feature in X/Twitter on a mobile is a straightforward process. For this:

  1. Open the X app on your device and tap the profile icon on the top left side.
  2. Select Settings and Privacy under the Settings & Support section.
  3. Now, navigate to Accessibility, Display, and Languages.
  4. Tap Data Usage, then tap Video Autoplay.
  5. Finally, choose Never to stop autoplay.

Choose Never

Why Disable Autoplay in X/Twitter?

There are several advantages of disabling autoplay videos on Twitter.

  • Data Usage: The autoplay videos affect your daily data usage. This can be extremely inconvenient if you are on a restrictive data plan. With the autoplay disabled, one can easily control the use of data, which should only be used for content that one has chosen to watch.
  • Battery Life: Large video files exert load on the device battery, especially HD videos when played in succession. Pausing autoplay is helpful in battery conservation.
  • Reduce Distraction: Autoplaying videos can be annoying. If autoplay is blocked, it allows the viewers to be more focused. Thus, giving a calm internet experience. Autoplay videos have audio that can be disturbing. Disabling it lets you control the audio exposure.
  • Content Control: Autoplay can cause viewers to come across content they did not want to watch. Turning it off gives you full control over the content displayed on your screen offering you a customized browsing experience.

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Restricting autoplay can make your X experience more comfortable and less annoying. We hope our guide helps you stop autoplay in X/Twitter with ease.

Don’t forget to post your doubts or suggestions regarding the topic in the comments below. Stay in touch with the Techcult webpage for more updated and useful how-to guides and articles. Happy surfing on Twitter!

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