How to Play Gacha Club Online for Free

Video games nowadays are extremely realistic and unique. Especially, there are online games in the market that even offer roleplay. These roleplaying games give the player a chance to assume the character’s role, like in a fantasy, and to interact with the game’s imaginary world. One such game is Gacha Club, released in 2020 by Lunime, which offers players the chance to role-play. It involves players customizing their characters in the game in anime style. If you are intrigued by the game and want to play it, our today’s guide will help you in doing so. Our doc consists of information on how to play Gacha Club online for free and what is Gacha Club OC. Along with that, we will also uncover the 10 best Gacha Club OC ideas, Gacha Club OC maker, and Gacha Club OC codes. So, let us get started with our informative guide on Gacha Club right away.

How to Play Gacha Club Online for Free

How to Play Gacha Club Online for Free

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to play Gacha Club online for free and what is Gacha Club OC maker in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

What is Gacha Club?

Gacha Club is a game that was introduced online in June 2020. It can be played on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Players can customize their characters in anime style and dress them up.
  • Along with dressing up, players can also give their characters unique powers, props, pets, poses, and more customizations.
  • Characters in the game can also choose from different Gacha Club units, for instance, Water, Fire, Wind, Dark, Light, DJ, Corrupted, and more.
  • You can play with your imagination and create your character by using items like hairstyles, dresses, weapons, pants, shirts, and more.
  • To unlock special characters in the game, there are mini-games as well.
  • Along with that, there is a Story mode to fight monsters and a DJ showdown mode to play rhythm songs.
  • You can access all of these features of the game for free.
  • The game is a sequel to Gacha Life but with a new location, new background, and new characters.
  • Players can create Gacha for a unit which can help in battle.
  • The game is recommended for children above the age of 10.
  • The game is available as an app that can be downloaded on a PC or a mobile phone.

Gacha Club Windows | How to Play Gacha Club Online for Free

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What is a Club in Gacha?

Before you know how to play Gacha Club online for free, it is important to know what the club means in the game. Clubs in Gacha are basically a part of the character’s profile. These help in stating which club the character belongs to. For instance, Club Glitch explains what the characters like clearly, including glitches, cats, Kawaii stuff, and so on.

How to Play Gacha Club Online for Free?

As mentioned earlier, the game is available to play for PC users, and Android users, and is also available to download from Apple Store for free. To know the steps to play Gacha Club online for free, follow the steps below:

1. Launch your browser and navigate to the Gacha Club official website.

Open Gacha Club’s official website

2. Now, select the desired platform for download out of the following:

  • Google Play Store
  • App Store
  • Windows (PC)

Select the downloading device |

3. Next, launch the game after downloading.

4. On the opening screen, your currently active character will be displayed.

5. Your ten studio-ready characters will be available in the left pane.

6. To save and edit characters, access the options from the right pane.

7. Access the other parts of the game from the menu present at the bottom.

8. The buttons to the immediate right of your active character help you to swap your character with a stored one. They will help you to change your active character’s background as well.

Note: You can also turn off the interface with the help of these buttons.

9. Click on the zoom-in and zoom-out icons from the character window.

Gacha Club game screen

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What is Gacha Club OC?

OC in general stands for Original Character in video games. Gacha Club OC is the original character that has been designed in the Gacha Club.

  • Even though there is a preset range available for characters on the home screen, you cannot create an original character by applying loaded presets or modifications.
  • You can create an OC and represent your imagination by adding it to a certain story.
  • Your OC should have a unique set of personality skills, traits, and powers.

What are the 10 Best Gacha Club OC Ideas?

If you have already customized your character according to your choice, it is time to explore the ideas that will help you to create your characters using different variations of the items that are available to you. Look at the best Gacha Club OC ideas that are explained below:

1. Chibi Going to School

  • Gacha Club is a game that the kids mostly play, therefore, it is best first to explore the idea of Chibis going to school.
  • You can pick a formal shirt, skirt, or trousers with accessories like shoes or ties to pair along the uniform.
  • Once all dressed up, you can send your Chibi to school.

2. Vintage Dress-Up

  • You can also dress up your Chibi in vintage attire.
  • You can take the reference from an old movie or a character from an old cartoon.
  • Try similar accessories to match the vintage dress like bows or gloves that represent an old era.

