What Does Reporting Someone on Instagram Do?

Instagram is a great app for people to showcase their talent by creating memes, posting paintings, and whatnot. But if you come across something offensive, you need to know how to report it, what does reporting someone on Instagram do and will your identity be kept secret. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about it.

What Does Reporting Someone on Instagram Do?

What Does Reporting Someone on Instagram Do?

On apps like Instagram, where every day, thousands of people post something new, report and block features of come in handy. You can report an IG profile for spam, nudity, hate speech, harassment, scams, self-injury, and so on. You may also come across something against your beliefs and want to report it. But do you know what happens when you report an Instagram user?

  • To begin with, Instagram takes quick action once a post, comment, or story has been reported by the user. Accordingly, IG will entirely remove it from the platform if it goes against Community Guidelines.
  • Apart from this, the app can also use your report to make similar content scarce on your feed. It is also essential to remember that the more you engage with certain kinds of posts, the more frequently similar ones will appear on your Instagram feed.

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What Happens When You Report Someone on Instagram for Harassment?

To know the answer to what happens when you report someone on IG for harassment, please refer to the above-mentioned section. You might find it useful to read How Many Reports Are Needed to Delete an Instagram Account

Can Someone Know When I Report Them on Instagram?

No, IG does not reveal the identity of a user if they are reporting someone on the platform.

The only exception is when you are reporting an intellectual property infringement.

What Happens When You Report a Story on Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, Instagram will look into the specific account or post to ensure whether the user is violating IG community guidelines. If so, it will automatically deactivate the account to make the platform a better and safer place.

Apart from this, you can also check the status of your report to see what steps have been taken by the platform. This sums up what happens when you report a story on IG.

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Wwe hope you have understood what does reporting someone on Instagram do. You can let us know any queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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