10 Ways To Fix Facebook Dating Is Not Working

Facebook Dating is designed to help users find meaningful relationships within the Facebook platform. If you’re facing issues with Facebook Dating not working as expected, it can be frustrating. In this short guide, we’ll address common problems and glitches that may affect your Facebook Dating experience and provide you with quick solutions to get it back on track. Let’s explore how to troubleshoot and ensure a smoother Facebook Dating experience.

How to Fix Facebook Dating is not Working

How To Fix Facebook Dating is not Working

How to Enable Facebook Dating?

As of 2021, Facebook dating is available in selective countries on iOS and Android devices. Enabling and accessing this service is relatively easy as you only need a Facebook account. Follow these steps to enable Facebook’s Dating service:

1. Open the Facebook application and tap on the Hamburger menu present at the top-right corner of your social feed.

2. Scroll through and tap on ‘Dating’. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue.  

3. After following the setup instructions, you will be asked to share your location and select a photo. Facebook will automatically generate your profile using the information on your account. 

4. Customise your profile by adding more information, photos or posts. 

5. Tap on ‘Done’ once you are satisfied.  

Why isn’t Facebook Dating working and how to fix it?

If you have already enabled it, there are a few different reasons for Facebook Dating not working correctly, the list includes –

  • Lack of a steady and strong internet connection
  • The current application build has some inherent bugs and needs updating. 
  • The Facebook servers may be down. 
  • Notifications are being blocked on your device.
  • Your mobile device’s cache data is corrupted and thus the application keeps crashing. 
  • The dating service isn’t available in your area yet. 
  • You are not allowed to access the Dating service due to age restrictions. 

These reasons can be classified into three different categories:

  • Firstly, when Facebook dating isn’t working after enabling it.
  • Next, the Facebook application itself isn’t functioning smoothly
  • lastly, you are unable to access the Dating feature in your application.

Listed below are easy fixes that you can go through one by one to fix Facebook dating not showing up.

Fix 1: Check Your Network Connection 

This is a no-brainer, but users still underestimate the importance of a smooth and steady internet connection. You can easily rule out this possibility by double-checking your connection’s speed and strength (Ookla Speed Test). If you are unable to connect to the internet, troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network yourself or contact your ISP. If you have an active mobile data plan, restarting your phone is a great first step. 

Fix 2: Update the Facebook application 

To check if the application is updated on Android follow the below-mentioned process:

1. Open the Google Play Store application on your mobile device. 

2. Tap on the Menu button or the Hamburger menu icon, usually located to the top-left.

3. Select the ‘My apps & games’ option.

Select the ‘My apps & games’ option. | How to Fix Facebook Dating is not Working

4. In the ‘Updates’ tab, you can either tap the ‘Update All’ button and update all the installed applications at once, or only tap on the ‘Update’ button located next to Facebook.

How To Automatically Update All Android Apps At Once

To keep the application up to date on an iOS device: 

1. Open the built-in App Store application.

2. Now, tap on the ‘Updates’ tab located at the very bottom.

3. Once you are in the Updates section, you can either tap on the ‘Update All’ button located on the top or only update Facebook.

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Fix 3: Turn on the Location Services

Facebook Dating, like every other dating application, needs your location to show you profiles of potential matches around you. This is based on your distance preferences and your current geographical location, the latter of which needs your location services to be configured. These are generally configured while enabling the Dating feature. If location permissions aren’t granted or the location services are disabled, the application can malfunction.

To turn on location permissions in an Android device:

1. Go to your Phone’s Settings menu and tap on ‘Apps & Notification’.

2. Scroll through the list of applications and locate Facebook

3. Inside Facebook’s application information, tap on ‘Permissions’ and then ‘Location’.

tap on ‘Permissions’ and then ‘Location’. | How to Fix Facebook Dating is not Working

4. In the subsequent menu, make sure that the location services are enabled. If not, then tap on “Allow all the time“.

In the subsequent menu, make sure that the location services are enabled. 

