How to Clear Your Snapchat Score

Snapchat not just has newly launched camera filters every week, but it keeps coming up with new tricks to grab its user’s attention. One is Snapchat streaks, which helps you keep in touch with your friends by sending them a picture or a video. The streak and the Snap score are quite popular as they give users a rating. In such a case, you might wonder when does Snapchat score update or how to get a higher Snap score. Similarly, the Snap score has not been easy on everyone as it tends to confuse the users about how to see Snapchat score and more. We bring you a perfect guide that will help you to understand a few queries: how do you score on Snapchat, why is my Snap score not going up, and how to clear your Snapchat score. So, let us begin by knowing more about Snap score and its whereabouts.

How to Clear Your Snapchat Score

How to Clear Your Snapchat Score

Snapchat score is a feature with which users can calculate their app usage. This usage is defined by a numerical rating. As much as you send streaks to your friends, your rating will increase, and so will your Snap score. This unique feature has, till now, only been launched by Snapchat, thus making it a popular application among Gen Z.

To put it in the right words, there is no way you can clear your Snapchat score. Snapchat does not provide an option to clear the score, but some ways can help you with something similar to how to clear your Snapchat score. Let us look into the methods below to know more about how the Snap score works:

Method 1: Remove Friend

The first and the easiest way to tackle the issue of Snap score is by removing the user added on your Snapchat as your friend whom you want to hide the score. This will stop them from seeing your score in the future. To do the same on your Snapchat, follow the steps given below:

1. Tap on the Snapchat app on your phone to open it.

Tap on the Snapchat app. How to clear your Snapchat score

2. Then, tap on the Bitmoji icon.

Tap on the Bitmoji icon

3. Next, tap on the My Friends option to open the list.

Tap on My Friends

4. Press on the friend for a few seconds you want to remove and select the Manage Friendship option.

Tap on Manage Friendship

5. Select Remove Friend.

Select Remove Friend

6. Finally, tap on Remove in the pop-up.

Tap on Remove in the pop-up | How to clear your Snapchat score

Now that you have removed the friend, they won’t be able to see your Snapchat score anymore.

Method 2: Block User

Another way you can opt to hide your Snapchat score from a user is by blocking the person. Blocking can be done by opening the profile of the user. You can follow the steps below for the same:

1. Launch the Snapchat application on your smartphone.

Tap on the Snapchat application

2. Swipe left on the Home screen.

Swipe left

3. Long press on the friend you want to block and select Manage Friendship.

4. Tap on Block.

Tap on Block | How to clear your Snapchat score

5. Confirm by taping on Block in the pop-up.

Confirm by taping on Block in the pop-up

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Method 3: Make Account Private

If you are wondering how to clear your Snapchat score from strangers, it is easy. This can be done by making your account private. This helps keep strangers from seeing your Snap score, as only friends on Snapchat can view your score. To understand it better, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Snapchat and tap on the Bitmoji icon at the top left corner.

Tap on the Bitmoji icon

2. Tap on the gear icon to open Snapchat Settings.

Open Settings

3. Locate PRIVACY CONTROLS and tap on Contact Me.

Tap on Contact Me

4. Select My Friends.

Select My Friends

Selecting My Friends as your Contact Me settings can stop strangers from viewing your Snap score.

Method 4: Delete Snapchat Account

If you want to desperately make your Snap score zero and clear it from your profile, then deleting your account is the best way to achieve it. But remember deleting your Snapchat account will remove all the data from your profile, and you will have to start anew. If you are still willing to do it, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to Snapchat account page.

2. Here, Log in to Snapchat.

log in to Snapchat

3. Now, in the Manage My Account page, click on the DELETE MY ACCOUNT option.

delete my account snapchat accounts page

4. Enter your username and password and click on CONTINUE.

snapchat delete account page. How to Clear Your Snapchat Score

5. Finally, your account will get deactivated.

snapchat account deactivated

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Why is My Snap Score Not Going Up?

If you notice that Snap score is not going up, it might be due to slow servers that have stopped. Also, due to system maintenance, Snapchat might stop working for some time, leading to the score not increasing. Therefore, in this case, the best thing to do is wait for the Snap score to catch up.

How to See Snapchat Score?

Snap score is easy to find. All you need to do is to follow the steps below to find your score:

1. Open Snapchat on your device.

2. Tap on the profile icon at the top left corner.

Tap on the profile icon | How to clear your Snapchat score

3. Locate your name and look for numbers under it.

Snapchat score in numbers

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How do You Score on Snapchat?

You can score on Snapchat by sending photos or videos to your Snapchat friends daily, also known as a streak. Maintaining the streak will increase your Snap score on your profile. You can follow the steps below to score on Snapchat:

1. Open the Snapchat application.

2. Click a picture/make a video using the circle in the center.

Use the circle to click picture or make a video

3. Tap on Send To to send the clicked picture/video as a streak to your friends.

Tap on Send To | How to clear your Snapchat score

4. Select your friends to whom you want to send it and tap on the arrow icon at the bottom.

Select friends and tap on arrow icon

Once you have hit send, check your Snapchat score, it will increase.

When does Snapchat Score Update?

Snapchat score updates can take a few minutes to a few hours. It all depends on if the Snapchat application is facing any errors or is under maintenance. You can see your Snap score updated immediately if it works fine.

How to Get a Higher Snap Score?

You can achieve a higher Snap score by increasing the number of photos and videos you send as a streak. Maintain the streak regularly with your friends. You can also add more friends to increase the streak number. As you know how to clear your Snapchat score from the above methods, you can read our guide on How To Increase Your Snapchat Score.

Snapchat score in numbers | How to clear your Snapchat score

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I delete my Snapchat score?

Ans. No, you cannot possibly delete your Snapchat score. However, you can hide it from the people you want to by removing them as friends or blocking them from seeing your score.

Q2. Can I reset my Snapchat score?

Ans. No, you cannot reset your Snapchat score. If you want to start from zero and build a new score, your only option is to delete your account.

Q3. Can I lose my Snap score if I stop sending streaks?

Ans. No, you cannot lose your Snap score even if you stop sending streaks to your friends. A Snap score can only increase and never comes down.

Q4. When can I expect my Snap score to reset?

Ans. No, you cannot reset your Snap score. Instead, you can expect a refresh in your Snap score each time you send a streak or simply a photo/video recorded on the Snapchat camera to a friend. Doing this immediately leads to an increase in your score.

Q5. How long does a streak last?

Ans. Streaks on Snapchat last about 24 hours from when it was first sent. To maintain it, you must regularly send your fellow streak mates a picture or a video. Once the hourglass icon appears in front of a friend’s name, your streak lasts 2–3 hours.


We hope that our guide helped you out in knowing how to clear your Snapchat score and also in maintaining it. Let us know which one of the methods helped you the most with your score problem. If you have any suggestions or queries to ask, leave them in the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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