Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

PUBG is a popular game known for being an e-sport giant. Trying to play this game and facing server errors is common. In this article, you will get to know about What is the error code 154140716. Keep reading for effective solutions to fix PUBG error code 154140716 and PUBG error code 154140712 on your PC.

Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

How to Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

When launching PUBG, you are facing error code 154140716. Do not worry as you will be learning on the solutions to fix this error in this article.

Quick Answer

Try restarting your router or modem and restart PUBG game. Also, you can disable VPN or proxy server which may fix PUBG error code 154140716 on PC.

What is the Error Code 154140716?

Error code 154140716 is a problem that indicates to inability to connect to the server while launching or playing PUBG. This code is a direct indication of issues with the device’s internet connectivity or problem with the DNS. Also, the error can be triggered by antivirus in your device and issues with your geolocation.

What Causes PUBG error code 154140716?

Now that you know what is the error code 154140716, it is clear to say that it occurs on your device due to connectivity issues. Moreover, the following reasons impact this error:

  • Internet connectivity problem.
  • Problems with the DNS of the device.
  • Using the non-global PUBG version.
  • Antivirus program of the device.

When Error Code 154140716 Occurs?

Even though PUBG doesn’t face many issues in terms of its performance and bugs, however, there are some error codes like 154140716 while trying to launch the game. This error code is related to the internet connectivity problem. It can occur while using a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data every time the game starts up.

Even though error code 154140716 is a rare occasion, you can still fix it easily with the help of some troubleshooting methods provided below:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

We will first explore some basic troubleshooting methods that can help you fix the mentioned error code easily by attempting some basic steps.

1A. Wait for Server Uptime

To start with, when facing issues in launching PUBG due to internet connectivity, first check the servers of the PUBG game as the game relies heavily on its servers for connecting you to other players in the game or delivering other features. Server outage can lead to internet errors which can directly prevent you from accessing PUBG on your device. So, visit the official website of Gamebezz status page to check PUBG servers and wait for server uptime if any issues are found.

PUBG server status gamebeez page

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1B. Restart PUBG

Next, you can simply restart PUBG on your computer or laptop to fix the minor glitches it might be facing. This will help you to start the game fresh and without any connectivity issues. You can simply exit the game and close the application. Restart it after some time and check if the access to the game in your settings error code 154140716 has been fixed.

1C. Restart PC

Even though many PUBG users like to play the game on their mobile phones, others prefer playing it on their desktops and laptops for better game performance. However, when they are left with error code 154140716, they are unable to launch the game let alone play it effortlessly on the big screen. Therefore, to fix this issue you can start by restarting your PC as most internet connectivity issues are related to minor bugs and glitches in your device. Learn about attempting this method in different ways with the help of our guide on 6 Ways to Reboot or Restart a Windows 10 Computer.

Restart PC. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

1D. Troubleshoot Internet Issues

As you know, a strong and stable internet connection is an important requirement for playing PUGG on your computer. Therefore, you must make sure there are no issues with the same in order to fix PUBG error code 154140714. In case your network connection is slow or weak, you can check our guide on Slow Internet Connection? 10 Ways to Speed up your Internet!


Method 2: Update PUBG

Make sure that PUBG runs on the latest version on your PC to avoid PUBG error code 154140712. Until or unless PUBG is updated, you will not be able to log in to PUBG servers successfully. Therefore, update PUBG in Steam by following the instructions given below:

1. Open the Steam application on your computer and click on the LIBRARY tab at the top.

Click on LIBRARY. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

2. Now, click on HOME from the menu and search for PUBG.

Click on HOME

3. Next, right-click on PUBG and select Properties… from the menu.

Select Properties... option. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

4. Then, click on the UPDATES tab from the left pane and install pending updates.

Click on UPDATES. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

Once PUBG is updated, launch the game to check if the error code has been fixed.

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Method 3: Use VPN Service

Your geological location might also put you at risk of PUBG error code 154140716. PUBG might not be available in all regions across the world and therefore you need a suitable Virtual Private Network (VPN) to hide your IP address and access the game with any error codes. To select a reliable and safe VPN service, check out our guide on 21 Best Free VPN for Windows 10.

Use VPN Service. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

Method 4: Change DNS Server

DNS also known as Domain Name System helps in computer communication. Changing DNS settings on your Windows computer can also help you fix PUBG error code 154140716. So, refer to our guide on 3 Ways to change DNS settings on Windows 10 and get the network error on PUBG fixed.

Change DNS address

Method 5: Clear PUBG Cache

Access to the game in your settings error code 154140716 is an issue that might also arise if the PUBG cache on your device is corrupt. This is why you must clear the PUBG cache from Steam with the help of the steps given below:

1. First, open the Steam application and then go to its Settings.

2. Now, from the Downloads tab at the left, click on the CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE button.

 Select Downloads and click on CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE

3. Next, click on OK in the pop-up to complete the process.

Click on OK

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Method 6: Reset Network Settings

As PUBG error code 154140712 is related to network connection, you can also try to reset the network settings of your PC. Giving a reset to network settings will help you resolve all connectivity issues on your device as well. So, go on and read our guide on How to Reset Network Settings on Windows 10 to attempt this method carefully.

Reset Network Settings. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

Method 7: Reset Windows Update Components

Another great way to get rid of the error code 154140716 is by resetting the Windows update components if the update process of your device is not working properly. Doing so will help you fix network-related issues in PUBG. So, read our guide on How to Reset Windows Update Components on Windows 10 and follow the instructions to attempt this method.

net start wuauserv. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

Method 8: Reinstall PUBG

One of the last resorts to fix PUBG error code 154140716 is to reinstall the game on your PC. Performing this method will help you repair some essential game files. So, uninstall and then reinstall PUBG with the help of the instructions given below:

1. First, open the Steam client and switch to its LIBRARY tab.

2. Now, right-click on PUBG to select Manage from the menu and then Uninstall.

go to manage then uninstall game Steam

3. Next, click on Uninstall to confirm its uninstallation.

click on Uninstall option to uninstall a game in Steam

4. Once done, reboot your PC and repeat Step 1.

5. Now, right-click on PUBG and select INSTALL.

select install option steam

6. Click on Next and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall PUBG in Steam.

game install steam create desktop shortcut

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Method 9: Contact PUBG Support

Finally, if you are still unable to fix PUBG error code 154140712 on your PC, it is time to contact PUBG support to ask for their help. Visit the official PUBG support page and submit a request there. The team will get back to you and you can further explain the error code you are experiencing to them for a quick solution.

Contact PUBG Support. Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716


This brings us to the end of our guide on PUBG error code 154140716. We hope that you were able to fix the mentioned error code with the help of the above-given steps. Do leave your valuable comments and queries in the comments section below.

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