12 Fun Event Ideas for Discord

Discord lets you talk, chat, hang out, and stay active with your friends and community on the platform. Not only this, but you can also create events, channels, and more engagement for your server with some great tips and tricks. We have given you a perfect guide if you are looking for some good Discord event ideas. Here, we will uncover some great Discord engagement ideas with which you can build an active community. From building your unique and fun channel to some exciting events, learn everything with our guide by reading it till the end!

12 Fun Event Ideas for Discord

Event Ideas for Discord

For a Discord server to grow, engagement and interaction between members of the server are extremely important. Inactive communication among the server members is not a good sign. If you want to save your Discord server from dying out, you can host events to increase activity within the server. There are several event ideas that you can try to boost engagement between the members.

1. Tournament

Hosting a tournament is probably the best idea you can opt for if you want your server to be more active. For instance, you can host a tournament for the players on your gaming server. This tournament can be a popular game among all members. You can host this event once weekly or multiple times if it creates buzz. Promote your players to the semi-finals and then finals to keep the excitement for the tournament going. Hosting a tournament offers high chances of all players participating, making it a great event.

2. Watch Party

Another one of the great Discord events ideas is to start a watch party. Gaming enthusiasts enjoy watching and binge-watching games with others. You can make this possible on your Discord server by watching a movie or a game together with members of your server. You can mute the mic or let other members comment and react through text channels dedicated to the movie/game. Doing so will help you bond with the members well and is also a perfect event to host for encouraging more communication.

3. Quiz

Quiz is another fantastic event idea to create on your Discord server. Hosting a quiz night is fun and exciting as it involves asking questions from server members that will eventually increase their engagement. You can host a theme-based quiz with questions about a particular topic. Put a poll to ask members if they want to participate and then form their teams. This type of event will also help members to know each other.

4. Trivia Night

Hosting a Trivia night is probably one of the most accessible events. If you are thinking of some simple Discord events ideas, then Trivia night can help you a lot as it only requires server members to attend. It is easy to host trivia night by yourself via slideshow presentations. You can also add some unique categories to your trivia night, like guessing to which game a sound effect belongs or following the format of other trivia nights on Discord.

5. Gaming Nights

Hosting gaming nights is another popular Discord event that you can try to increase communication within the server. Connecting members can also host gaming nights via a voice channel. Before hosting such a night, you can put a poll for the members and ask them about their favorite games and finally host a gaming night.

6. Giveaway/Raffle

Giveaways and raffles are great as Discord events ideas that can help you get some activity started on your server. Giveaways can be held after an achievement, anniversary, or other significant events. You can keep these giveaways inexpensive by giving away game codes or a subscription. Doing so is the perfect way to reward your server members for being active.

7. Competitions

Most game fanatics love competitions, and hosting one can help boost your server’s communication. These competitions can be held to compete to win a variety of prizes. This way, server members will compete with each other and engage more. Moreover, adding a prize at the end of the competition will boost participation numbers. You can also try promoting server competitions on your social media handles to boost the number of people on your server.

8. Short Video Contests

Short videos are a trend nowadays; thanks to TikTok and Instagram reels, it is something that everyone is invested in. So, you can also create a short video contest as one of the fun Discord events ideas for your server by following two formats, making and posting the original video. Another one is editing a pre-existing clip similar to the previous entry. This will lead to audience interaction in the server and engage members with each other.

9. Question of the Day

Discord events ideas are not limited to creating an event weekly or monthly. You can also ask a question of the day from the server members and engage them in conversations. Start by asking a question at a specific time of the day and give a chance to members to reply with their opinions and thoughts. You can ask questions about games, servers, or a random topic. This event is possible in a text channel and a discussion-style event in a voice channel.

10. Art Events

Art events are an excellent choice for Discord events ideas. Artistic people are everywhere, especially if your server has an art community; you can take advantage of it and host an art event. You can gather talented artists together and ask them to draw to prompts in real-time and share results with others. You can host such an event over a voice channel and through a real-time drawing collaboration website.

11. Live Podcast

The next one on the list for Discord events ideas is hosting a live podcast. This event can be hosted via the stage feature. You can choose a specific topic and host a podcast for others to enjoy. This event type suits those who enjoy listening to more niche content.

12. Collaborations with other Servers

Finally, the last great idea you can use to engage more in communication is to collaborate with other servers. This way, you can also get more members to your server. You are more likely to become active and known by other server members by hosting such an event.

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Discord Engagement Ideas

Discord is a prominent voice and text chat platform where millions of registered users communicate with each other. Having a server on Discord is fun as long as internal communication in a server is maintained. You must be able to engage your community well to keep it active and lasting. Therefore, to ensure that your server increases and maintains engagement, follow the points listed below:

1. Be Authentic

  • To grow your server, you need to be authentic and rightful.
  • Ensure the creation of organic content for the server members.
  • Being original and avoiding advertising or self-promotion of any kind is what you need as Discord engagement ideas.
  • Build a community and listen to their needs and demands to better your product and server.
  • Make a personal connection with server members to keep them motivated and active.
  • Value the members by caring for them and indulging in everything personally.

