How to Find Fake Account on Bumble

Bumble is an online dating service. After viewing the profiles of potential matches, users have the option to swipe left to reject a prospect or swipe right to express interest. While any user may send a message first in a same-sex match, only female users are allowed to initiate contact with matched male users in heterosexual matches. When utilizing Bumble, it’s important to put your safety first and watch out for warning signs because catfishing still occurs online. When someone makes a false persona, in this example, a dating profile, with the purpose to find a target and violate them in some manner, such behavior is known as catfishing. A catfish has different incentives. Some people create phony profiles to meet new people because they have evil intentions, like tricking people into giving them money or sexual content. Other people do it because they are lonely or have self-esteem problems. Catfishing is entirely against Bumble’s beliefs, regardless of the cause. If you are someone looking for tips about how to find a fake account on Bumble, this guide will help you. It will help you understand how to spot fake Bumble profile and report a fake Bumble account. We will also advise you on whether you should use a fake name on Bumble or not.

How to Find Fake Account on Bumble

How to Find Fake Account on Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd created Bumble not long after quitting Tinder. Bumble has been referred to be a feminist dating app by Wolfe Herd. With 42 million monthly users as of January 2021, Bumble is the second-most used dating app in the United States, right behind Tinder. A poll conducted in June 2016 revealed that 46.2% of its customers are female. According to Forbes, the firm had a worth of over $1 billion by 2017, and as of 2019, it claimed to have over 55 million members across 150 countries. Keep reading further to find ways explaining how to spot a fake account on Bumble and use a fake name on Bumble.

How Can You Find a Fake Account on Bumble?

Read further to know how to find a fake account on Bumble. If someone makes you feel uneasy or makes you think that their profile could not be genuine, don’t be afraid to Block & Report them. You may want to exercise additional caution if you see any of the following classic catfish indicators on someone’s profile or during a conversation with them.

  • Staged pictures: There are no candid images in their profile pictures, which gives the impression that they were staged. When it comes to someone’s Bumble profile and images, red flags include only having one picture of a highly attractive, model-like individual or a profile that appears too good to be true.
  • No selfies/meets/videos: They are unable to ever get together or video chat. They’re always anxious to visit you, but something keeps getting in the way; this is one habit that defines a catfish. If they don’t look or act like how they appear online, the individual could want to avoid meeting in person so as not to break their cover.
  • They don’t provide information about themselves: They want to talk about you all the time. To entice you in, catfish are renowned for being extremely hospitable at first. When you inquire about the lives of catfish, they frequently avoid you. This is because they won’t be able to provide any specifics and will instead be trying to focus all of their attention on you in an effort to make you feel special.
  • Fake social media account: Check out their social media and watch out for indications that someone is lying on their social media, such as a new account, a lack of friends or interactions, or postings that date back just a few months.

Bumble Sign Up page

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Can You Make a Fake Account on Bumble?

Yes, you can make a fake account on Bumble. Although Bumble has a very thorough sign up process, there may be a few tricks to cheat the identification process and create a fake account. Continue reading further to learn how can you report a fake Bumble account and if you should use a fake name on Bumble.

Can You Fake a Bumble Verification?

No, bypassing or getting around Bumble’s verification process is impossible. To prevent catfishing and user impersonation, photo verification is used. If you are asked to verify your photo, you must cooperate by snapping selfies in particular positions, which are then compared to the photographs on your profile. So verification process is literally not possible.

Can You Be Catfished on Bumble?

Yes, it is possible to be Catfished on Bumble. Catfishing is the act of developing a relationship with a person who has a false profile to exploit them in some way. The ideals of Bumble are opposed to catfishing, and they are always working to remove phony profiles from the platform. Anyone discovered to have posted a fraudulent dating profile or made an effort to con a Bumble member will be banned from the community.

Can You Have 2 Bumble Accounts?

Yes, you can utilize multiple Bumble modes while maintaining distinct profiles for each option. Bumble has various modes like Business and BFFs. Separate accounts can be made for different modes.

You will have to log in to your Bumble account and go to your Settings and select Choose Mode. After deciding on your preferred mode, you may now use your chat screen to look for new connections.

Note: All of your matches are now shown in your match queue, regardless of the mode you are in. To make it easier to tell which mode you are connected in, BFF and Bizz connections now display a label on the user in your match queue.

Now, let’s see whether you should use a fake name on Bumble.

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Should I Use a Fake Name on Bumble?

It depends. Sharing your name shouldn’t be a problem, but avoid giving out personal information like your mother’s maiden name or home address. The quantity of information you disclose should be limited. For instance, however, you cannot disclose the location of your workplace. Put a selective username to use.

You don’t have to use your true name unless it’s an initial or a nickname. You ought to avoid using the same username on many social networking platforms. Although Bumble does not promote the careless use of genuine identity documents, it does have a privacy policy regarding the use of real names. A risk exists when more personally identifiable information is provided, such as birthdates, birth years, ID numbers, etc.

Does Bumble Have a Lot of Fake Accounts?

