List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

You might have seen different symbols on Facebook while scrolling through posts and videos. Although you may know about some them, the rest will be nothing but a lost cause. Knowing what each symbol means on Facebook can also help with getting the most out of the app. So, if you are also looking for badges list Facebook symbols meanings, we bring this helpful guide to all. Read this article till the end to know what do symbols on Facebook mean.

List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

Facebook app is full of symbols be it for reacting to posts and videos or simply creating a new post. Although they might not be confusing for everyone, some users still cannot comprehend their use. If you are also one of these, continue reading till the end to know everything about Facebook, its badges and symbols.

What Do Symbols on Facebook Mean?

Facebook is full of confusing symbols and meanings. From the panel at the top to reacting on posts, these symbols will follow you wherever you go. So, to avoid any sort of misunderstanding, it is essential to know list Facebook symbols meanings.

1. Facebook Shortcuts Bar

Let us begin with list Facebook symbols meanings. Facebook shortcut bar is available at the top of your screen in Android smartphones. It has six different symbols, each for a specific use and purpose.

  • Home icon: The home icon is used to navigate to your Facebook newsfeed or homescreen. Also, if you have scrolled down way too much, you can tap on it to go to the top and refresh the screen with new posts and videos.

Home icon

  • Friends icon: This icon lets you see a list of other Facebook users who have sent you a request to connect on Facebook. In other words, here you can see all your pending requests and choose to add or remove them completely form the list.

friends icon. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

  • Watch icon: When you tap this icon, Facebook will show a bunch of videos from creators all around the world. You can find a diverse category ranging from fun challenges to brilliant makeovers, recipes, food vlogging, and so much more. However, the more you engage with a niche the more similar videos will appear on this section.

watch icon

  • Marketplace icon: Marketplace on Facebook lets users discover new stuff to purchase or sell items. People can use this icon to browse listings from their area and look for stuff on sale. Continue reading to know more about list Facebook symbols meanings.

marketplace icon

  • Notifications icon: Here you will get notifications regarding literally everything from likes and comments on your posts to birthdays and whatnot. You will also see if someone tags you on a post or your favorite Facebook page posts something new.

notifications icon. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

  • Menu icon: As the name suggests, it displays a Facebook menu with multiple other options to access with one touch only.

menu icon

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2. Facebook Menu

If you tap on the Facebook Menu icon, you will see a bunch of different options including settings, customer support, and community resources. But today we will only focus on what do symbols on Facebook mean. Also, read till the end to know Facebook flag icon meaning.

  • Marketplace: As mentioned above, here you will find items to purchase or sell.


  • Feeds: This is your homepage where you will see all the photos and videos from people you are connected on Facebook. Apart from this, Facebook Feeds also shows content from creators around the world.

feeds on facebook

  • Groups: Here you can see all the different Facebook groups which you can join to connect with like-minded people. You can also create your own group using Groups icon.


  • Memories: As the name suggests, here you can find all the pictures you posted or posts on which you were tagged on a specific day on the same day years ago. Below we have more about list Facebook symbols meanings.

memories. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

  • Pages: Pages show all the Facebook pages which you manage on the app.


  • Events: You can find the latest events to which you can go and enjoy with your friends.

events. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

  • Avatars: This lets you create a fun avatar with endless options to style your hair, makeup, outfit, and facial features.


  • Friends: Here you can find people who have sent you a friend request to connect. By tapping on Your Friends, you can see a list of Facebook users who are already connected with you.


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  • Videos on Watch: You can find entertaining videos of creators across the world in different categories.

videos on watch

  • Saved: If you have ever saved a Facebook post or video, you can find all of that stuff here.


  • Reels: On Facebook Reels, you can watch endless short-form content for hours.


  • Gaming: Here you will find an extensive range of gaming options with multiple categories so that you do not get bored easily.

gaming. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

  • Fantasy Games: Here you will find different fantasy games and a trophy room as well.

fantasy games

  • Live videos: You can join live videos of creators around the world.

live videos

  • Messenger Kids: Messenger Kids is for kids and helps them to keep in touch with friends and distant relatives.

messenger kids. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

  • Offers: Here you will find posts with special discounts and promotion.


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3. Facebook Create Post Symbols

Let us move on to the next thing in this list Facebook symbols meanings. You will see Facebook create post symbols on your homepage besides Write something here.