2. Assign Roles

  • Community managers have the perk of assigning moderator roles to other server members.
  • These roles can also be assigned by designated users within the community who want to take on a more significant role in running the server.
  • Assigning the roles helps in organizing and running things smoothly.
  • Users can go to assigned roles if they happen to encounter some issues.
  • People with moderator roles should be highly active and engaging within the server.
  • These roles can be assigned to every server member, giving them access to different channels within your server.

3. Create Tiered Groups

Just like assigning roles, you can create tiered groups, which is also one of the great Discord engagement ideas.

  • Several text and voice channels can be set up in Discord.
  • Assigned roles like owners, admins, moderators and members have different access levels to different tiered groups or chat groups.
  • This helps engage with customers and others and lets you plan with the team on one channel.
  • Following this engagement idea, you can create special groups for highly active members or niche channels for different departments.
  • These tiers help in organizing and communicating across different channels seamlessly.

4. Incorporate Bots

  • Discord bots are extremely helpful in tracking users’ activity patterns and engagement.
  • You can learn about peak hours during which most members are online using Discord bots.
  • Being familiar with peak hours can help you capitalize on that time frame and use it for conducting conversations, tournaments, giveaways, and similar community engagement.
  • You can use statbot or moderator bots that can help you with multiple tasks like checking for profanity, setting the names of the roles, and others.

5. Host Events

  • Hosting events is one of the perfect kinds of Discord engagement ideas that you can opt for to create an active server for your users.
  • You can host events like quizzes, competitions, tournaments, giveaways, content community, and more.
  • Hosting events help to strengthen your brand and its purpose.

6. Customer Service

  • Most Discord users seek help or assistance, especially new Discord members.
  • These customers engage more with servers or companies that engage with them on these platforms.
  • Creating customer service on Discord is extremely helpful as it lets you have a private conversation with the members.
  • Building a customer care community will bring customers back and is a tremendously attractive option.

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Fun Discord Channel Ideas

Once you have created a Discord server, it is time to create a channel. We have gathered some creative and fun channel ideas for you that you can explore below:

1. Welcome Channel

Each day Discord registers new members. These members join several servers on the platform to get the latest news and share their queries. You can create a welcome channel to greet these new members or even visitors on your server. The task of greeting visitors can be given to bots. You can instruct these bots to send a welcome message, instructions for getting started on the server, or server rules to members via DM.

2. Rules & Guidelines Channel

Creating a rules & guidelines channel is also one of fun Discord channel ideas that you can opt for. Almost every community on Discord requires this channel. You can easily find templates for creating one on Discord.

3. Bot Channel

You can also create a bot channel that contains trained bots. These bots help with user interaction and offer fantastic features and capabilities, like sending pictures and playing music. Bot channel can also help you manage your Discord channel when you are inactive.

4. Server Map

If you have a larger server, create a server map that will help you link all different channels. A server map helps users, especially newcomers, know what channel to check out if they have a specific issue.

5. Clips and Video Channel

A clips and video channel offer a place for your server where members can share clips, videos, or links to YouTube videos and use them to start conversations.

6. Meme Clips Channel

Another one of fun Discord channel ideas is a Meme clips channel that allows you to share memes or mimicry clips with others for laughter and entertainment.

7. Announcement Channel

You can also keep your server members up-to-date with an announcement channel that offers recent news and events.

8. Roles Channel

You can set up a roles channel enabling members to assign roles automatically. Members can choose roles by responding to messages from a bot.

9. Charity Channel

Creating a charity channel is also great if your community participates in fundraising events or if members raise money for charities.

10. FAQ Channel

Creating a FAQ channel for posting your responses to frequently asked questions is another super idea.

11. General Channel

The next one of fun Discord channel ideas is a general channel where users can freely discuss anything and can chat about their daily lives.

12. Text and Voice Channel

You can create a voice channel for video/audio chatting, screen sharing, and streaming. While you can opt for a text channel to exchange messages, videos, and images.

13. Pets Channel

Pet channels or groups are prevalent everywhere, and you can also create one in Discord where members can talk about their pets and exchange pictures.

14. Improvement Channel

Every server must have an improvement channel where members can give feedback on the improvements.

15. Stream Team Posts

Stream team posts is a channel for streamers you work with and to whom you give instructions on what and when to post.

16. Going Live Channel

You can add a bot or manually notify your followers about when your stream starts with the help of going live channel. It is a great way to share streams with other members.

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17. Fan Mail/Fan Art

Creating a fan mail or fan art channel is one of fun Discord channel ideas to honor your audience and display their creative efforts.

18. Introduction Channel

An introduction channel allows members to introduce themselves on a server.

19. Networking Channel

This channel can be created for your streamers’ viewers, allowing them to collaborate and network.

20. Selfies Channel

People love posting selfies, and you can create a separate channel for your members to post pictures of themselves.

21. Recommendations Channel

The recommendations channel is beneficial, where you can create different categories to help members of your server.

22. Discussions related to different topics

Finally, you can create a discussion-related channel where members can talk about different topics like business, games, etc.


This brings us to the end of our guide on Discord events ideas and fun Discord channel ideas. We hope you were enlightened with some great creative ideas here that you can use for your Discord server. If you have other queries, please leave them in the comments section below.

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