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How to Cancel Skillshare Membership

Although Skillshare is an excellent platform for learning and improving your skills, its membership may not be suitable for all. Some users may wish to cancel their Skillshare membership due to time constraints or dissatisfaction with the courses offered. Continue reading to learn how to break free from an unwanted Skillshare membership and constant course suggestions.

How to Cancel Skillshare Membership

How to Cancel Skillshare Membership

If you’re unsure whether to cancel your Skillshare membership, it may be worth exploring other options. For example, you can try pausing your membership instead of canceling, which would allow you to retain access to your classes while taking a break from paying the monthly fee. Keep reading to learn if you can do this or not.

Quick Answer

To cancel your Skillshare membership, follow these steps:

1. Sign In to your Skillshare account.

2. Navigate to the Account Settings page.

3. Click on Payments from the left-hand menu.

4. Click Cancel Membership.

5. Choose a reason for canceling and click on Submit.

Is It Hard to Cancel Skillshare?

No, it is not at all hard to cancel Skillshare. You may want to cancel Skillshare for the following reasons:

  • Completed desired courses with a monthly membership
  • Want to discontinue the annual membership
  • Want to cancel Skillshare for Teams account

Skillshare for Teams

Is Skillshare Easy to Cancel?

Yes, Skillshare is very easy to cancel. It is a matter of a sequence of clicks and taps to cancel Skillshare membership. Continue reading this guide to learn more about the process.

Can I Pause My Skillshare Subscription?

Yes, you can pause your Skillshare membership. Skillshare allows you to pause your membership for a maximum period of three months if you have subscribed to their monthly membership plan. Skillshare has not officially declared the membership pausing terms and conditions for learners with annual membership plans.

The Skillshare membership can be paused through the Skillshare Payments Page. You can resume your membership for three months via the Payments page by clicking Resume membership.

Note: You can pause your Skillshare subscription only if you have taken the monthly subscription plan through the Skillshare website.

Skillshare website

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What Happens If You Cancel Skillshare?

After you cancel your Skillshare membership, you will still have an active membership plan for the remaining days that are already paid for in your subscription plan.

During this period, you will have access to the following:

  • All your class videos
  • Your class projects
  • Class discussions and forums
  • Any downloadable material provided by the course instructor

Once this period ends, you will lose access to all those mentioned above. Further, your membership will not be renewed anymore. However, you can activate a new Skillshare membership plan, monthly or annual, anytime.

Note: If you cancel your annual membership on Skillshare within 14 days of completing your payment, you can get a refund of the subscription fee by contacting Skillshare. However, Skillshare does not offer refunds for canceling monthly memberships. Skillshare offers only one refund per customer according to their refund policy.

How to Cancel Skillshare Membership?

The procedure for canceling Skillshare membership is pretty straightforward. It depends on the payment method through which you purchased your subscription plan.

Uninstalling the Skillshare app from your device will not cancel your Skillshare membership. If you have an active membership and uninstall the app, you will still be charged after your active membership period. Hence, follow the steps carefully to get your Skillshare membership canceled based on your payment method.

Note: If you have signed up for Skillshare for Teams account, you cannot cancel your subscription with this method. Your agreement with Skillshare will govern the cancellation of your membership. You must contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or Skillshare directly through the Skillshare support email.

Option I: From Skillshare Website

Note: This method is for the users who purchased the Skillshare membership from their credit card or PayPal payment.

1. Sign In to your Skillshare account on your web browser using your email address and password.

Log in to your Skillshare account on your web browser using your email address and password | How to Cancel Skillshare Membership

2. Click on your profile icon from the top right corner and select Account Settings.

Click on your profile logo on the top right corner, and select Account Settings

3. Click on the Payments tab from the left pane of the Settings menu.

4. Click on Cancel Membership > Continue Cancellation.

5. Again, click on Cancel Membership from the popup.

6. Lastly, choose the desired reason to cancel this membership and click on Submit to successfully remove this membership.

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Option II: From Google Play Store

Skillshare cannot directly cancel or manage your membership if you have subscribed through Google Play or iOS App Store. If you have subscribed to Skillshare via Google Play Store, follow the steps to cancel your membership:

1. Launch Google Play Store on your smartphone.

launch Play Store

2. Tap on the profile icon from the top right corner.

tap on the profile icon |

3. Tap on Payments and subscriptions from the menu.

go to payments and subscriptions

4. Next, tap on Subscriptions.

go to subscriptions | How to Cancel Skillshare Membership

5. Tap on the Skillshare subscription from the list.

6. Then, tap on Cancel subscription.

tap on Cancel subscription |

7. Select the reason why you want to cancel the subscription and tap on Continue.

Select the reason why you want to cancel the subscription and tap on Continue |

8. Lastly, tap on Cancel subscription from the popup.

tap on Cancel subscription from the popup | How to Cancel Skillshare Membership

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Option III: From iOS App Store

If you have subscribed to Skillshare via iOS App Store, you can cancel your Skillshare membership by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your Apple ID.

Open the Settings App on your iPhone and tap on the Apple ID.

2. Tap on Subscriptions.

tap on Subscription

3. Tap on the Skillshare subscription.

4. Then, tap on Cancel Subscription.

Tap on Cancel Subscription

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to cancel the membership successfully.


The methods on how to cancel Skillshare membership from various platforms were explained in this article. We hope you learned and followed the suitable method to say goodbye to your Skillshare membership. Before leaving this page, take some time out and mention any questions or suggestions about this article in the comments section below. And we also encourage you to share what you want to learn about in our next article.

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