  • Profile picture icon: This is a shortcut for your Facebook profile page.

profile picture icon

  • Image icon: This symbol lets you pick any image from your gallery and post it on your Facebook timeline.

image icon on facebook

4. Facebook Privacy Symbols

Under every Facebook post, you will notice four different types of privacy icons which tell you a lot about the audience it is meant for. Here is what you need to know:

  • Globe: If you see a globe on a Facebook post, this means that the post is available for the public at large and anyone can see it.

globe icon. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

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  • Two-person icon or silhouette: If you see a tww-person icon, it means that the post is available for friends only. On the other hand, a silhouette of three people indicates that the Facebook user has shared it with the friends of his friends.

silhouette on facebook

  • Cog wheel: The cog wheel icon under a Facebook post states that the user has shared the post with custom settings. In other words, only a few people will see it on the app.

cog wheel icon

5. Facebook Comment Symbols

When you reply to a comment on your Facebook post or comment on another user’s post, you might have seen a few symbols. But are you actually aware of their true meaning? Let us find out below.

  • Camera – You can use it to add photos from your device to the comment section.
  • GIF – This lets you add GIFs.
  • Avatar – Tap on this symbol to create your own Facebook avatar and use it to comment on Facebook posts.
  • Sticker symbol – It lets you add stickers to your text in the comments.

6. Facebook Search Symbols

The next thing in this list Facebook symbols meanings is Facebook search symbols. They appear when you launch the app and tap on the search icon at the top. Here you will find

  • Cross symbol: You can use the cross or X symbol to remove a previously searched user form the search bar.

cross symbol on facebook

  • Grey Clock Symbol: This symbol appears next to a search result when you have searched for the Facebook user in the past.

grey clock symbol

7. Facebook Manage Post Symbols

To access manage post symbols on Facebook, all you have to do is tap on the three horizontal dots besides your post. This is what you will get:

  • Pin post: This symbol lets you pin a particular post so that your profile visitors see that picture before anything else.

pin post on facebook

  • Save post: You can tap on this symbol to add the post to your saved items.

save post on facebook

  • Edit post: This symbol lets you edit caption or privacy for the particular post.

edit post on facebook

  • Turn off notifications for this post: You will no longer receive notifications if a Facebook user comments or likes your post.

turn off notifications for this post

  • Copy link: This symbol lets you copy the URL of that particular Facebook post so that you can share it with your friends on other apps.

copy link. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

  • Hide from profile: You can use this symbol to temporarily remove a post from your profile by hiding it from the public eye.

hide from profile. List of Facebook Symbols Meaning Explained

Facebook Flag Icon Meaning

Are you aware of Facebook flag icon meaning? The flag icon on Facebook Menu represents all the pages that you manage on the app. Apart from this, you will also find unpublished pages which you can publish with only a few taps.


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Badges List Facebook Symbols Meaning

Did you ever notice the different types of symbols on Facebook groups? If so, you must be trying to figure out badges list Facebook symbols meanings. Here is what you need to know:

  • New Member: The new member badge represents a waving hand next to any Facebook user who has recently joined the group.
  • Admin and Moderator: Both admin and moderator of any Facebook page have almost similar yet different-looking badges.
  • Founding Member: This badge is usually seen in newly-founded groups in the form of a small sapling. It acknowledges members who have joined within the first three days of creating the group. Moreover, they have also posted in it and invited more users to join it.
  • Conversation Starter: This badge is for those group members who actively participate in group discussions and conversations. Facebook also gives this badge to those members who reacts on post the most.
  • Rising Star: The rising star badge is for those members who partake in discussions within the very first month of joining the Facebook group.
  • Visual Storyteller: This badge is for people who highly participate in group discussions with GIFs, images, and videos.
  • Valued Responder: Facebook recently launched a Q&A feature. The valued responder badge is given to those members who constantly share their valuable answers on the group.
  • Group Expert: This badge signifies a member’s expertise in a subject matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What do the icons next to Facebook names mean?

Ans. The icons next to Facebook names are nothing but badges for new members, moderators, and group admins. They help Facebook users from differentiating these group members from the rest of the crowd. Thus, you can reach out to community leaders with ease.

Q2. What is the new symbol on Facebook?

Ans. Interestingly, the new symbol on Facebook is an infinity symbol.

Q3. What are flags on Facebook?

Ans. The flag icon represents Facebook pages.

Q4. What are secret messages on Facebook?

Ans. Facebook secret message allows users to chat in an encrypted state where no one else besides them will be able to see their messages.


We hope this article helped you in understanding list Facebook symbols meanings. If so, let us know by which meaning you were satisfied the most. Also, drop your reviews and suggestions in the comments down below to let us know what you would like to read next.

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