What Does Invisible Mean on Discord?

What Does Invisible Mean on Discord

Discord is an inevitable name when we discuss the top apps for building communities, improving the user experience, and connecting servers and channels. It always stands out for its scalable features, customizations, and applicability. A chat, voice, and video platform currently hosts millions of users on different servers and members of different channels, not limited to a specific genre. While there are organizations, communities, brands as well as people in social engagement who use Discord, the social media effect, and digital tiredness are something we all face. In addition, as users, there must have been times when we’ve sought an escape and tried to hide under a blanket, even when we weren’t sleeping. This sounds similar to the concept of invisibility on Discord. In this article, we aim to learn what does invisible mean on Discord. Moreover, let’s even learn how to be invisible on Discord. Continue reading to know about is invisible the same as offline on Discord.

What Does Invisible Mean on Discord

What Does Invisible Mean on Discord?

Custom statuses have led transformed eyes for Discord. It enables the power of user to allow others to see him or her the way the one wants to be seen. Being invisible on Discord is marked by the grey hollow circle near the user’s avatar on a Discord Server. The factor on Discord where the user aims to may or may not turn itself offline, but rather hide its presence from other members on the server or the channel is remarked as Invisible. On this interaction app, there are different icons that symbolize activity statuses of the user and the default ones are automatically changed by Discord based on the fact if the user is active or not. However, this is not limited to the mechanism of app that predicts on its own but to users that are unbound to choose how they want to appear.

Is Invisible the Same as Offline on Discord?

The grey circle as a status icon which means Invisible is generally used to appear offline. But when we say to appear offline, what do we actually mean? Well, yes that is the catch here. Unlike WhatsApp or Instagram, Discord puts the status customized differently. In general, if you ask us is invisible the same as offline on Discord, we may say yes to it. Although the truth is, it can be just a dupe.

Invisible on Discord can be bypassed and anyone who uses the app is enabled to wear a pseudo status of being active or inactive on the app. When it comes to being same as offline, yes it is possible both ways. But being offline, the user can still have complete access over the server. Did it ever happen to you that you are already in a continuance of chat with someone but notice the status icon of the one still appears as grey, i.e., invisible.

It is ideally a choice when the user wants not to engage and appear offline even while for one or the other reason he/she is online and just not letting the others realize.

Avatar highlighted with Invisible status icon on a Discord server

Moreover, this feature is not just limited to the Invisible status but to the other default and custom statuses as well. What if I say that Discord does not track the activity of the user on the app when he or she has manually set the status. You might not be online and might have forgotten to change the online status which you manually set hours ago. In this case, the status would appear online even when you are not active. Someone may put the idle status to enact a few minutes of inactivity yet be away for hours.

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How to be Invisible on Discord

We got to learn what does invisible mean on Discord. Being said all of that, it’s the user who ultimately has to choose the visibility. To set a status on Discord is very basic and easy. The user has the option to choose the servers on which he or she wants to be invisible. The following methods will teach you How to be invisible on Discord.

Option I: On PC

To turn on invisible status on Discord PC:

1. Open the Discord app.

2. Click on your avatar or username at the bottom-left corner of the panel.

3. On the pop-up move your cursor to the status that is currently enabled, in my case Online.

4. A new side menu will appear with all the custom status options.

5. Click on Invisible with a grey circle to enable.

Default statuses available on Discord

Option II: On Smartphone

To turn on the Invisible status on Discord mobile app:

1. Open the Discord app.

2. Click on the profile image at the bottom right corner.

3. From the menu, click on the Set Status option.

4. Click on Invisible to enable the status.

Set Status option

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What are Activity Statuses on Discord?

Invisible status highlighted

Through the article until now, we discussed about what does invisible mean on Discord. However, we know that there are more default status options on Discord that automatically get enabled by Discord or can be set by the user as well. With the pseudo-offline feature on Discord impressing its users, let us take a look at options other than the grey circle as well:

  • Green dot: Alike any other social media platform, the little green dot on Discord appears along the username when the one is online and is active on the app as well.
  • Yellow crescent moon: You might have noticed the crescent moon that appears on the profiles of some users. Did you mistake it to be an emoji aesthetically used by some selenophile? It is not actually. It appears when there is no activity on the app for a while and the app recognizes the user to be away leaving behind the app open. The time it stays awake is precisely 5 minutes before automatically shifting the status icon to the yellow crescent moon.
  • Red circle with a hyphen: This symbol on Discord represents Do Not Disturb. This can be applied manually by the user when he wants to restrict all incoming notifications from the Discord app.

How to Custom Status Message on Discord

With all those tiny tweaks that Discord offers, it is worth noticing that it not just only makes it rich in features but also improves the user experience. A customized message on status is the access the user would love to put around on its server, making it a pleasurable experience to share about a part or time of the day. If not huge, it attempts to make the user happy, even if a little.

Option I: On Discord PC

1. Click on the User ID in the bottom-left corner of the app.

2. Click on Set Custom Status.

Set Custom status option

3. In the pop-up window, write a message for your custom status, set the duration – 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 1 day until when you want the status message to be shown, and choose the activity status to be displayed.

4. Click on Save.

The custom status will appear in the left panel below the user ID on the home screen. Other users would be able to view the status message on clicking on the username.

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Option II: On Smartphone

1. Open the Discord app and click on the user avatar picture.

2. Click on Set Status.

3. Click on Set a custom status from the pop-up.

Custom status option

4. Write the custom message. Remember you can also add emojis to your message.

5. Choose and set the duration.

6. Click on Save in the right corner of your screen and have fun.


Being Invisible in Discord puts no limit to the user’s actions and we have answered above to the question does Discord show what you’re doing when you’re invisible. It is invisible the same as offline on discord, but also technically not. You can even stay invisible and still be in an active chat with another user, receive notifications, and use voice channels as well, thereby just disallowing others to see. If one does not actively make its presence actionable, there is no means to predict if the user is truly offline or is hiding. Even the admin of the server would not be able to predict, thanks to the absence of read messages information on Discord. We hope that this article could guide you on what does invisible mean on Discord. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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