How to Add and Use GiveawayBot to Host Events – GiveawayBot Commands

Know all about GiveawayBot and ease your way into Discord!

Do you want to attract users to your Discord server through Giveaways? Whether by offering Steam keys, Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox gift cards. GiveawayBot can be your answer. Hosting an event always excites a user to participate and attracts users to join on your server. But how to add and use GiveawayBot to host events and use Giveaway commands? Keep reading below to find out!

How to Add and Use GiveawayBot to Host Events

How to Add and Use GiveawayBot

It is easier to host giveaways on a separate channel since all the giveaways will be hosted on the channel itself. Follow the below steps to add and setup GiveawayBot:

1. Go to the target server on Discord and click on the + icon present near text channels to create a channel.

Click on the plus icon | giveaway bot commands

2. Type Giveaways in the CHANNEL NAME section and click on the Create Channel button.

Type Giveaways in the CHANNEL NAME section and click on the Create Channel button | add giveawaybot

Giveaway channel has been created, now you can invite GiveawayBot on this server. Now, to host Giveaways keep following the steps below:

4. First, visit the official GiveawayBot website.

5. Click on ADD TO DISCORD.

Click on ADD TO DISCORD | giveaway bot commands

6. Select a server to invite the bot and click on Continue button.

Select a server to invite the bot and click on Continue button

7. Click on the Authorize button to invite GiveawayBot.

Click on the Authorize button to invite GiveawayBot | setup GiveawayBot

8. Click on I am human and complete the Captcha verification.

Complete the captcha | giveaway bot commands

After this, keep following the steps below to use GiveawayBot:

9. Create a Giveaway channel on your server by adding #giveaway and clicking on Create Channel.

Navigate to the Giveaway channel on your server

10. Enter the command /gcreate command to create a giveaway.

11. Enter the details in the text boxes provided and click on Submit to host.

Note: Time is to be entered in number and appropriate suffixes to be typed such as 1s, 1m, 1h, or 1d (1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, or 1 day).

Enter the details in the text boxes | setup GiveawayBot

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What is GiveawayBot?

GiveawayBot interacts with Discord users to host giveaways. The moderator chooses the frequency of giveaways and the winner after they setup GiveawayBot. Before, hosting giveaways, there are certain things to be done on the bot, follow the article below to learn how.

Features of GiveawayBot?

There are features to complement the GiveawayBot, read below to learn more:

 giveaway bot homepage | giveaway bot commands

  • 24/7 uptime means the giveaway can be hosted at any time of day and you can even host a giveaway at a particular time so as to serve a particular region with their different timezones.
  • Use simple GiveawayBot commands to host a giveaway mean that it becomes easier to use and the process is fast which also means you can create a giveaway at your fingertips.
  • Found an error in the bot characteristics? You can report them easily through the support features or email the creator when you setup GiveawayBot to your server.
  • Customization never ends in GiveawayBot, there are vast modes of customization that can serve a particular giveaway, so you can customize the bot in any way you wish.

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GiveawayBot Commands

Let us take a look at GiveawayBot commands on Discord to make sure you know all your commands:

Command Function
/ghelp shows the available commands
/gabout shows information about the bot
/ginvite This command will show a link to add the bot to your server
/gcreate creates a giveaway (interactive setup)
/gstart <time> <winners> <prize> This will start a giveaway with the provided Values.
/gend <giveaway_id> This will end the targeted currently running giveaway and pick the appropriate winners immediately.
/gdelete <giveaway_id> This will delete the specified giveaway without picking winners.
/glist This will list all the currently running giveaways on the server in a list
/greroll <giveaway_id> This command will pick a new winner from the specified giveaway.
/gsettings show This will show GiveawayBot’s settings set on the server.
/gsettings set color <hex_code> This will set the color of the embed used for giveaways
/gsettings set emoji <emoji> This sets the emoji or texts used on the button to enter giveaways

Managing Multiple Giveaways to Attract Users

Hosting one Giveaway is one thing and hosting multiple giveaways are another. Read below to see what the it offers once you setup GiveawayBot it to your server:

  • Hosting even one giveaway needs more focus and seeing it reaches the intended target audience or it might not interest users.
  • Once the appropriate target audience is made clear, hosting multiple giveaways may seem intuitive in that it can boost the existing users or double the user usage on your server
  • GiveawayBot has the feature of hosting multiple giveaways at any given time.
  • Different giveaway awards and giveaways set during gaming on Discord for different target audiences are also possible.
  • This can increase user engagement too and members participating regularly will be leveled up, these members have x2 chance of winning the giveaway making them your server’s loyal users.

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We hope you were able to host giveaways using GiveawayBot from our article how to add and use GiveawayBot to host events – GiveawayBot commands keep reading articles like these to gain more info. If you encounter any issues or have a doubt regarding the bot, please mention them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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