How Long Does Response to a Report Take in Discord?

As with any online platform, Discord has its fair share of challenges, including dealing with inappropriate behavior and violation of community guidelines. One of the most common ways of dealing with such issues is through the reporting feature, which enables users to flag inappropriate content or behavior to moderators. And users are often clueless about how long the response to a report take in Discord, as there are various processes to be followed after a report gets notified. Let’s get this query cleared in this article and learn what happens after a server gets reported.

How Long Does Response to a Report Take in Discord?

How Long Does Response to a Report Take in Discord?

The response times to the reports may vary according to the degree of violation of the community guidelines. Also, the counteractions depend on these violations. Let’s learn about this further in detail.

Does Reporting a Discord Server Work?

Yes. Reporting a Discord server can work if the reported server is found to violate Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

Note: It’s important to provide as much information as possible when reporting a server, including any screenshots or other evidence of violations.

How Long Does Response to a Report Take in Discord?

The duration it takes for a report to be resolved can vary depending on several factors, such as:

  • Reports that involve serious violations of community guidelines, such as harassment, hate speech, or threats of violence, are likely to be given higher priority and may be resolved more quickly.
  • On the other hand, reports that are less severe or provide less information may take longer to resolve.
  • Additionally, if there are a large number of reports being processed at the same time, it may take longer for your report to be reviewed and acted upon.

As such, it’s difficult to provide a specific time frame for how long a report will take to be resolved. However, Discord strives to resolve all reports as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the safety and well-being of its users.

Can You Report Someone on Discord for Scamming?

Yes, you can report someone on Discord for scamming. Discord takes the issue of scams and fraud very seriously, and they have a dedicated Trust & Safety team to investigate reports of fraudulent activities.

To report someone for scamming on Discord, follow these steps:

  • Collect evidence: If you have been scammed or witnessed someone else being scammed, gather as much evidence as possible. This may include screenshots, chat logs, or any other relevant information that can help Discord’s Trust & Safety team investigate the matter.
  • Report the user: Navigate to the user’s profile on Discord and tap on the three-dotted icon in the top right corner. From there, select Report Server and choose the reason for the report as Scamming. Fill out the report form with all relevant information and attach any evidence you have collected.
  • Wait for a response: Discord’s Trust & Safety team will review your report and investigate the matter. If they find that the user has engaged in fraudulent activities, they may take action against the user, such as suspending or banning their account.

Note: You should only report someone for scamming if you have evidence to support your claim. False reports can result in consequences for the reporter, so ensure you have a valid reason for making a report.

Click on Report Server from the drop-down menu

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Can You Report Someone on Discord for Harassment?

Yes, you can report someone on Discord for harassment. Discord takes harassment and other forms of abusive behavior very seriously and has a reporting system in place to help users report these types of incidents.

Can You Report Someone on Discord for Spamming?

Yes, you can report someone on Discord for spamming. It has a built-in reporting feature that allows users to report inappropriate behavior.

What Happens When a Discord Server Gets Reported?

When a Discord server gets reported, it is reviewed by the Trust & Safety team to determine if any violations of the Community Guidelines have occurred. The team may take one or more of the following actions:

  • No Action: If the reported content or behavior does not violate Community Guidelines, no action will be taken.
  • Warning: If the reported content or behavior violates Community Guidelines, but the offense is minor, the server owner and/or members involved may receive a warning from the Trust & Safety team.
  • Deletion: If the reported content or behavior is severe and violates Community Guidelines, the server may be deleted entirely. The Trust & Safety team may also take additional action against the server owner and/or members involved.
  • Restrictions: If the reported content or behavior violates Community Guidelines, but is not severe enough to warrant a server deletion, the Trust & Safety team may place restrictions on the server, such as limiting certain features or temporarily suspending access to the server.

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How Many Reports Does It Take to Ban a Discord Server?

Discord does not have a set number of reports required to ban a server. Instead, Discord’s Trust & Safety team will investigate each report and take action based on their findings.

Click Submit Report to send your report to Discord's Trust & Safety team.


With this article, we discussed how long does a report take in Discord to provide an appropriate response. Mention your doubts and suggestions in the comments box below. Explore more articles on Discord on our website to become well-versed in this platform.

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