Now check if you’re able to fix Facebook dating is not working. If not, then continue to the next method.

For iOS devices, follow this method: 

1. Go to your phone’s home screen and tap on Settings.

2. Scroll through to find the ‘Privacy’ settings. 

3. Select the ‘Location Services’ and tap to enable this setting if it is disabled. 

Fix 4: Restarting the Facebook Application 

If you are suddenly unable to use Facebook Dating, a few bugs in the application may be at fault. Sometimes the app may have trouble starting or functioning smoothly due to them. Restarting the application might hold the key to solving this problem. You can completely close the application through the home screen or force stop it from the settings menu.

Fix 5: Restart Your Device

Turning a device off and then on again may seem too simple of a solution for any and all tech problems, but it is surprisingly effective. Restarting the device refreshes all the behind the scene activities that may be interfering with the Facebook application. 

Restart the Phone

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Fix 6: Facebook Dating isn’t available in your Location yet

If you are unable to find the Dating section on Facebook, it may be because it is not available in your geographical location yet. Since its launch in Colombia in September 2018, it has expanded its services to the following countries as of early 2021: Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia,  Guyana, Ecuador, Europe, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam. A user residing in any other country will not be able to access Facebook’s Dating service. 

Fix 7: You are not allowed to use Facebook Dating 

Facebook allows its Dating services only for users above the age of 18. So, if you are a minor, you won’t be able to find the option to log in to Facebook Dating until your 18th birthday.

Fix 8: Turn ON Facebook’s App Notification 

If you have accidentally disabled app notifications, Facebook will not update you on your activities. If you have turned off all notifications including Marketplace for your device from Facebook, you will need to make an exception to fix this issue. 

To enable Push notifications for Facebook, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Facebook application on your device and tap on the Menu option. In the following menu, tap on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ button.  

2. Now, tap on the ‘Settings’ option.

Expand Settings and Privacy | How to Fix Facebook Dating is not Working

3.  Scroll down to find ‘Notification Settings’ located under the ‘Notifications’ section.

Scroll down to find ‘Notification Settings’ located under the ‘Notifications’ section.

4.  Here, focus on Facebook Dating-specific notifications and adjust which ones you would like to receive.

focus on Facebook Dating-specific notifications and adjust which ones you would like to receive. 

Fix 9: Clear Facebook App Cache

Caches are hidden temporary files stored on your device to help reduce load times as you navigate through an application. They are important for the smooth functioning of any application, but occasionally, they malfunction and actually disrupt the application from working. This especially is the case when the cache files are corrupt or have built up immensely. Clearing them will not only clear up some important storage space but also speed up your load time and help your app operate faster. 

Follow the method below to clear cache files in any Android Device:

1. Open the Settings application on your mobile device. 

2. Tap on ‘Apps & notifications’ in the settings menu.

3. You will find a list of all the applications installed on your device, go through the list to find Facebook

4. In Facebook’s App Info screen, tap on ‘Storage’ to view how the storage space is being consumed.

In Facebook’s App Info screen, tap on ‘Storage’

5. Tap on the button labeled ‘Clear Cache’. Now, check if the Cache size is displayed as 0B

Tap on the button labeled ‘Clear Cache’.

To clear the cache on an iPhone, follow these steps: 

1. Tap on your iPhone’s Settings application.

2. You will find a list of all your current applications, scroll down to find Facebook, and tap on it. 

3. In-app settings, turn on the ‘Reset cached Content’ slider. 

Fix 10: Check if Facebook itself is down

If you are unable to connect to Facebook entirely, it is a possibility that the giant social network has crashed and is down. Occasionally, servers do crash and the service goes down for everyone. The tell-tale sign to detect a crash is to visit Facebook’s Status Dashboard. If it shows that the page is healthy, you can rule out this possibility. Otherwise, you have nothing to do but wait until the service is restored.

