What Does the Moon Symbol Mean on Discord?

With its unbeatable customization, Discord ensures that everything you need is incorporated into the app through icons that serve as indicators and can help you recognize and distinguish various activities. The activity statuses are also part of this, as those are displayed as different symbols or icons. But it is tedious to remember what every icon means, isn’t it? In this article, we will see what the moon symbol and idle mean on Discord, which are the most used status symbols.

What Does the Moon Symbol Mean on Discord?

What Does the Moon Symbol Mean on Discord?

Acronyms have been a constant part of the communication language used on chat platforms. The moon or I would say the crescent moon on Discord is one of the symbols that represent the activity status of users. So, the little moon on Discord means Idle. Following the trend, the idle symbol can be represented by the acronym AFK (Away From Keyboard).

Discord’s activity status changes to idle after five minutes of inactivity even if the app is not closed. As the yellow crescent moon appears near the user’s name, it symbolizes the absence of the user while the app has been left running on the system. Take it as a representation of a break where the user would still continue to receive notifications and alerts, conditionally they haven’t disabled background notifications.

Crescent moon Idle status for avatar on Discord

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What are the Other Activity Status on Discord?

Let’s not forget that there are these small effortless tweaks in Discord that make it comparatively attractive, elegant, and feature-rich. Discord does not only make its user know about the presence of a person when they one is online or on a break. There is more availability for it.

  • Green dot: The green dot on Discord near the member’s name appears when the one is online and active.
  • Red circle with a hyphen: This symbol on Discord represents Do Not Disturb which would ideally restrict all notifications from the Discord app.
  • Hollow grey circle: The hollow grey circle means Invisible/Offline. The user may still have complete access to the Discord server and can interact with the app without letting others know about your presence i.e., appearing invisible.

Default statuses list

How to Manually Set Idle Status on Discord App

So far in the article, we have learned about the Discord symbol meaning for different statuses. But can we manually change it as per our demands? Discord tracks the activeness of a user and automatically changes the status of the one from the default sets of activity statuses present on Discord. However, the user can also manually change the activity status on the Discord app as per requirements.

1. Open the Discord app on your phone.

2. Tap on the profile tab from the bottom right corner.

3. From the menu, tap on the Set Status option.

Set Status option on Discord mobile

4. Tap on Idle to enable the status.

Idle Status chosen from the list on Discord mobile app |

The moon symbol, meaning Idle on Discord, can notify the other users that this specific user is inactive.

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How to Set Custom Status on Discord

It is worth noticing that Discord gives access to the users to set a custom activity status on their server. To set a custom status:

1. Click on the User ID from the bottom-left corner of the Discord desktop app.

2. Click on Set Custom Status.

Set Custom status option on Discord pc

3. From the pop-up, enter a custom status message (you can also include emojis), set the time duration for the status to appear, and configure your status.

Custom status filled and set

4. Click on Save to confirm the changes. The custom status takes effect and appears below the User ID on the home screen and left panel of the servers.

Note: If you want to manually discard the custom status, click on the X icon next to your custom status in the pop-up menu.

Discard custom status |


By learning what does the moon symbol mean on Discord, you can use this status effectively to convey your presence on this platform. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions about more Discord symbol meanings. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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