Do iMessages Show Up on the Phone Bill?

Trace if iMessages impact your bills!

iMessage is a popular messaging service provided by Apple that allows users to send text messages, photos, videos, and more to other Apple devices. While iMessages are free to send over Wi-Fi or cellular data, some users may be wondering if their iMessages will show up on their phone bill. In this article, we will explore whether iMessages appear on phone bills and what information is typically included in phone bills.

do imessages show up on phone bill

Do iMessages Show Up on the Phone Bill?

No, unlike traditional SMS text messages that are sent over a cellular network and may incur charges from your mobile carrier depending on the tariff plan, iMessages are sent over the Internet using Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

Hence, there is no chance that any of your communication done via the platform will appear on your phone bill.

Do iMessages Show on Your Internet/Cellular Data Bill?

No, even though the iMessages are sent over the internet, the cellular data or Wi-Fi bill will still not reflect its details as they only show the total data consumed and not individually as per apps.

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What iMessage Information Can Be Seen on the Bill?

Apple provides end-to-end encryption for the iMessages and hence no one can view the contents of your iMessages chats at any time.

Only information available about iMessages on a bill is the data it consumes.

However, there can be scenarios when your iMessage is sent as a Text Message SMS without you knowing about it, especially if there’s a fluctuation in your internet connection. In such case, your message details may appear on your phone bill stating the number on which the message was sent along with the time stamp.

How to See iMessage History on Bill

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can see your iMessage history on any bill.

How to Check How Much Data iMessages Have Used

Here’s how you can check the overall data consumed by the iMessages app:

Note: Data that reflects is for iMessages and Messages.

1 Open the Settings app and tap on Mobile Service.

2. Scroll down to Mobile Data and tap on System Services.

Here you can find the Messaging Services option showing the data used by the iMessages and Messages app.

Mesaging services shows the data used.

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We hope our guide answered your query about whether do iMessages show up on the phone bill or not. 

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