Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows users to find potential matches based on their location. But since it’s a dating app, to increase the authenticity of your profile, you must first verify it. Also, during the process you would go through why is my tinder verification taking so long. It’s important to understand that it builds trust with other users and may increase your chances of matching with others so be patient as we are here to provide you with troubleshooting methods to try when your Tinder verification not working. So, continue reading to solve Tinder Error Code 40316.

Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

How to Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

Here, we have shown the ways to solve Tinder photo verification taking forever problem in detail.

Quick Answer

If you are having trouble verifying your account on Tinder, there are a few things you can try:

1. Enter correct phone number.

2. Verify your profile using a proper photo of yourself.

3. Troubleshoot your internet connection.

Why Can’t I Verify My Tinder Account?

Tinder requires users to verify their identity by using an authenticated phone number, or by using a Facebook account. There could be several reasons why you can’t verify your Tinder account:

  • Invalid Phone Number or Email: Make sure that the phone number or email you provided is valid and that you have access to it.
  • Incorrect Verification Code: If you received a verification code, double-check that you entered it correctly.
  • Connection Issues: If you are having trouble connecting to the internet or your mobile network, it can affect the verification process.
  • Temporary Server Issues: Sometimes, server issues on Tinder’s end can prevent verification. In this case, try verifying your account again later.
  • Profile Ban: If your Tinder account has been banned for violating community guidelines, you won’t be able to verify it.

Why is My Tinder Verification Taking So Long?

It can be extremely frustrating when your Tinder verification takes a long time to process. Unfortunately, the verification process itself can take up to 48 hours or more, depending on several factors. This includes,

  • The number of users currently in the Tinder system,
  • The size of your data, and
  • The number of requests that have been submitted.
  • Additionally, certain data points may require additional verification steps in order to ensure accuracy and security.

If you are experiencing a prolonged delay in verification, you can try the following methods to fix tinder verification not working.

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If you are having issues with Tinder verification, there are methods you can take to try to fix it.

Method 1: Reboot Device

By rebooting your device, you may be able to resolve any temporary issues that are preventing the Tinder verification process from working correctly. Read out our guide on How to Reboot android.

Restart or Reboot Android

Method 2: Troubleshoot Internet Issues

When trying to verify your Tinder account, a stable and fast internet connection is essential. If your internet connection is slow or unstable, it can cause delays or even prevent the verification process from completing successfully. To check for internet issues when trying to fix tinder verification not working, you can try to connect to a different Wi-Fi network, if possible, to see if the issue is related to your current network.

Method 3: Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

Turning off and on airplane mode is a troubleshooting step that can sometimes help resolve issues with app connectivity, including problems with Tinder verification. When you turn off airplane mode, your device temporarily disables all wireless connections, including Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. When you turn it on again, these connections are re-established, which can help resolve any temporary issues.

1. Go to your device’s Settings.

2. Tap on Wireless and Networks

3. Turn on Airplane mode.

Turn on airplane mode

.4. Wait for a few seconds, then turn off Airplane mode.

Method 4: Change Phone Blocking Feature

Check if your phone has a feature that blocks or blocks certain numbers or apps, such as a call- blocking feature or a parental control feature, that might be preventing the verification code from being sent or received by Tinder. If you find that this is the case, you should temporarily disable the blocking feature, restart the verification process and try again.

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Method 5: Verify Phone Number Correctly

The correct SMS verification process for Tinder, in the context of verification not working, would typically involve the following steps:

Ensure that you have a working phone number and a strong network connection.

1. Open the Tinder app and navigate to the verification screen.

login with phone number tinder. Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

2. Enter the phone number you want to use for verification and tap on Send SMS.

verify number. Tinder Error Code 40316

3. Wait for the verification code to be sent to your phone via SMS.

4. Enter the code received in the app and tap on Continue.

enter verification code and tap Continue Tinder. Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

If you are unable to receive the verification code, you should check that your phone number is entered correctly and that your network connection is strong.

Method 6: Verify Different Email Address

By verifying a different email address, you may be able to bypass any verification issues that you were experiencing with your previous account.

verify email address. Tinder Error Code 40316

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Method 7: Use Proper Photo

The process of photo verification involves taking a picture of the person’s face that is then compared to an existing picture to ensure they are the same person. Picture verification is a critical security measure that is used to verify the identity of a person or an object. This process involves two distinct steps: verification of the subject’s pose and face.

Here’s how you can properly complete photo verification on Tinder:

1. Open the Tinder app and go to your profile.

2. Choose your profile from the list that is accessible

3. In the grey space next to your name and age, select the checkbox.

tap on checkmark icon on Tinder profile. Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

4. Tap on the Continue button in Get Verified pop up.

tap on Continue in Get Verified pop up. Tinder Error Code 40316

5. Read How It Works instructions, tap on Verify Me button.

Tap on Verify Me. Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

6. Now, tap on Continue.

tap on continue to verify. Tinder Error Code 40316

7. Take a selfie in the posture as instructed.

8. Tap Submit for evaluation button.

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Method 8: Contact Customer Support

If the issue persists, you may want to reach out to Tinder’s customer support for further assistance.

Tinder Contact Us page. Fix Tinder Verification Not Working

Why is Tinder Photo Verification Taking Forever?

Tinder photo verification can take a while due to the increasing demand on the platform, and the need to keep users safe and secure. The process involves matching your photo to your profile information and can take anywhere from a few hours to up to a few days. So, this could be one possible reason for Tinder photo verification taking forever.

In addition, Tinder is actively working on improving the verification process, to make it faster and more secure.

What is Tinder Error Code 40316?

Tinder Error code 40316 is a known error that occurs when attempting to validate a telephone number with the Tinder app. This error can appear as 403:40316 or 500 errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is my Tinder verification selfie not working?

Ans. There could be a few reasons why your Tinder verification selfie is not working. Some common reasons include a poor-quality photo, incorrect pose, technical issues, and account suspension.

Q2. What happens if Tinder verification is denied

Ans. If your Tinder verification is denied, it means that the information you provided in your account and profile was not able to pass Tinder’s verification process. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as providing false information or using a fake profile photo.

Q3. Can I use Tinder without verification?

Ans. No, you cannot use Tinder without verification. Tinder requires all users to complete a verification process in order to create an account and start using the app. This process typically involves providing your name, age, and location, as well as verifying your profile photo.

Q4. Can I have 2 Tinder accounts?

Ans. Yes, you can have 2 tinder accounts.


Tinder is a large dating platform, so it’s natural to have verification issues. It can be frustrating at times, but you can try the methods listed above to solve Tinder verification not working. If nothing else works, please contact Tinder support for assistance to fix Tinder Error Code 40316. Please let us know if we could be of any help in the comments section below.

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