Fix Facebook Login not working, Authentication code won’t work

Experiencing difficulties with receiving or using the Facebook login code? This guide provides step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot and resolve login code issues, ensuring secure and hassle-free access to your Facebook account.

Fix Facebook Login Code Problem

How to Fix Facebook Login Code Problem

In this guide, we will discuss methods to fix Facebook login code problem and ways to perform a Facebook code generator bypass.

Method 1: Troubleshoot Network Connection Issues

One of the most common reasons why you don’t get a Facebook confirmation code is a poor network connection. If you are having trouble receiving Facebook codes because of a weak and unstable network connection, you may want to fix your router connection or check with your internet and cellular provider. 

Step I: Restart WiFi Router

If you can’t figure out a solution for Facebook login code not received issue, you should consider checking your WiFi router. Fixing WiFi connections is one of the basic methods to fix how to log into Facebook if you lost access to code generator issues. 

1. Press the Power Button on your WiFi.

2. Once the WiFi is completely turned off, unplug the router from the main switch.

3. Wait for some time, then reconnect the cable and turn on the WiFi router.

Step II: Troubleshoot Network Connection

If the Facebook confirmation code not received issue was not caused by the router, then the problem could be because of your internet or cellular provider. You can try to check with the mobile carrier to make sure you are getting strong mobile network connections. Also, make sure you are subscribed to an active mobile data or internet plan to use the internet services. If you continue to receive a slow internet connection and can’t figure out how to fix this issue, you should check out the Slow Internet Connection? 10 Ways to Speed up your Internet! continue reading to learn ways to perform a Facebook code generator bypass.

Change DNS address

Method 2: Restart Device

Often Facebook login code not received issue can be caused by a bug with your device. This issue can also occur due to improper booting of your phone. If you are not able to receive confirmation codes from Facebook, one of the first things that you should do is restart your phone. If you are not sure how to safely reboot your phone, you can check out How to Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone? and the How to Force Restart iPhone X guides to safely restart your phones. Continue reading to learn how to log into Facebook if you lost access to code generator.

Restart or Reboot Android

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Method 3: Get Code from Spam Folder

1. Open the Messages app from the phone menu.

Open the Messages app from the phone menu

2. Tap on the three-line icon from the top-left of the screen.

Tap on the three-line icon. Fix Facebook Login Code Problem

3. Here, select Spam & blocked.

select Spam and blocked

Keep reading to learn the methods for performing the Facebook code generator bypass.

Method 4: Monitor Facebook Server Status

Another common reason for you not being able to receive the confirmation code from Facebook is server problems. Facebook may experience server outages due to various reasons, such as routine server maintenance or a technical issue with Facebook servers. When Facebook is experiencing a server outage-like situation, you may not be able to use most of its functions; this may also cause this issue. However, when there is a server outage, you can’t do much to resolve Facebook login code not received issue and will have to wait for the server to come back online. However, meanwhile, you can track the server status for Facebook by following websites like Downdetector to know the live status of the availability of Facebook in your area. Read along to learn how to log into Facebook if you lost access to code generator.

DownDetector Facebook page

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Method 5: Clear Facebook Cache

1. Open Settings from the phone menu.

2. Here, tap on Apps.

3. Now, tap on See all apps.

4. Now, locate and select Facebook.

locate and select Facebook

5. Tap on Storage & cache.

6. Finally, tap on Clear cache.

tap on Clear cache. Fix Facebook Login Code Problem

Method 6: Request Confirmation Code in a Different Way

Generally, Facebook sends your confirmation codes to your email account. However, if you don’t receive an email with a confirmation code, you can try a different method to authenticate your account. You can use the following steps to ask for the confirmation code differently.

1. Log in to Facebook.

Log into your Facebook account using your login information.

2. When Facebook asks for a code, tap on Resend.

3. Now, tap on Need another way to authenticate?

4. Now, tap on Text me a login code.

5. You can also select Let Facebook call you option.

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Method 7: Enable Two-Factor Authentication

You can follow these simple methods to enable this feature on the Facebook app and resolve Facebook login code problem.

1. Open Facebook from the phone menu.

2. Tap on the profile icon from the top-right of the phone screen.

3. Here, tap on the gear icon to open Settings.

tap on the gear icon to open Settings

4. Now, tap on Security and login.

tap on Security and login. Fix Facebook Login Code Problem

5. Here, locate and select Use two-factor authentication.

locate and select Use two-factor authentication

6. Select one of the security methods, and tap Continue.

Select one of the security methods and tap Continue

7. Follow on-screen instructions to finish the authentication process.

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Method 8: Use Saved Recovery Code

Once you have successfully enabled two-factor authentication, Facebook gives you the option to save a recovery code for backup. You can use this recovery code when you can’t log in to the Facebook app. Whenever you set a recovery code for Facebook, always make sure that you remember it. Therefore, you can write the code down and keep it close during an emergency.

Method 9: Approve Login from Authorized Device

If you have lost access to the code generator, you can still log in to Facebook by using a different authorized device. This is possible because, whenever you log in to Facebook with a new device, Facebook asks you if you want to save that device. Therefore, if you are already logged into Facebook with a different device, you can use this device to grant access to your current device. This works as a backdoor to your Facebook account.

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We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to fix Facebook login code problem. Let us know which method best worked for you. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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