3. Gacha Wedding

  • A Gacha wedding is also a great idea that can help you with dressing up your character.
  • You can decide on the colors and shade palate of the wedding.
  • You can experiment with the dress, hairstyles, and accessories of your OC.

4. Gothic Chibis

  • The next one of the 10 best Gacha Club OC ideas includes dressing the OC in gothic attire.
  • Gothic style is a popular trend that involves dressing up the OC in a dark and dramatic piece of clothing.
  • You can also accessorize your character for a great look.

5. Chibis Go to Work

  • After trying to dress Chibis to go to school, you can also opt for another idea that involves sending them to work.
  • You can dress up your Chibi to send it to the office or as a business owner.
  • Dress up your character in a suit or appropriate formal wear that matches your OC’s occupation.
  • You can also add accessories to the whole character like a bag or a gadget.

6. Hipster or Tomboy Chibi

  • The next popular idea involves dressing your Chibi as a hipster or a tomboy.
  • For a tomboy look, you can add graphic tees and baggy clothing.
  • The color reference to choose from involves dark colors like grey, brown, navy blue, or black.
  • Add loose trousers or torn jeans to your character.
  • You can also add shades or a hat to your Chibi.

Read this article from the start to learn how to play Gacha Club online for free.

7. Twin Your Gacha OC

  • You can also make two separate OCs with a similar style in Gacha Club.
  • You can build a sibling, friends, or a couple’s theory around them.
  • You can also add similar dresses but in different colors to your characters.

8. Fictional Character or Superhero in Chibi Style

  • If you admire a superhero or a fictional character, you can style your Chibi with its reference.
  • You can take inspiration from the character and add it to the dressing style of your Chibi.
  • For instance, Harry Potter fans can dress their character in a Hogwarts uniform.
  • Add capes, hats, masks, wings, or other accessories to define your character.

9. Royal Appearance

  • Another great look that you can try on your Chibi is a Royal look.
  • Design your OC in a King-like or a Queen-like sophisticated look.
  • Dress your character in clothing like a trench coat, skirt, or blazer along with some props to add definition to the whole look.
  • You can also try to complete the look using accessories like gloves, a bow, or a hat.

10. Boy Outfits

  • While there are more designs for girls in Gacha Club, you can also explore boy’s clothing.
  • From uniforms to a personalized unique outfit, you can dress up your male characters in the game with some good looks.

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What is Gacha Club OC Maker?

With the help of Gacha Club OC maker, you can create the virtual avatar of your dreams. You don’t need to use expensive dress-up to make unique characters.

  • You can customize your character’s skin and face using different shades of color, for instance, green or purple skin.
  • You can change the front and back of your hair, facial hair, scars, freckles on the face, and other facial markings as well.
  • You can also choose from different attires that are available for your OC in Gacha Club.
  • Add props or accessories to your characters, like a hat or a cute skirt.
  • You can also portray different emotions that you want for your character.
  • Players struggling to get ideas for their character in the game can randomize their character using the die icon.
  • You can also change the color of the pieces by clicking on the color palette.

What are Gacha Club OC Codes?

Just like other online video games, there are a number of codes that you can use in Gacha Club and redeem in order to receive in-game rewards and benefits. Below is the list of some of the active codes of the Gacha Club that you can collect and redeem to get exciting in-game rewards:

  • p8TYP8T
  • 8P7TQD4
  • RP8R3X3
  • WDHL95J

How to Import or Export Gacha Club OC Codes?

You can easily import character codes in Gacha Club to get the character dress. In a similar way, you can export the code to export the dress or styles with others.

1. Launch Gacha Club on your device.

2. Now, click on the menu icon and open Profile.

3. Now, click on the Import or Export option.

click on the Import or Export option |

4. Next, type the character code and click on Import or Export.


We hope that our article on how to play Gacha Club online for free and Gacha Club OC maker was successful in teaching you all about the basic steps along with Gacha Club codes and ideas that you can use to play the game effortlessly. Let us know what helped you the most in playing this fantasy world game. If you have any queries or suggestions to give to us, please leave them in the comments section below.

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