Check if Facebook itself is down 

Alternatively, you can search the Twitter hashtag #facebookdown and pay attention to the timestamps. This will help you determine if other users are experiencing a similar outage as well. 


We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Facebook Dating Is Not Working issue. Still, if you have any doubts then feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

16 thoughts on “10 Ways To Fix Facebook Dating Is Not Working”

  1. I might have caused this issue myself but i created and deleted two or more profiles on the same day, dont ask me why, now i get a error message saying profile limit ‘ you have created too many dating profiles today, please try again later’. I tried eveything and even reported it but still nothing. I looked somewhere else and they had the same message but i doubt they did what i did, saying they had it back after 7 days but mine still doesnt and the app is still there though. Is this permanent or do i have to wait.

    1. Same. I have two FB profiles, one professional, the other personal. On my personal profile it says fb dating isn’t available in my area. On my PROFESSIONAL profile, its there and working just fine

  2. Hi,
    yes same here I have an Iphone (new) (my son has the same phone as I and his is showing ) and the app is not in Facebook Menu either I googled found a few options tried them all and none work. I even bought another phone to see (Samsung Galaxie) and when i sign into my facebook on there its not showing either. So I think it has to do with My Facebook Account period. I contacted send a few messages never got a reply.
    I finally gave up.

    1. Same story here! I tried logging into my account on a friends phone and no luck. We’re meant to be single forever I guess 😆

  3. I cannot access Facebook dating on ANY device, including devices that were previously logged in under a friend on their phone. I have multiple phones (work and personal) and it wasn’t available for either phone. My age is correct (33) as is my relationship status (single). I’ve submitted multiple tech support to tickets…. All of which were deleted by Facebook. It’s like they are ACTIVELY trying to avoid answering why I do not have access to FB dating. It’s become a joke among my friends…. Even my mom and dad, who are listed as married, where able to access Facebook dating. I’ve run out of solutions, and Facebook tech support is useless.

    I’ve checked and/or tried EVERY “fix” above, none of which fixed the problem.

    Additionally, I logged in on the PC to “sign up” and it says ” Facebook dating is not available in your area”….. Even when my friend was able to log in on my computer….

  4. Same issues with Facebook dating. The icon is t showing up even after making a second account. I had a fritsend me a link and it says I can’t access because I’m under age.
    I’ve reported it multiple times and I have heard nothing from Facebook. I had used it once before and deleted my profile on there and I have two against community standards notifications so I have know idea if those things have anything to do with it.
    I’m really tired of it.

  5. I deactivated my Dating app on Facebook a month ago or more
    And 2 weeks ago I created a new one and since then I have not received a single like even though I have clicked matched to multiple profiles. What other steps should I take? I can click like on all the profiles just no one has clicked like back to my profile. Which is strange the first time I created it I would get at least 10 a day.

  6. When I try to start Facebook dating it keeps saying unavailable because I’m underage. My profile shows I’m 40 years old. How do I fix it?

  7. Avatar photo
    Ulla-Mari Aarnipuro

    I can’t get dating app what ever I d
    When I try to start Facebook dating it keeps saying unavailable because I’m underage. My profile shows I’m 39 years old. How do I fix it? I try everything

  8. Pretty sure Facebook has a social credit scheme and if you are bad or have had restrictions they will block you from the dating app. Sounds like a commie thing they would do. Pretty obvious that they show a lot of discrimination against various stand points.

  9. I remember that it was there some years ago but I deleted it cause if was in a relationship I thought it looked strange to have it on my Facebook profil. Well now I’m single and I have tried all of the above tips to try and get it back but nothing works. I have an iPhone and under Location services Facebook doens’t show up or vice versa. And I don’t have any restrictions on my Facebook profile, so it’s not that either. My friend has it on her facebook profile and she has a dating profile. Tried logging on to my profile on her mobile but that din’nt work. Think I’m giving up

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