Reasons Why You See a Whatsapp Single Tick for a Long Time 

Tackle the stuck in one tick syndrome!

WhatsApp is the go-to app for quick text conversations. So, it is not just about sending a message, but also about getting a reply, which requires the recipient to actually receive it.

We have come to rely on double ticks as an indicator that our text has been successfully sent, received, and read. 

But what does it mean when the second tick on WhatsApp doesn’t appear promptly and your message remains stuck on a single tick for a long time?

Let’s find out the answer to it in today’s blog.

Reasons why you see a whatsapp single tick for a long time

Reasons Why You See a WhatsApp Message with a Single Tick for a Long Time

Did you just ping someone on WhatsApp, and have been sitting there since then, eagerly waiting for double ticks to appear and change their color to blue? 

Unfortunately, if that still hasn’t happened, the following may be the reasons:

1. Poor or No Internet Connection

If either you or the recipient has a weak, unstable, or just no internet connection on the device, your messages may not be delivered promptly. This can result in a single tick appearing for longer.

2. Recipient’s Device Tuned Off or Offline

They may not have received your text if their phone is switched off or is in an out-of-network coverage area.

Also possibly, if they have turned off their Mobile data or Wi-Fi, the message will only display a single tick until their device reconnects to the internet and receives the message.

Mobile data turned off

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3. Blocked Contact

Your messages will only show a single tick if the recipient has blocked you on WhatsApp as they won’t receive any of it.

You must check if their profile picture or status is visible to confirm the same. 

Do remember that even if they unblock you later, none of the old messages that you sent during the period when you were blocked will be delivered to them. 

Block on WhatsApp

4. WhatsApp Server Issues

Occasionally, WhatsApp servers experience downtime or technical issues due to congestion caused by heavy traffic or undergoing maintenance, which leads to delays in message delivery.

5. Technical Glitches or Bugs

If they are online, read your message already, and have even replied to you, and still your text shows a single tick, it clearly means that they haven’t blocked you on WhatsApp.

So it is possibly a technical glitch or the app is buggy. You can update WhatsApp or reinstall it to fix the issue.

Uninstall WhatsApp

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What Does Single Tick on WhatsApp Mean Even When Online? 

If the person to whom you have sent a message is online on WhatsApp and still there is a single tick on your text, it indicates that probably their internet is slow which may be causing the latency or there is some technical glitch within the app.

What Does Whatsapp Single Tick But Read Mean? 

On WhatsApp, a single tick but read can happen due to issues with the internet or when there are bugs in the app. 

What is the Difference Between One Grey Tick and Two on WhatsApp? 

One grey tick and two grey ticks on WhatsApp are two different indicators:

  • One grey tick on WhatsApp means that the message is sent but is not received by the other person.
  • Two grey ticks on WhatsApp means that the message is sent by you and is also received by the other person but it is not seen by them.

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What Should I Do if My Message Has One Grey Tick for Hours

If it’s been a long time since your message has one grey tick on WhatsApp, first you need to confirm the reason behind the same. 

If their phone is switched off or they have no internet connection, you will have to wait until they come back online.

If they have blocked you, just call them directly or ask about it to your mutual friends, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. How Long Does it Take For the Message to Be Delivered? 

Ans. WhatsApp messages are delivered instantly but sometimes problems in the network can cause the delay.

Q2. Can I Turn Off the Ticks in WhatsApp?

Ans. No, you cannot turn off the ticks in WhatsApp. You can only disable read receipts by which the double ticks won’t change their color to blue and the sender won’t know whether you have read their message or not. 

Q3. Can it Show One Tick on WhatsApp when Not Blocked? 

Ans. Yes, it can show one tick on WhatsApp when not blocked if the user has turned off their net or uninstalled the app.

Q4. Does One Grey Tick on WhatsApp Mean I’m Blocked? 

Ans. Not necessarily. A single grey tick means the message hasn’t been received by them yet, which can happen if their phone is not connected to the internet.

However, if you are not seeing the person’s profile photo and there is a single tick then chances are high they might have blocked you.

Q4. Does One Tick on Whatsapp Mean the Phone is Off? 

Ans. Yes, it is possible but not particularly. Either their phone could be off or only they might have turned off the internet connectivity.

We hope our blog helped you understand why there has been a single tick on your WhatsApp message for a long time.

If you have any queries or suggestions. drop them in the comments section and stay tuned to TechCult for more such informative blogs.

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