Fix You’ve Been Logged Out on Instagram: Keeps Logging Me Out Issue

Barge into your account to enjoy your feed!

Many users are upset because Instagram keeps kicking them out and asking them to log in again. Some have complained about it on Twitter, saying how irritating it is to deal with Instagram’s constant log-in issues.

Well, don’t stress. In this guide, we’ve simplified the technical stuff to fix you’ve been logged out of Instagram issue so you can get back to scrolling through your feed in no time.

Fix you've been logged out on Instagram

Fix You Have Been Logged Out Please Log Back into Instagram Issue

Even though using Instagram is easier, sometimes you would face various issues. But there’s a solution to every problem. So, whether it has happened to you or you just want to be ready, these methods will help you fix this issue.

Quick Answer

If you have logged in to more than one Instagram account, the app might consider it as a suspicious activity. So, ensure to remove all the other added accounts and then log in. Moreover, if you’re logged in on several devices, it’s better to log out of all other devices to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Sign In to Instagram Through Facebook

If you’re having trouble logging in to Instagram, you can try using your Facebook credentials instead of the usual username and password. This works only if your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook profile.

1. Open Instagram and tap on Login using Facebook.

2. Enter you’re Facebook credentials and tap on login.

You’ll be directed to your Instagram account.

Note: If you have Facebook already logged in on your phone, then the account credentials are not required. You’ll be directed to your Instagram account in a single tap.

If you are facing issues while signing through Facebook, read our guide on Fix Instagram Not Connecting to Facebook and implement the same.

Method 2: Use Instagram Lite or Web Version

To address login problems, consider using Instagram Lite. The Lite version of the app is designed to use less data and resources, potentially providing a smoother login experience. Moreover, you must try logging in through a web browser to confirm if the issue lies in the app or your device.

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Method 3: Reset Password

If you’re receiving you have been logged out please log back into Instagram message again and again on your app, then it may be a privacy threat. There are chances that someone else has your login credentials and he/she is logging you out from your device. That is why you must try resetting your password by following our guide How to Reset Your Instagram Password If You Forgot It.

reset Instagram password

Method 4: Disable VPN

If you’re using Instagram while your VPN is active, it can impact the app’s login process. To prevent any issues, make sure to disable your VPN when using Instagram.

Method 5: Clear Instagram Cache

Caches are tiny data files that enhance the speed of mobile apps. However, if these files become corrupted on your devices, it can lead to performance issues with your apps. To address the Instagram signed-me-out problem, try clearing the cache and see if it resolves the Instagram account logged out issue.

Method 6: Update Instagram App

If you find yourself getting logged out of Instagram for no reason or if the app is not working well, it might be because of bugs in the version you have. To solve this, check for the latest update on the Google Play Store and download it.

Tap on Update for Instagram | you've been logged out of Instagram

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Method 7: Contact Instagram Support

If the problem continues even after trying the solutions mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to report it to the Instagram Support website. Clearly describe the issue in your own words and the team will assist you shortly.

Method 8: Reinstall Instagram App

To resolve the Instagram signed me out error, uninstall the Instagram app from your smartphone. Then, reinstall the app. Hopefully, you should be able to log in to your account successfully, and you won’t be logged out unless you choose to do so.

Why Does My Instagram Keep Logging or Signing Me Out?

Several reasons could be causing Instagram to repeatedly log you out, such as multiple account issues, third-party apps, corrupt cache, and compromised account.

Tips to Avoid Instagram Logging You Out in the Future

If you have resolved the Instagram account logged out issue, you can enable the 2-factor authentication to avoid any issues while logging in. Also, you can try the below tips:

Method 1: Verify Your Email ID

For security purposes, Instagram logs you out if the email address is not verified. It is important to verify your email address to receive important information regarding your Insta profile.

1. Go to your profile Settings and privacy page.

2. Tap on Account Center > Personal details > Contact info.

3. Tap Add new contact and choose Add email.

Verify Your Email ID

4. Enter the email address and tap on Next.

5. Enter the code you received in the email to verify it.

Method 2: Remove Third-Party Apps

Many people connect third-party apps with their Instagram accounts to improve their content creation such as Hootsuite, Canva, Sprout Social, and more. Although some of these apps are trusted, their glitches might interfere with your login process.

1. Go to Settings and privacy page.

2. Swipe down and pick Website Permissions, then tap Apps and websites.

Remove Third-Party Apps

3. You’ll find the connected apps. Simply, tap on Remove to disconnect the app from your Instagram.

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Is the Message ‘Tap To Access Your Instagram Account’ Scam?

Yes, if you receive a text message instructing you to click on a link to regain access to your Instagram account, be cautious, as it is likely a scam. In this scam, the message appears to offer a simple solution for users to regain access. But, clicking on the link will allow scammers to gain access to your account which leads to an even greater threat after personal information is compromised.

Whether you’ve experienced you’ve been logged out of Instagram issue or any other app-related problem, the key is to stay informed and implement the solutions provided. Stay tuned to Techcult for more detailed guides.

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