What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning?

Decode the symbolic significance of this mysterious moon emoji.

The Black Moon emoji holds a mysterious beauty, captivating users across various platforms. But what does it truly symbolize? In this article, we delve into the meaning behind the enigmatic Black Moon emoji. Also, you will learn about a few other moon emojis in this guide.

What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning?

What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning?

Some of the commonly used moon emojis in social media platforms are the crescent moon, full moon, first quarter moon, new moon face, last quarter moon, and full moon face. You will get to know the meaning of the black moon emoji below: 

  • When you get a petrifying feeling that something is wrong, a dark moon emoji can indicate that.
  • If you receive a black moon emoji, it may be a sign that the sender is feeling strange.
  • It is also used occasionally during awkward pauses or when the sender shares an embarrassing tale.
  • The dark moon emoji may be the ideal emoticon to convey tense laughing under challenging situations.

Where to Find the Black Emoji on WhatsApp and Snapchat?

You can find the black moon emoji on WhatsApp and Snapchat with the help of the following steps:

Option I: On WhatsApp

1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the desired chat from where you want to send the black moon emoji.

2. Tap on the Emoji icon from the chat box to open the emoji menu.

3. Switch to the Animals emoji tab and swipe down to find the black moon emoji.

Emoji icon from the chat box - Animals emoji tab - black moon emoji

Option II: On Snapchat

You can find the black moon emoji in the Emoji tab from the chat box.

You can find the black moon emoji in the Emoji tab from the chat box.

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What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning from a Girl?

The black moon emoji meaning is often employed during awkward silences or when the sender shares an embarrassing tale. The dark moon emoji may be the ideal emoticon to convey tense laughing in difficult situations. This emoji can express disagreement either by itself or at the end of a statement. In this situation, the dark moon can be utilized humorously to convey disdain. Apart from this, it is also used to throw shade at someone or express disapproval for something.

What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning from a Boy?

As mentioned above, the dark moon emoji is means the same for boys and girls.

What does the Black Moon Emoji Mean Sexually?

One of the most intriguing emojis ever created is the black moon. The humorous glance you give a friend who has committed a crime is an expression of the most cynically dark deceiving face. However, the Black Moon is now known for highlighting sexual suggestions. You might have a question about what the black moon emoji mean sexually. It implies that the sender of the emoji is the target of perverse and sexually explicit thoughts. This emoji is frequently used in sentences to emphasize a sexual sense. It’s also used when flirting or when telling a sexual joke.

What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning in WhatsApp?

Given where it sits in relation to other moon phases, its literal meaning is most likely merely the New Moon phase. But the cultural connotation is slightly different. It’s frequently used as a cue that the speaker is making fun of you or reprimanding you. It can also indicate casting a shadow on the subject of a conversation.

emoji whatsapp

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What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning in Malayalam?

The emoji, in cultural connotation, means the same thing in all languages.

What is Black Moon Emoji Meaning in Hindi?

Read the above section to get an idea about the black moon emoji meaning. You might have used the new moon face emojis also a lot. Now let’s learn the new moon face emoji meaning.

What is New Moon Face Emoji Meaning?

The new moon face emoji meaning is similar to the tight, tiny smile people give when things start to seem a little awkward. It makes it easier to smile and bear it, whether you’re experiencing a less-than-favourable flashback or just recently had an embarrassing interaction. Since there may be little to no light when there is a new moon, something ominous could occur in the dead of night. Use the new moon emoji to indicate your anxiety or nervousness by saying you have the sensation. This emoji may be used by someone with a dry sense of humor to direct your attention to the punchline. It ensures that your pun or wordplay will stick out because of how distinctive it is.

What is Yellow Moon Emoji Meaning?

Perhaps you’ve used the grinning face emoji too frequently. Give the yellow moon emoji a go if that’s the case; it’ll help your message stand out. This moon emoji has a sarcastic look to it with a side eye and puts out a vaguely creepy appearance. This emoji has no deep meaning, but you can use it as a joke. Moreover, it is just right for funny jokes with a little bit of edge. Make someone laugh with a dry comment and the sneaky smile of the emoji.

emoji whatsapp


We hope that you learned about what is the meaning of black moon emoji. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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