How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most growing social media platforms that has helped lots of influencers build up their community online. Still, in case your account gets deleted, it will be chaos for many of you. And everyone will certainly want to get out of this situation as early as possible. So, in this article, we will look at how to find out who made a fake Instagram account and trace a fake Instagram account as well.

How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Instagram Account

How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Instagram Account

If you are unsure about a specific Instagram account and want to know how to confirm whether it is fake or not, read the ways given just below to reach a conclusion.

How to Identify a Fake Instagram Account?

There is no one definite way to find who made a fake Instagram account, as a fake Instagram account is created with the cautiousness that no one can track it. Sometimes VPN is used to generate a fake and untraceable location, and fake contact information is used so that no one can contact the actual person behind the fake account. Still, you can consider the following measures to identify whether the account is fake or not.

Note: These methods can never give you the 100% surety that the said account is fake. However, you can get some insights with the help of these methods to determine the genuineness of that account.

1. Inspect the Profile Picture of the suspicious account. If the actual person does not match the pictures posted on that account, the account is likely to be fake.

2. Examine the Username of the account. If it does not seem relevant or contains words like backup, as illustrated below, then that account can be considered fake.

Fake Username and Profile Picture of an Instagram account

3. Compare the followers and following count of that account. If the following count is high compared to the count of followers, then the account is likely to be fake.

High following count compared to the followers count

4. If the Bio of that account profile is looking spammy while asking you to visit different accounts or irrelevant pages, then that page is mostly fake.

Fake account asking you to visit different accounts or irrelevant pages

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Can My Instagram Be Traced to Me?

Yes, your Instagram account can be traced on such social media platforms where users upload their pictures for the world to see. It’s easy to trace accounts with the help of the IP address location from where the media content was uploaded. And this can be done through various IP services like IP2Location.

Note: Media posts can be posted using a VPN with a different or unknown location. Hence, there will be no guarantee that the media was uploaded from a particular place only.

IP2Location Homepage

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Can Someone Track Me From Instagram?

Yes, anyone can track your Instagram account if there are any media uploaded on it. Most of the time, the tracking happens with the intention of either accessing the hidden content of the said account or spamming the target users with malicious links. And it can be done with the help of tracking the IP location from where the media is posted. However, using a VPN service, Instagram media posts can be uploaded from an unknown location to make your account untraceable.

Can You Trace a Fake Instagram Account? Can Someone Trace an IG Account?

Yes, if there is some content uploaded on that Instagram account, then there are chances to track that Instagram account. You can report a fake account with the help of these guidelines provided by Instagram. You can find out whether an account is fake or not with the methods mentioned above in this article. But tracing a fake Instagram account can be difficult sometimes because it may contain no media, and even the contact information like mail ID can be fake or hidden.

report a Fake account with the help of guidelines provided by Instagram

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Can Police Trace the Origin of an Instagram Account? Can Police Track Fake Instagram Accounts?

No, it is not practically feasible also for the police to trace a fake or anonymous Instagram account because fake Instagram accounts are mostly created with fraudulent contact information. And even it can be created using VPN, so the location can be totally different from where actually the account was created. So, considering this situation, it’s not possible for the police to track down the Instagram account.

Can Police Track a Deactivated Instagram?

Yes. Instagram saves your account information for some time after your account is deactivated. And if the law asks for that information because of some cybercrimes done through this account, Instagram will release that account information to the law. So, this will lead to the user getting into trouble for the wrongdoings.

Can Cybercrime Track Instagram?

Yes. If an authentic complaint is raised for any particular Instagram account that has indulged in any kind of crime, the cyber police have the right to take your account information directly from Instagram itself.

How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Instagram Account? How to Know the Identity of a Fake Instagram Account?

It’s kind of an impossible task to find out who made a fake Instagram account or identify such accounts. These accounts can be identified only if the main account name and the respective link are mentioned in the profile bio of the fake account.

main account name is given in the bio of the fake account | How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Instagram Account


We hope that you learned about how to find out who made a fake Instagram account. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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