No, Bumble does not have a lot of fake accounts. Only a small percentage of the Bumble profiles you view are phony; Bumble does not generate false profiles. On social networking sites, a blue check mark often denotes a celebrity; however, on Bumble, the same blue check mark shows that you are a real person. Fake accounts on Bumble are not tolerated, and staff at Bumble works around the clock to keep them out of the Hive.

Can Bumble Verified Profiles be Fake?

No, Bumble verified profiles couldn’t be fake. Bumble’s verification procedure cannot be evaded or manipulated. The purpose of photo verification is to prevent catfishing and user impersonation. To complete the authentication procedure, Bumble requires you to shoot a selfie that closely resembles an onscreen motion after it has shown you a picture. It will be impossible to verify this if you are not a real user.

What Percentage of Bumble Accounts are Fake?

One to five percent of profiles may be false on Bumble. The percentage is very low due to Bumble’s strict verification process.

How Do You Know If Someone is Verified on Bumble?

Look for the little white star in the blue shield next to a user’s name in their profile to determine if they have verified their account on Bumble. It should appear below their name and age on their main profile picture.

little white star in the blue shield Verified Bumble profile

Keep reading further to learn how to report a fake Bumble account. And read this article from the start to learn if you should use a fake name on Bumble.

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How Do You Spot Bots on Bumble? How Do I Know If it’s a Bumble Bot?

Like other chatbots, dating-app bots are created using computer code to mimic a “conversation” with users. Given how adept some of these bots may be at imitating human speech patterns, they are frequently used to spam or defraud people.

  • Their images appear to be too flawless: Scammers typically utilize expert profile images that have been either stolen from other users or picked at random from Google searches in order to persuade you to swipe right.
  • Their biography seems suspicious: There might be too much pretense in the bio section.
  • Extremely rapid response or trying to carry the discussion forward: It may be a bot if, after matching with someone, you receive your first message right away or if they try to shift the conversation to another application.
  • Other social media profiles are not connected to the profile: Creating a social background for a false profile that seems real is typically not a priority for scammers. So you might not find their profile on other social media apps.

How to Find a Fake Account on Bumble?

Here is how to find a fake account on Bumble:

  • Look for the Verification badge: The first thing you should check is the verification badge on the profile. If the profile has a blue verification badge, it cannot be a fake account as Bumble has a very precise verification process. If they do not have verification, you can also ask them to verify their account first as it is a simple process if you are a real user. If they refuse, you might be dealing with a fake account.
  • Only one photo is available: If the person’s profile on Bumble has just one image and they are really attractive, chances are that it is not of them.
  • Answers to all of the questions are ambiguous: They give you a brief response—one or two words—when you ask them where they live, work, or are from before quickly changing the subject.
  • They will not exchange phone numbers: You had a fantastic talk, and now you want to start texting each other on WhatsApp, but they won’t give you their phone number. Additionally, despite your repeated pleas, they won’t Skype or make any voice calls to you.
  • They appear too perfect to be true: You are matched with a man or woman who has chiseled features, a fantastic figure, and excellent hair. They also respond to your messages right away and appreciate you. They are most probably false if you believe them to be too perfect to be true.
  • Nothing seems to make sense: To screen out false profiles, it is always a good idea to ask as many questions as you can and then follow up on those questions to check whether their responses are consistent. There is a time restriction on how long a perpetrator may maintain their false online presence.

Note: All processes except for the verification process are based on your guesswork and cannot be a sure way to identify fake profiles.

How to Spot Fake Bumble Profile?

Here are a few ways to spot Bumble profile:

Method 1: Spot Grammatical and Strange Mistakes in Profile

A bot or a person from a different nation may be in charge of fake accounts. Because of the strange coding they utilize, or because they are writing in a second language, their profile and messages will be littered with grammatical and spelling problems. Grammatical errors happen to everyone occasionally, but they could also be indications that a profile is false.

Method 2: Locate Odd Links

Avoid clicking on links since they are a common phishing scam. They could send you a link to their new website or a video they feel is entertaining urging you to check it out. Be careful when clicking links since they can be readily manipulated to include viruses, spyware, and malware.

Method 3: Alert When Asked for Bank or Card Information

They are tricking you if they want your credit card number or bank account information. Your personal information will be gathered as quickly as possible via fake accounts. They will want your email, contact information, job-related information, and last name. They could be able to break into your accounts if they have information about you.

It can indicate that things are phony if they seem to be going far too rapidly. To gain your trust and con you, they will show you all kinds of affection. Read this article from the start to learn if you should use a fake name on Bumble.

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How to Report a Fake Bumble Account?

Now that you know how to spot fake Bumble profile, let us know how to report a fake bumble account. Follow these instructions on your Bumble mobile app to report a profile that you think is false if you come across one:

1. Tap on the Hide and Report option from the bottom of the user’s profile.

Tap on the Hide and Report option from the bottom of the user's profile | How to Find Fake Account on Bumble

2. Select the stolen picture as the cause of your report, and then provide any further remarks for Bumble moderation staff.

3. Describe the incident in more detail for precise benefit.

4. Tap on Submit report.

Tap on Submit report

This is how to report a fake Bumble account.


We hope that you learned about how to find fake account on Bumble and report a fake Bumble account. Feel free to contact us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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