How to Know If Someone Blocked You on iMessage

With built-in features like text animation, games, and more, iMessage is one of the popular instant messaging apps among Apple users. 

Yet, amidst the constant exchange of messages and blue bubbles, there’s a question that sometimes lingers in the minds of users and that is – Have I been blocked?

Unlike other messaging apps, although it’s not that easy to figure out if someone has blocked you on iMessage, we will help you solve the mystery. Let’s begin.

how to know if someone blocked you on imessage

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iMessage

You may see a single tick on your message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for longer than usual when someone blocks you. Or you will not be able to access their profile and content. 

However, most are wild guesses and as none of the apps notify it directly, one can’t be certain. Similarly, even on iMessage, there are a few indicators to know if you are blocked.

Quick Answer

Call the user from your or a different phone numver to check if your calls are getting connected. Additionally, look at the text bubble color to check if it has suddenly turned from blue to green.

Method 1: Check iMessage Delivery Status

One of the easiest ways to check if they have blocked you is to check the delivery status or read receipts of your last text.

You will always get Delivered written under your last message when the message is successfully received by the recipient. Moreover, if they have read receipts enabled, you will also know when did they see your message.

However, remember that they might have turned off their internet connection or are in a low network area. 

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Method 2: Send an SMS

Send an SMS to the user to check whether it is getting delivered or not.

If you receive a failed delivery notification, it indicates that the person has certainly blocked your contact.

Method 3: Look for the Moon Icon in iMessage

iOS users can temporarily disable all notifications from apps and contacts. So, chances are you are not even blocked but just muted.

In order to confirm this, look for the little moon icon next to their text. This icon usually appears when someone has enabled the Do Not Disturb or the Focus mode 

Method 4: Turn Off your Caller ID and Call

When you call them directly, they might not pick it up if they are already ignoring you. So, you can disable your caller ID and then check whether your calls are disconnected or unanswered. Check our guide on How to Change Your Caller ID on iPhone to do the same.

Method 5: Bypass the Do Not Disturb Mode

If someone has blocked you or has enabled the Do Not Disturb feature, in both cases your messages and calls will fail to go through iMessage.

Call them and if it’s going straight to voicemail, call them once again to bypass the DND mode. As two simultaneous calls are considered an emergency call on iOS, the second one will be connected if you are not blocked.

Method 6: Enter *67 Before Dialing the Number

Another way to deactivate your caller ID without manually having to do so from settings is to enter *67 before dialing a number. Also, this will connect your call even if the user has filtered your contact to disconnect and send it to voicemail.

Method 7: Check Other Messaging Apps

We are often connected on various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to name a few.

If you have received no response from someone on iMessage, check these platforms to see if the user is active elsewhere. If you can actively see them posting in other apps, it may indicate that you are blocked from iMessage. 

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Method 8: Check for Automated Responses

Focus Mode enables iOS users to send automated to anyone who tries to contact them when they have enabled silenced notifications. An answer from an automated system indicates that you haven’t been blocked.

Method 9: Check Your Device

Chances are that iMessage serves might be facing downtime issues. Check on Apple System Status for the same. 

Also, update your iPhone in case there are bugs which is why your messages are not getting delivered to them.

1. Open Settings > General > Software Update.

2. Select either Update Now or Update Tonight.

Select between Update Now or Update Tonight

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If Someone Blocks Me Can I Still Send an iMessage?

Yes, you will be able to send an iMessage even after you have been blocked. However, your messages will not be delivered to them.

Will SMS Be Delivered if Blocked on iPhone?

No, it is unlikely that your SMS will be delivered if you are blocked.

Will iMessage Say Delivered if Blocked?

No, iMessage will not show the delivered sign under your texts even after you are blocked. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Does the Moon Icon Mean You’ve Been Blocked?

Ans: No, the moon icon only indicates that the user has enabled Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb on their phone. It is to inform other users that their notifications have been silenced for the time being.

Q2: Does iMessage Turn Green when Blocked?

Ans: Your iMessage bubbles will turn green when the messages are not delivered to the recipient, which may be why because you are blocked, 

Q3: If Someone Blocks Me on their Phone, can I send an iMessage to their Mac?

Ans: No, you cannot send an iMessage to a user’s Mac after you have been blocked.

We hope our blog helped you know if someone blocked you on iMessage.

If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section. Keep visiting TechCult for more tech-related know-how.

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