How to Delete Vine Account

Twitter launched Vine, a platform for sharing brief videos, in 2013. Each Vine or video was just six seconds long until it was continuously looped. Back then, this short video blogging concept was a hit, and Vine received a great response from users. Despite having a large user base and viewership, Vine couldn’t compete with the other major players in the social media industry. More people are using Snapchat and Instagram to produce entertaining videos. Due to this, Twitter decided to discontinue Vine in October 2016. Were you a Vine user and used to watch Vines for entertainment? And now you don’t use it and wondering how to delete Vine account? Or how can you find old Vine username? If you are looking for more information related to your old Vine account, stay tuned until the end! We bring you a helpful guide that will resolve all these queries with extra ones, like how to permanently delete a Vine Account or why was Vine discontinued by Twitter.

How to Delete Vine Account

How to Delete Vine Account

You will get to know how to delete Vine account and find old Vine username further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Does Vine Still Exist?

The Vine app was discontinued by Twitter in October 2016. But Vine’s services are still available as users can still access Vine’s website and app to view and download content. But now, users can no longer publish new videos on Vine. In December 2017, Twitter launched the Vine Camera mobile app as a stand-alone photography app that can record short and loop videos. But now they have disabled the upload feature, and users can either directly publish their recorded videos on Twitter or save them directly to their phone’s storage.

Can You Still Access Vine?

Yes. Sadly, Twitter discontinued Vine, a short 6 seconds loop video-sharing platform. But those Vine videos are not deleted by Twitter. You can watch old vines just by searching, replaced with the username of the user whose vines you want to access. If you have a link to an old Vine video, that link will still open up the video’s page on the Vine Archive or to Twitter to watch it.

Did All Vines Get Deleted?

No. When you visit the Vine website, it shows a goodbye message. But Twitter has not deleted any of the Vines uploaded by users. So, to access Vine’s videos, you can either search on Google for the of the account whose vine you want to watch. Or you can tap on any Vine video link, which will still open up the video’s page on the Vine Archive.

Vine website

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When did Vine Shut Down?

Twitter launched Vine, a platform for sharing brief videos, in 2013. But due to competition, lack of monetization policies, and other reasons, The Vine app, and websites were discontinued or shut down in 2016. But as a form of consolation, Twitter kept every Vine in the Vine Archive and stayed operational in the form of an app called the Vine Camera, used to record short videos. But you could either upload it on Twitter or save it to your device. Sadly in 2020, the Vine Camera and Vine Archive have both been removed from service. Keep reading this article to learn how to delete Vine account.

Why was Vine Discontinued?

There are mainly these reasons why was Vine discontinued by Twitter.

Reason #1: Lack of Proper Monetization Policies

Vine was not able to implement its monetization policies correctly, and due to this, its business wasn’t making any profits. Unlike other social media firms, they didn’t experiment with various ways of monetization because making profits is the most important factor in a business. However, this meant that once the expansion stopped, there would no longer be any purpose to maintaining the service, and that’s why Vine was discontinued by Twitter.

Reason #2: High Competition

In 2013, Vine and its major competition Instagram were launched. Users were always more attracted to Instagram because Instagram has the feature to record 15 seconds long videos compared to the 6 seconds provided by Vine. When people discovered they could find everything they needed on Instagram, Vine became outdated. In the end, Instagram became the preferred platform for sharing videos since both regular users and Vine celebrities desired more time for their recordings.

Reason #3: Problems Caused by Twitter

We saw that Instagram had grown exponentially since it got acquired by Facebook. But when Vine was acquired by Twitter, it couldn’t flourish. The main reason behind this was that Twitter acquired Vine at a very early stage, and Twitter’s strategic goal in acquiring Vine at such a young age was to use it to expand Twitter’s own brand and company. Also, Twitter launched its own video function. Therefore, nullifying the need for Vine’s existence. Due to this, Vine never was the top concern for Twitter; it was just a platform to promote their own brand.

Reason #4: Lack of Advertisation

Vine was launched as a microblogging platform where users upload short 6 seconds lopping videos. It initially made Vine popular, but Vine videos are so short that using it for advertising never made sense. This concept of the short video also made it less than ideal for the business hoping to profit from the app’s popularity. Hence, marketers and advertisers preferred Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook over Vine because of Vine’s poor advertising model.

Reason #5: Vine was Not Able to Understand and Meet User’s Need

In the case of Vine, most of the content is produced only by a limited number of Vine users. So, Vine’s success was largely due to the platform’s active content providers. But reasons like sticking to 6 seconds video made it quite difficult for Vine creators to create an entertaining video as compared to Instagram. Also, creating videos on Vine was not a good source of income for creators as compared to creating videos on Youtube or Instagram. Because of this, creators used Vine to acquire some followers initially and then jump to other platforms with better monetization policies than Vine.

Due to all these reasons, Twitter was forced to discontinue Vine services. Keep reading further to find out how to find old Vine username and how to delete Vine account.

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How to Find Old Vine Username?

If you are wondering what is the simplest way to find your old Vine account, here is a guide to finding it in a few easy steps.

1. Open the Twitter app on your Android or iOS phone.

2. Tap on the Profile icon from the top left corner, as shown.

Tap on the Profile icon from the top left corner

3. Then, tap on Profile.

tap on Profile

4. Tap on Edit profile.

Tap on Edit profile

5. Then, turn on the toggle for the Show my Vine Profile option and tap on Save.

turn on the toggle for the Show my Vine Profile option and tap on Save

6. After making the above changes to your Twitter account, tap on the Vine option from your profile.

Now, you will be redirected to your Vine profile from where you can get your old Vine account’s username.

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How to Find Old Vine Account?

Vine services are discontinued by Twitter and you can’t access your Vine account from its official website as it displays a goodbye message. You can find your old Vine account through your Twitter account. Follow the steps mentioned above to find old Vine account. With this, you will be redirected to your Vine archive and can see all your old uploaded Vine videos and profile.

How to Delete Your Vine Account?

As Vine’s website is not functional, you can only deactivate your account using their email support. Here is a guide on how to delete Vine account in a few easy steps.

Note: Make sure you have access to the username of your old Vine account to continue this guide. You can find it from your password manager if you have saved it, or from your Twitter account, as described in the above heading.

1. Visit your Gmail account or any other email account on your browser.

Once you have your Username, Visit the official Gmail website.

2. Click on the Compose option and enter in the To field.

As Vine’s website is not functional, You can only deactivate your account using their email support. Click on the compose button and in the recipient field fill in

3. Type a request email that should contain your profile username and link to your profile page with the account deletion request to Vine support.

4. After this, click on Send.

Once, your Vine account is deleted successfully, you will receive a response email from Vine Support.

How to Permanently Delete a Vine Account?

To permanently delete a Vine account, you have to reach Vine’s email support with an account deletion request with your Vine account username.

Read and follow the steps mentioned above to permanently delete your Vine account.


We hope that you learned how to delete Vine account and find old Vine username. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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